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What is Shift4Shop?

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Foursquare, a leading technology, and payment processing company, has just rebranded its eCommerce platform as Shift4Shop. The new name reflects the new pricing model, which provides premium eCommerce services to merchants for free using its payment processing service.

If you’re looking for a payment gateway, Shift4Shop is a good choice. This open-source software is free, and you can integrate it with other services to increase your conversions. You can use the built-in email feature to notify your customers about their order status, promotions, or cross-selling opportunities.

In addition, it offers a great user experience. Once you’ve installed Shift4Shop, you’ll be amazed at how easily it fits into your existing online store.

Currently, there are 3 basic plans to choose from. In addition to these, there are a few other plans available, including a free plan with limited features and a paid plan.

What is Shift4Shop?

Shift4Shop is a payment platform that is fully integrated with PayPal. This means that a customer can pay in one way and receive the same amount in another. It offers PCI compliance and advanced fraud protection, making it ideal for online merchants with high-risk products.

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It offers flexible payment plans that meet the needs of both small and large businesses. A business can choose from several payment plans, depending on the number of visitors and the products sold.

Shift4Shop offers an unlimited number of categories and product categories. Its smart categories help customers browse through products and navigate your website easily. You can create a category for products and discount coupons.

Ship4Shop Main Features

Its shopping cart has an extensive feature set. It features customer discounts, stackable promotions, rewards loyalty points, and time-limited daily offers. You can even sell gift certificates and sell products with make-an-offer pricing.

The Shift4Shop shopping cart can integrate with third-party inventory management systems. But, if you don’t have a developer’s license, you can use a free version.

You can create a shopping list by using a social media platform. Its smart categories enable you to advertise on-sale products. Furthermore, the platform has a built-in sales dashboard. A customer can view all the available products and sell them in their online store.

SmartLists is a feature of 3dcart that works with real-time data. It allows you to send emails to buyers who have abandoned their carts. This feature can help you cut down the number of abandoned carts.

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It makes it easy to categorize your buyers. Other features of 3dcart include newsletters and SEO plans. You can use these services separately or in combination. Once you have them, you can focus on building your store.

You can even embed a value deal for your customers to encourage them to leave reviews. With over 100 third-party applications and a Rest API, 3dcart is the best choice for your e-commerce site.

Its network security is top-notch. The software is PCI-DSS compliant, and it offers 24×7 customer support. In addition to being PCI-compliant, 3dcart has a built-in blogging platform.

Alternatively, you can choose a plan with a more robust SEO module. The 3dcart API connects with a wide variety of top e-commerce services, including PayPal, Google, and Yahoo.

Moreover, it offers several add-ons to help you enhance your online store. You can use these extensions to sell anything from software to apparel. These apps are compatible with different devices and set up a shop using the system.

With a dedicated app store, you can manage and expand your online store with a few clicks. And with the bonus of unlimited products, you can sell multiple products.

Shift4Shop Pricing

Shift4Shop is an eCommerce platform that aims to serve businesses of any size. It offers a free plan that includes many enterprise-level features and three paid plans that include various additional features.

It is free for residents of the US as long as they use its credit card processing. It is available in three different premium plans. The Basic plan costs $29 per month; the Plus plan costs $79/month, while the Pro plan costs $229/month.

You can also get a 10% discount if you pay for a year in advance. There are no hidden fees and no minimum purchase requirements. You can also run your store without incurring any fees. You’ll never have to worry about a single penny.

You will get access to the editor with a free plan, but there are limitations. This editor is limited to one page, but it works well on content pages and blogs. This limits your flexibility.

With the free plan, you can use all the Pro plan features. You’ll pay only 2.9 percent per transaction. If you don’t need to use all the Pro plan features, you can use the free tier.

Its free tier has fewer features than Shopify or Wix Stores, but it’s still a good alternative for those who want a simple solution. You can install and configure the Shift4Shop app on your computer.

Shift4Shop End-To-End eCommerce Platform

Users of Shift4Shop have rated the software 3.8 out of 5 stars.

You can request help with conversion consulting and site cloning, and data migration if you’d prefer to do it yourself.

In some cases, agents took hours to respond to questions. Other complaints included being charged for a plan they did not want. While Shift4Shop’s customer support is beneficial, it has a poor website builder.

Shift4Shop is a powerful eCommerce solution with tons of top-notch features and SEO-focused functionality. While it has some limitations, it offers an array of essential website tools and a fully optimized dashboard to maximize sales.

Overall, it’s an excellent choice for beginners, large merchants, and seasoned pros alike. It’s easy to install, configure, and customize, and it is highly recommended for new merchants looking to get into the online marketplace quickly.

The built-in RMA system allows you to assign different reasons for returns. Customers can choose the best option to return an item. You can use different forms and explain the return in detail.

After receiving your returns, the system will automatically process your refund. This will ensure that you keep your customers satisfied by boosting your sales. If you want to make the most of your website potential, you can choose a paid version of Shift4Shop.

You can customize Shift4Shop templates. These templates were built using the Core Template Engine.

They are mobile-friendly and offer Google AMP-enabled product pages. With the drag-and-drop HTML builder, you can customize the look and feel of your store. Once you’re done, you can add text, images, and headings to make it look unique. In addition, Shift4Shop supports multiple languages.

Shift4Shop Support

The support team of Shift4Shop is available round-the-clock. They offer phone support, email support, and live chat.

Shift4Shop Marketing Features

Shift4Shop offers a comprehensive feature set. From built-in blogs to marketing and SEO tools, it offers a wide variety of options for enhancing your store’s effectiveness.

The team at the Shift4Shop help center is available around the clock, and the online knowledge base contains hundreds of articles and tutorials. The forum is exclusive to Shift4Shop merchants and is not as active as other platforms.

Shift4Shop makes it easy to manage your inventory and promote your products with unlimited product categorization. Smart categories automatically identify products with active discounts, free shipping, and other special features.

You can even advertise your items on sale. As a bonus, you can generate detailed reports for each product. You’ll know exactly how much you’ve earned from each and can optimize your strategies accordingly. In addition, you’ll receive notifications when new orders arrive.

As a bonus, you’ll have access to an active community of Shift4Shop users. Unlike other similar tools, this social network has a more active community than the forum.

You can use digital wallets to offer discounts and gift cards, which helps reduce your risk. With Shift4Shop, you won’t have to worry about whether you will sell your products will be sold in your marketplace.

As a bonus, you can preview your storefront before deciding which theme to use. You can also make pre-modifications before deciding on the default theme. And if you’re not satisfied, you can change templates without affecting the content on your store.

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Pros and Cons of Shift4Shop

While this tool has some advantages, there are  drawbacks.


  • Its free plan allows for unlimited staff members. This plan also includes all of the pro plan’s features.
  • The free version is easy to use.


  • Some customers complained about the slow customer support.

Shift4Shop Conclusion

Other benefits of the Shift4Shop platform include SEO tools, customizable URL structures, and a mobile-friendly store. Moreover, you can use custom domain names and Meta tags to promote your products.

Besides, Shift4Shop is compatible with Google AMP, and you can even integrate your analytics with it. All this means that you’re on the right track to increasing traffic and generating profits. You’ll never run out of customers!

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