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What is Sellfy? Exclusive 5 Steps to eCommerce

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What is Sellfy
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Sellfy is an eCommerce website that allows you to accept payments using Stripe, PayPal, credit cards, debit cards, or other payment methods based on the customer’s location. If you’re a newbie or haven’t yet used the service, you’ll learn what Sellfy is and how it works. Unlike eBay or Amazon, you can set up a dynamic selling framework on Sellfy to sell your products from third-party platforms.

This platform offers three pre-built templates for your store, including the Store View, Product Card, and Buy Button.

It lets you build a website that’s both beautiful and professional. It’s easy to embed and promote your products on a website through social media. You can even use the platform to integrate your email marketing.

So, What is Sellfy?

What is Sellfy

Sellfy is a free WordPress shopping cart that will automatically turn your website or blog into an e-commerce landing page. It limits your email credits, which is helpful if you’re new to eCommerce.

You can use its email marketing features to reach out to your customers and keep them informed about your latest products. This can help you build a loyal customer base and earn more money.

You then embed your Sellfy store link on your website, and you don’t have to worry about creating download links.

The platform is free to use, but there are some catches. The first is the transactional fee, around 2.9% + 30C/per transaction. This is a great benefit for new merchants, making the process simpler. Then, you can choose a plan that suits your needs and budget. After setting up your store, you can add products to it and start making sales.

Main Features

Sell products & subscriptions with Sellfy

As a new seller, you may be wondering how Sellfy differs from other eCommerce platforms. Its platform is easy to use. There are several features, and it offers a variety of payment options.

Customers can pay through PayPal or any other payment method. And they can also pay via phone. For an even better shopping experience, Sellfy lets you accept payments from customers in more than 200 countries.

Reliable payments and world class security with Sellfy

In addition to its eCommerce platform, the company has built a market for applications and add-ons. While you may be relying on your Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel for analytics, you can integrate Sellfy with third-party services to expand your reach.

For instance, you can sell music and videos on SoundCloud, physical goods on your website, and more. Unlike most eCommerce platforms, you can use Sellfy to integrate with social media platforms.

One of the best features of Sellfy is its product category feature. You can list various digital products, including books, videos, photos, and subscriptions. Make sure to pair your category names with a suitable slug to maximize SEO. For example, if you sell cooking books, you should include the slug “cooking books.” This way, Google will direct solid leads to your page.

Aside from providing a robust marketplace for digital goods, Sellfy offers a range of built-in marketing features that you can explore to promote your products. You can email customers about new products, create newsletters, offer discounts, and even create ads for Facebook or Twitter.


You can also track your customer database and generate detailed reports on the best-selling products, the top-performing categories, and the most profitable locations.

If you’re an online merchant looking to boost your sales, its powerful analytics system allows you to keep track of every click on your store’s product page, as well as your conversions and revenue.

After someone has made a purchase, they can enter their payment details, such as their credit card or PayPal email address. After completing the payment process, they will receive a customized email confirming their purchase.

The free plan lets you sell ten products for free. You can also use the POD feature of Sellfy, which enables you to sell products without creating them yourself. The disadvantage of POD is that Sellfy does not offer fulfillment services. Instead, you’ll need to do all the work yourself.

You’ll also need to pay for any shipping and fulfillment. And you’ll need to adhere to legal limitations regarding physical goods.

Ease of Use – Using Sellfy


Using Sellfy to set up an online store is a quick and easy process. The platform includes numerous services for selling digital content and products. It also allows you to create subscription products.

Sellfy Store

With subscription products, you can charge subscribers daily or monthly. You can add “add to cart” buttons anywhere on your site. If you want to sell physical products, you’ll have to follow legal restrictions.

With Sellfy, you can embed your products on your existing website. You can also stamp PDF product files with customer data. This feature prevents buyers from transferring them to other websites.

You can use basic SEO features to promote your store. You can set the URL slug and page title, as well as the Meta description. You can also include a featured image on your website for social sharing. You attract more customers with these features and boost your revenue.

Selling Online with Sellfy

The main selling point of Sellfy is its ease of use. It has a user-friendly interface and offers international payment support. The service does not take a cut from PayPal or Stripe transactions.

Sellfy has categories to accommodate all sorts of digital products. You can sell books, subscriptions, videos, photos, and more. Google’s goal is to direct potential buyers to solid websites, not to a website that’s hard to navigate.

As a new member of Sellfy, you can set up your storefront on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks. You can also integrate your payment processors. After signing up, you can upload your first product. You can choose your plan based on the number of products you sell.

Sellfy allows you to track visits, purchases, and conversions regardless of your business. You can also track revenue by analyzing your product sales. .

Using Sellfy, customers can add items to their shopping cart and proceed to the checkout process.


Sellfy has three premium plans: The Starter plan, Business plan, and Premium plan cost $19/month, $49/month, and $99/month, respectively.

Sellfy Pricing plans

Pros and Cons of Sellfy


  • It’s easy to make money with Sellfy.
  • You can create a custom product image and description for your products, which is a big plus.
  • Both PayPal and Stripe platforms have high-level encryption.


  • One of the main drawbacks of Sellfy is its lack of support for multiple file types.
  • The free version of Sellfy is limited, limiting you to just ten products.
  • You won’t send emails unless you upgrade to a paid plan.
  • With the free version, you’ll still be dealing with the Sellfy branding. However, it’s not a huge deal if you only intend to sell digital products or subscriptions.

Sellfy Conclusion

Selling products on Sellfy is a breeze. This eCommerce platform allows you to upload, manage, and sell digital products and membership services. You can set up your store in about five minutes.

You’ll be able to customize and market your products through embed stores and discount codes. It even allows you to sell print-on-demand goods and receive recurring income through subscriptions.

With a clean, simple dashboard, you can keep track of your products. It’s easy to toggle between analytics, Orders, Subscriptions, and Customers. You can easily add, edit, and share your items on social media. You can create email campaigns targeted to a particular audience to increase your sales.

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