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What is Survey Junkie About?

Mark Apletree

Survey Junkie Review
91 / 100

If you are like most of us looking for ways to make money online, then Survey Junkie could be just the thing you have been looking for!

You can earn rewards and real cash by taking surveys with the Survey Junkie app, so why not read our review and find out everything you need to know including our Pros and Cons.

There is a good chance that if you are reading this review, that’s it is likely you are looking to earn some extra money from the comfort of your own home.

Unfortunately, the internet is full of websites and Youtubers claiming to be able to earn thousands of dollars a week. In almost all of these cases, it’s a SCAM!

Survey Junkie is definitely not this type of company, and neither are we at The Retired Affiliates.

Survey Junkie has been here for about 15 years now, and that means they have an awesome reputation in the online survey arena.

You definitely won’t get rich using Survey Junkie or be able to quit your full-time job, but you will definitely be able to make some extra cash in your spare time, without costing you anything but TIME.

What I encourage you to do before getting started with Survey Junkie is spend the time reading this review before you make any decisions.

We will cover everything from how it all works, who can join, and the question on everyone’s mind… How Much Can I Earn?

So, before we take a good look at how this all works, let’s take a quick look at who Survey Junkie is shall we?

button visit survey junkie now 1

Who Is Survey Junkie?

Survey Junkie started back in 2005 from a base in California and is a third-party platform that runs online surveys from you, the general public.

They will pay you either a small fee or give you a small reward in return for you taking the time to complete their survey.

With more than 6 Million Members and an excellent track record over the past 12+ years, they have definitely built a solid reputation as a legitimate company.

With a large Facebook following and a Trust Pilot score of 4.4/5 they have set themselves apart from other similar survey sites, in that they don’t actually issue the surveys themselves.

Survey Junkie Trust Pilot Score

What Survey Junkie does instead is point you in the direction of other survey platforms like;

OK, so now you have a bit of an idea who Survey Junkie is, we are now going to look at how the actual survey process works.

Survey Junkie – How do I Sign Up?

When you head on over to the Survey Junkie homepage you will see a screen similar to the one below. Simply hit Join Now

Survey Junkie Join Now Homepage

Just for signing up Survey Junkie will pay you 25 Survey Junkie points.

To redeem this you will need to verify your email address which you do by clicking the link in the email they send you

And again, they will reward you with another 20 points for completing this.

For another 5 points, I recommend taking their website tour.

So, for doing nothing, you have a starting balance of 50 Survey Junkie points.

I will explain the points system in a little while.

DISCLAIMER: Your initial start-up points can vary up or down when you first register. Survey Junkie has the right to change this regularly, however, at the time of writing this blog the above is accurate.

Now you have the registration process completed, I highly recommend spending a little time setting up your profile so as to get as many surveys as possible.

Survey Junkie Dashboard
Your Survey Junkie Profile

Complete Your User Profile

The surveys offered aren’t for everyone, it is determined by a user’s profile.

For example, if the third-party company is paying Survey Junkie for a survey they are conducting on high-end cars, they will want someone who has a strong interest in cars.

They want to make sure that they only get information/feedback from relevant participants.

When you first set up your profile be totally honest as you will have a range of questions when you first sign up.

Those questions will be broken into 7 different categories:

  • General Profile
  • Tech Profile
  • Shopping Profile
  • Health Profile
  • Household Profile
  • Interest Profile
  • Travel Profile

I strongly suggest taking your time to complete these profiles as it will maximize your chances to participate in more surveys, plus you get an additional 50 points just for doing it.

Whatever you do, DON’T provide the platform with false information just to increase your survey chances.

There is no sure way to know what the platform is really looking for. While some surveys may be looking for income earners in the 150K bracket, others might be looking for low-income earners.

Survey Junkies Point System

Do you remember, in the beginning, I told you that this wasn’t a quit your job type of income?

Now, before you go through the exercise of taking surveys with Survey Junkie, lets explain how the points system works.

For every survey, you complete you will be rewarded a certain amount of points.

For every Survey Junkie point, you earn $0.01. So in the example below I completed this survey in just under 10 minutes and earned 120 points, which means $1.20 in earnings to me.

120 SJ points

Now, this may not be something to write home about, but remember there are millions of members and you have only just started your survey journey.

The more surveys you take, you will definitely start to increase your earning potential.

Your minimum threshold for cashing out is 1000 points or $10, and I will cover how to do that shortly.

How Many Points For Each Survey?

It doesn’t matter which survey you decide to take because your dashboard will always tell you how many points you can earn for any survey taken, as shown in the example below.

Survey junkie points system

As you can see the points you can earn varies a lot and this is what you want to be looking at to maximize your earnings in the shortest possible time.

For example, why would you take a 20-minute survey for 80 points, when you have two other options paying 120 and 140 points for less than 15 minutes each?

The hourly rate for me on this one this morning was about $5.20 which as I stated before is definitely not quit your job money, but as you do more and more that will definitely go up.

I have been doing surveys with Swagbucks for almost 6-months now and am earning about $12-$15 per hour on a good day.

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Qualifying Questions with Survey Junkie

When I first took some surveys with Survey Junkie I had to answer some qualifying questions on some of the surveys.

After answering a few of these qualifying questions I was then told that I wasn’t eligible for this survey.

This can be annoying as it typically happens on the higher-paying surveys, but I was still awarded a few points for trying out.

On the flip side to this, you don’t need to answer qualifying questions on every survey, as some of the surveys are very broad and open to everyone.

You will also start to receive surveys in your emails and because this is an invite based on your personal profile, you won’t be asked any qualifying questions as they already know you are the type of person they are looking for.

How Do I get Paid Out at Survey Junkie?

As I briefly touched on before you must have a minimum balance amount of $10 or 1000 points before you can cash out.

This is actually pretty good as I am a member of several other online survey platforms where there is a $50 minimum.

With Survey Junkie you have two payment methods when it comes to being paid..

The one I use with all the survey companies I am a member of is PayPal.

If you link your PayPal account to Survey Junkie the withdrawals are almost always immediate.

Just yesterday I requested a cash-out and within 5-minutes the funds were in my PayPal account.

The other option is to exchange your Survey Junkie points for gift cards.

There are a couple of options here, however, the most popular choice seems to be the Amazon Gift Card, unfortunately, if you live outside of the U.S this option isn’t available.

Are There any Fees or Hidden Charges with Survey Junkie?

Survey Junkie has always lived by the slogan of “No Fees, No Scams, and No Lies”‘ and will not charge you any fees.

While the platform itself won’t charge you any fees it is worth remembering that PayPal may when you withdraw the funds from your PayPal account.

Am I Eligible to use Survey Junkie?

At the time of writing this blog if you live outside of Australia, Canada, or the U.S you won’t be eligible to join.

The only other condition that Survey Junkie has, is that you must be older than 13 years of age. This is ideal for those teenagers that would like to earn a little extra pocket money in a safe and secure environment.

Once inside the platform, you will see there are some surveys specifically targeted at teenagers, giving them a great opportunity to earn money.

Survey Junkie – My Final Verdict

This is most definitely not an early retirement business, however, it does do exactly what it says on the box.

This is a great program if you are looking to earn a little extra cash in your spare time, with the biggest selling point you can do this from the comfort of your own home with no cash outlay or investment.

In the short time, I have been using Survey Junkie I have always found their payments to be on time, and they are very upfront and honest in what they require of you.

My only negative would be the amount of time it takes the customer support team to respond, which on average seems to be about 3-5 working days.

If you would like more information on ways to make money online without a website please head here to read my blog on 8 Legit Ways To Make Money Without a Website.


CEO and Founder of The Retired Affiliates

9 thoughts on “What is Survey Junkie About?”

  1. I have tried so many surveys online that will help me make money but none of them have worked out. How can I be sure that this isn’t one of those schemes that will not work for me. I need to be one hundred percent sure that it’s legit before I embark on this journey 

  2. Thanks and thanks and more thanks for the info!!! I was looking to do an extra money (already tried several platforms and to be honest did not get the results I was expecting). What is most important on your post, is they payment method. I am not form the US, so extracting money from these kind of platforms tends to be an issue. This is one of the few platforms that accept PayPal, so that´s a win win for me. I will try it right away 🙂

  3. I use to participate in survey taking but however stopped as was taking up to much of my time for just pennies. Survey Junkie was one of the platforms that I was a member of and always took me to another survey site already a member of. Most of the offers I received was to signup for another paid subscription to earn percentage back. 

    1. Hi Jannette,

      Survey Junkie is ok, but definitely not my first choice.

      I am currently a member of about 8 different survey sites and have found the longer you are with them it seems you start to see a lot more higher paid offers and a lot less “Not Qualified”


  4. I have had a few conversations lately with peers about what survey junkie is about. It seems that we are all hearing more about this opportunity but suspect that it’s going to be a waste of our time. It’s very helpful to know that this isn’t going to replace regular income or provide anyone with a significant source of income, but it could take some downtime and turn it into something that you can spend. Great info to know!

  5. I tried surveys a long time ago and man, they take a lot of time! Honestly, I don’t remember the names of the companies I signed up with, but in my experience, it wasn’t worth it. Long surveys for so little money. 

    Can you realistically make $15/hr with Swagbucks? That sounds interesting. Of course, I imagine it’s only a couple of hours a day. 

    I’ll add this to my list. Might be worth giving them a second chance. Thanks for sharing.

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