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What is Swagbucks About?

Mark Apletree

What is Swagbucks About

Many people ask me What is Swagbucks about, and the best answer I can give is that it is an amazing destination where you can earn kickass rewards for things you do online or on your phone.

So, whether you are at home, on vacation, or on the go, you can earn points whenever you shop your favorite shops, search the net, answer epic surveys, discover awesome deals, watch legendary videos, and play some really mind blowing games.

In this comprehensive article I will explain everything you need to know about Swagbucks, including whether it is a scam, or a legitimate way to earn cash and rewards online.

We will also cover its features, which is something I have researched diligently for the past 6 months as a member.

What is Swagbucks?

Let me start by saying Swagbucks will not make you rich, or replace your full-time income, and is definitely not a get rich overnight scheme (Do they even exist?)

If you are looking for a way to earn a fulltime income online with a legitimate, and iron clad method check out a blog I did recently here.

Inside this brilliant online reward earning program there are some epic internet-based activities, which I will cover a little later, guaranteed to earn you Swagbucks rewards, better known as SB’s.

You can convert SB’s instantly in one of Swagbucks popular and reliable shopping platforms, or Paypal for gift cards and/or cash!

What is Swagbucks SB’s?

Swagbucks SB’s is the monetizing reward scheme for all Swagbucks members.

One SB is equivalent to $0.01, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but, with unlimited options to earn cash and rewards everyday, it can soon make you a jaw-dropping little side hustle!

Instantly get exciting rewards in the way of gift cards from popular brands like Walmart, Amazon, American Express, The Home Depot, Dominos, Apple and many, many more.

Swagbucks have said that at the time of writing this article they have rewarded their members over 580 million dollars so far!

They also give out a mind-blowing 7,000 free gift cards EVERY DAY!

Swagbucks – How it Works

What is Swagbucks About?
  1. Join Swagbucks – Swagbucks reward you with free gift cards and cash for things you already do everyday online, so why not get rewarded immediately for your time online!
  2. Earn SB – Here you can shop in-store or online, watch incredible and entertaining videos, search the net, answer surveys, and find awesome deals to earn points.
  3. Get Free Gift Cards – Redeem your points for gift cards to some legendary retailers like Amazon or Apple, just to name a few, or get CASH BACK rom PayPal.
Sign Up and Start Earning SB Today button

How To Get Started on Swagbucks?

Getting started with Swagbucks is simple and FREE to join, and did I also mention its FUNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

If you are over the age of 13 (Yes it is a AWESOME and GENUINE way for teenagers to earn some extra cash) and are living in any of the countries below you can use to start earning reward points immediately.

  1. The USA and its territories
  2. France
  3. Canada
  4. Australia
  5. United Kingdom
  6. Spain
  7. Portugal
  8. Ireland
  9. Germany
  10. New Zealand
  11. India

You will need to head over to our sign-up page and complete the quick and easy form.

You can use your email or sign up instantly using your Facebook account.

100 SB Bonus

OK, you have now created your Swagbucks account, what you will need to do next is create your own profile so as you can start to earn those extra mouth-watering SB’s!

These questions will be about you, and will help the platform to deliver you the guaranteed best possible surveys and rewards tailored to you.

How to Earn with Swagbucks?

There are so many ways to earn rewards and cash with Swagbucks, and here we will look at some of the many different ways you can do exactly that.

1. Shop Online – Something we do Everyday

Welcome to Swagbucks Shop

If you are like me, I shop online for almost everything outside of my daily groceries.

So, when you shop online using Swagbucks you get incredible reward points for something you would normally do without being rewarded.

You can also install the SwagButton plugin so you can stay up to date on all of their shopping and rewards offers.

Never miss aa cash back opportunity with the swagbutton

2. Searching the Internet

Welcome to Swagbucks Discover

We have all heard of Yahoo right?

Well, the Swagbucks search engine is a Yahoo powered tool.

If you set it as your default search engine (Yes I know we all think Google is King!) it lets you earn SB’s just for searching the internet… Imagine how many SB’s you could earn for something you do everyday!

All you need to do when your search is eligible for SB points is enter the displayed code to redeem them.

3. Swagbuck Surveys

Earn anywhere from 30 SB’s to 1600 SB’s or even more depending on the deals available that day.

I logged onto my platform today and had over 75 survey’s available ranging from just 2 minutes up to about 30 minutes.

The only frustrating part with some of these surveys is the “Screened Out” message you will get when doing these.

A screened out message means that the client you are doing the survey for has already had enough surveys completed for you similar demographic.

Featured Offers and Free Trials Swagbucks

The most Incredible and jaw-dropping activities inside Swagbucks are their featured offers and free trials from some of the worlds biggest brands.

Here you can earn upwards of 12000 SB’s.

One thing with these free trials is to always remember to cancel your subscription before the free trial period ends to avoid getting charged.

5. Complete Your Daily Tasks

Complete your daily tasks at Swagbucks

This is where you can earn extra SB’s for completing your daily tasks.

These tasks could be anything from a quick poll to a full survey.

With a guaranteed SB payout this is a great way to start your survey day.

Refer a Friend and Earn Swagbuck SB’s

Refer a Friend and eran Swagbuck SB's

This is one of the most rewarding and simplest of ways to earn SB’s.

You and your referral get a 300 SB Bonus when your referral earns 300 SB within their first 30 days.
PLUS, you’ll also earn 10% of their SB earnings for the life of their account.

6. Redeeming SB’s for Gift Cards or Cash

Undoubtedly the best way to capitalize on your SB’s is to redeem them for cash or gift cards from a list of brands that you love

The gift cards range from $3 up to $500, meaning you can get a gift card for $3 if you have earned 300 SB.

One thing I have noticed is that the gift card offers can change from time to time so its beneficial to keep checking the Swagbucks gift card store to see all the latest deals and kickass offers.

Below are just a few of the amazing rewards on offer.

Swagbucks gift card offers

If you are looking for a survey platform that pays the highest (At the time of writing this blog I am earning AUD$15+ per hour) and is a legitimate game changer in the online survey space then I would highly recommend that you check out The Octopus Group.

This fail-proof survey platform is currently only available in Australia and New Zealand.

Swagstakes in Swagbucks

Swagstakes are version of a Sweepstake.

So, instead of redeeming SB’s for rewards you can snag an entry or many entries if you like to win a reward.

As you can see from the screenshot above, by spending just 2 SB you are in the running to win an explosive 25,000 SB… That’s $250 for just 2 cents spent!

My Top 7 Paid Online Survey Sites

Ask around and you will soon see there are an unbelievable amount of people making some incredible cash for simply completing online surveys, and yes I am one of those.

I am currently earning about AUD$15 per hour from the 7 sites I have provided you below.

The best part of this is you can do it anywhere and anytime provided you have either your smartphone or laptop with you.


2. Octopus Group

3. Survey Junkie

4. OpinionWorld

5. Swagbucks

6. Toluna

7. My View

Swagbucks Pros

  1. 50+ Surveys available daily.
  2. Great referral bonus program.
  3. Mega SB Giveaways.
  4. Big Ticket Items.
  5. Easy to navigate platform
  6. The Daily Swag – Awesome daily blogs from members.
  7. Daily contests.

Swagbucks Cons

  1. Some members say they are constantly being “Not Qualified” for surveys.
  2. Surveys can be quite long for little reward.
  3. Customer service can be hard to contact.

Final Thoughts on Swagbucks and What it Is

So, after reading this is Swagbucks really worth it?

In my honest opinion, it most definitely is if you have a little spare time in your day and you already spend time online.

Making 1000’s of dollars a month is hard to do, unless you are willing to spend most of your day online, and you will need to find the best survey platforms to do this, which I gave you earlier.

There are definitely more lucrative and rewarding ways to earn money online which I am happy to share with you by simply contacting me here.

As it is with many financial plans, diversification might be valuable in this case. If you create many passive income sources, you may be able to produce enough recurrent cash to replace your employment or fund your retirement. The flip side is you will need to commit more time and effort to make this happen. 


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