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The Octopus Group 2022 Review – Discover the Undeniable Best in Paid Online Surveys

Mark Apletree

88 / 100

There are a lot of online survey websites out there these days, and it can be hard to know which one is the best. The Octopus Group 2022 is definitely one of the top contenders, and in this review I’ll explain why. They have an impressive array of surveys available, they pay well, and they’re very reliable. So if you’re looking for a great paid survey site, The Octopus Group 2022 should definitely be at the top of your list!

Starting a work from home business can be a great way to make some extra money on the side. However, finding the right work from home opportunity can be a challenge.

There are many scams and low-paying offers out there, and it can be difficult to know where to start.

That’s why I’m excited to share The Octopus Group, an online platform that has been my go-to source for paid surveys. The Octopus Group is a trusted source for work from home opportunities, and I have always been paid promptly and in full.

In addition, the platform is easy to use and there are always new surveys available.

I highly recommend The Octopus Group for anyone looking for a legitimate work from home opportunity. Paid surveys are a great way to make some extra money, and The Octopus Group is the best platform out there.

Have you ever wanted to make some extra money without having to put in a lot of extra work?

Well, paid online surveys are the perfect solution! By taking just a few minutes out of your day to answer some questions, you can start earning some amazing returns.

Many paid online surveys offer cash payments, which means you can start earning money right away. And the best part is that you can do this all from the comfort of your own home!

So what are you waiting for? Start taking paid online surveys today and start earning those amazing returns!

Unfortunately there are some deceptive and scammy sites out there, which can make it a relentless and painstakingly hard task to find the good ones.

The great news is, when it comes to paid online surveys, The Octopus Group is my Number 1 site (And I use a few) for a multitude of reasons.

With some of the absolute best earning rates and a very user-friendly, kickass interface I have managed to average anywhere between AUD$8 – AUD$16 per hour on any day I feel like working!

Read my complete All-Inclusive review and learn how an Australian owned survey site called Octopus Group can instantly have you earning money to maximise your profits, and discover why you should join the reliable and proven group right now for free of course.

What is The Octopus Group?

OK, if you are reading this blog I am guessing you may have been trying some online survey sites, and you may or may not have hear of The

The 4 main reasons why this proven and exciting online survey group is at the TOP of my list is:

  • It is a 100% owned Australian survey panel that works with new, trusted and popular brands and pays mouth watering cash to its members for taking online surveys.
  • You can be anywhere you like when completing their surveys and they can be done on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • You can redeem cash straight into your bank account, or redeem it with super popular brands as gift cards.
  • Joining is quick and easy and you can get up to AUD$20 when you join the Octopus Group. Plus it is 100% free right below.
Octopus Group

As one of Australia’s proven leaders (Will definitely be the world soon) in surveys for consumers, the Octopus Group is always giving you guaranteed opportunities to frequently have your say.

Spend a little time on the site and there is undeniable and genuine potential to immediately rack up cash fast!

As an added bonus you will even be rewarded for referring friends.

Is The Octopus Group Really The Highest Paying Survey Site in Australia?

As a member of several online survey sites, I am always on the lookout for sites that are going to reward me fairly for the time and effort that I put in.

I want to be able to make money from home, and taking surveys is one way that I can do that. However, there are a lot of survey sites out there that don’t pay very well or that don’t have many surveys available.

related article in

Mark Cooking 2 300x232 1

In This article I give you my top 5 paid online survey sites that are consistently earning me $15 + per hour like clockwork!

“How to Make Money Online From Home Free and Fast – 9 Best Ways in 2022”

The bottom line is that I only sign up for sites that dominate the rewards payout for the time I give.

Octopus Group is one of the quickest growing survey panels for Australian consumers.

They’re a paid survey site that connects you with the latest market research from some of the world’s biggest brands. Octopus Group is 100% free to join and you can start earning rewards for taking surveys straight away!

As a member, you’ll receive invitations to take part in paid surveys by email. simply click on the link, answer a few questions and receive your rewards! It’s that easy!

Octopus Group is proud to be one of the quickest growing survey panels in Australia and they’re always looking for new members to join their panel.

How’s this for some mouthwatering claims: It says that it is paying out more money than any other online survey site, that’s incredible, being there are literally 1000’s of these panels online.

So is this claim all hype and fluff, or is this claim on the money?

I’m here to tell you its genuine… The Octopus Group pays out about 27 cents for every minute you spend taking their surveys, which is why I consistently earn around AUD$15 per hour.

If you’re interested in taking part in paid surveys and want to make your voice heard, then Octopus Group is the perfect place for you!

My dashboard screenshot from 1/2 hours work this morning before writing this blog. Actually it was 22 minutes to be precise!

OG Dash
Complete Your Kickass Genuine Membership Here!

I am also a member of 3 other sites which I would encourage you to try out (Toluna, Swagbucks, and Survey Junkie) and while I still get some awesome results, it is fair to say that the Octopus Group are the undeniable leaders when it comes to paying higher money than the others.

Why does Octopus Group pay more than others?

The Octopus Group is emerging as the fastest growing survey panel space in Australia, and they have done this by rewarding their loyal users, not spending it on expensive marketing campaigns.

The Octopus Group
Mouth-watering Cash with Todays Top Money Earners!

The Octopus Group – How it Works

It really is incredible how the Octopus Group works so simply with guaranteed results.

There are only 4 steps which I have outlined below:

  1. Join Octopus Group (For free, of course)
  2. Receive notifications to complete a survey.
  3. Give YOUR opinion… Its important!
  4. Collect Cash for your opinions.
Octopus Group Reviews over a plush high end office set up.

What About Octopus Group Customer Service?

In all my dealings with the customer service team I have found them to be extremely impressive.

This could be due to the fact of how many people I have invited to them over the time.

I have spoken to people who I have referred in the past and a few of those have had some fairly useless and and poorly written email replies, and a lack of understanding when talking with customer service directly.

How Long do Surveys Take?

I have done surveys that take only a few minutes, and I have also taken surveys that have taken me over an hour.

The awesome thing is that you get to choose which surveys you want to take part in, so if short and sweet is your thing, then go with that.

If you want to make more in one hit then go for the longer ones.

How and When do I Get Paid?

As I mentioned earlier you can get paid in either cash or reputable gift cards.

If you go with cash it is deposited directly into your nominated account, and this is usually every Monday if you cash out during the week.

If you decide to cash out over the weekend then it will normally be paid Monday week.

All you will need to do is simply login into your dashboard and click “Redemption” and choose between Cash or Gift Card.

Next, fill in the details, confirm by sending YES to their mobile number and it will then be processed to be paid as I explained earlier.

It is incredible how quickly your cash builds up, and you will have the opportunity to have that extra cash come holidays, birthdays, Christmas, or for your next vacation (And yes I have done a few of those on just what I earned from online surveys).

There Must be Some Cons?

There are really no Cons as in deception or scams, however it can get frustrating sometimes when you get screened out of surveys, which means you have wasted a few minutes of your time to find out you weren’t the right fit for that survey.

You may find this happen when you first start as your profile and answers haven’t had time to gain you any expertise.

Octopus Group Reviews set in front of a fancy modern black and white furnished office.
Learn How To Make More – Guaranteed

As mentioned earlier, some of my referral’s have had issues with customer service, however in my time with the Octopus Group this has never been an issue for me.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions and answers are directly taken from the Octopus Group website within their Common Support Question page.

Source: Octopus Group

What are the profile questions for? And where do I find them?

The profile questions help us to select you for relevant surveys. If a survey requires parents of children under 15, we will first select from the members that have this information, followed by the members that might fall into this requirement should we need further members to complete the survey.

The profile questions are (currently) only available via the website. After you log in click on the Profile tab (for those on computers) or on the Menu then Profile (for those on a mobile device). Remember for those on a mobile device, tap the menu a second time to collapse the menu (displayed as “MENU (TAP ME TO HIDE)”)

What are QuickPolls? (IMPORTANT)

QuickPolls are our way of getting information to win surveys from clients. They are vitally important that when you get a notification for these you answer them asap otherwise the number of surveys that get distributed will be limited. Polls are generally only a single question, but some may have a follow-up question.

How many surveys can I expect to get?

There are no guarantees to how many surveys you will receive; however, we are looking to deliver as many surveys as our community can representatively handle. Remember we are a new community so we have to prove ourselves in the industry.

How do I redeem cash from my account? Are my bank details safe? Do you offer PayPal?

Redeeming is done through the website only; there is a redemption section where a transfer to the chosen bank account can be created. Having bank details only allows us to put money in, not the other way around, and yes they are safe, our system is a one way only; publicly details can be sent to us, there is no way to display them publicly (this is the reason they have to be entered every time). Additionally, redemptions are linked to the accounts mobile number, and mobile numbers can’t be changed. This way only the owner of the mobile number can verify a redemption, so even if an account was hacked, no money could be extracted.

What about gift cards?

We are going to offer gift cards and we’ll be working with the same providers of gift cards as the other online survey providers. There are is an important point you should know:

  • We have secured a deal that will allow you to purchase Octopus branded gift cards for less than the card value.
Young girls with long hair looking at a computer tablet against a blurred background.

My Final Verdict on The Octopus Group

It is literally the best paying online survey panel available at the time of writing this blog (In My Opinion), however you cant ignore the issues some members are having with the current customer service team.

There are always truly mouthwatering surveys available at all times, however some readers are saying that they are being screened out way to often by the Octopus Group. I have tested this claim myself over the past 3 months and was only screened out twice, and one of those occasions was because my details were not up to date.

If you are looking to get insanely rich, then forget about doing online surveys, but if you are looking for some extra cash then the Octopus Group is definitely for you.

After you have joined Octopus Group here, go ahead and explore my Jaw-Dropping 9 Best Ways to Make Money Online Free & Fast!

Any/all links on this site may be affiliate links, and if you make a purchase through one of them, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Read the full affiliate disclosure here.


CEO and Founder of The Retired Affiliates

12 thoughts on “The Octopus Group 2022 Review – Discover the Undeniable Best in Paid Online Surveys”

  1. Hi Mark, this is a very interesting review on the Octopus Group. Most online survey sites pay peanuts for doing online surveys, so this is refreshing to see that it is realistic to earn around $15 per hours. 

    So it seems one can be anywhere when completing a survey, but does that mean anywhere in the world? Can I sign up from outside Australia, or do I need to be in Australia? I will be visiting my son in Australia for an extensive period, so this could be a very good way for me to earn some Aussie dollars while I am there. 

    You mention that you can choose between cash deposits into your bank account, or gift cards. But does it have to be paid into an Australian bank account, or can one have direct deposits into other foreign currency accounts? Thank you.

  2. I got started earning some side cash online by taking surveys. There are some platforms that are good and others not so good. But reading your post, I feel Octopus Group is a really good one. I have not tried it yet. I will pay attention about how many times I get screened out of surveys. And hopefully I will not have to use the customer service team.

  3. I have joined survey sites before but I was one who continually screened out.  It is very frustrating to spend five minutes answering questions then get the “not for you” message.   I do enjoy taking surveys especially ones that are ad reviews/product reviews.  Seems like Octopus Group has better returns as well.  Does Octopus Group only work for those in Australia? 

  4. Hi Mark! Nice way to introduce people to the Paid Online Surveys! I didn´t know which one to begin with, but after reading your post, I will surely try Octopus 2022. As you mention, there are a lot of false websites or scams, so before loosing time and money, I will take your advice and try Octopus! Thanks again!

  5. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for taking the time to research The Octopus Group and sharing your findings.

    It’s good to find out about a legitimate paid survey company, as there really are many scam offers that aren’t worth signing up for.

    I can understand the frustration people must feel when they are screened out of surveys but I guess that the companies that commission surveys are probably quite specific in the profile of people they want to target, so it must be normal to be screened out of some?

    Once signed up, does it take very long to be offered your first survey?



    1. Hi John,

      I signed up for The Octopus group about 6 months back I think, and it took about 5 minutes from memory to receive my first survey.


    1. Hey Derek,

      They sure do.

      Any Australian or New Zealand bank is accepted through The Octopus Group payment platform… I have several friends within our FB community from New Zealand who are doing extremely well with The Octopus Group and have never had any issues with payment.

      Let me know if you have any more questions and I will get back to you ASAP.


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