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What Is ContentCal: The Most Powerful Social Media Content Planning Tool

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What Is ContentCal
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With ContentCal, you can customize the approval flows so that you can control the flow of your work. This can give you additional control if you have a large team or collaborate with another team.

You can set up pre-set times for your posts and allow recipients to suggest new ones. Then, all of the answers will be added to the Hub Library and approved by the appropriate team leader. But, what’s ContentCal? You’ll find out what ContentCal is and how to explore it to the fullest.

ContentCal has an easy-to-use interface, allowing for collaboration, color-coding, tagging, and planning your social posts. It is compatible with Google Sheets, Facebook, and Pocket.

It can also integrate with Slack and other social media platforms. With the wide range of integrations offered by ContentCal, you can connect your entire marketing team to one platform, saving time and effort.

So, What Is ContentCal?

ContentCal is a social media planning automation system for your social media posts with several valuable features. Its primary mission is the scheduling and publishing of content on social channels. The Social Media Manager has a calendar tool that allows you to label your posts with keywords and themes. You can also gradually edit draft posts and add media and hashtags with the social media management tool.

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It’s easy to use, with an intuitive user interface and a helpful onboarding team. While it’s not as flexible as Airtable, its features are very appealing. Unified analytics allow you to easily filter out posts that do not match your business objectives. Plus, you can view all of your posts in one place with just a click of a button.

ContentCal is an online calendar designed to help you stay on top of your business’s content creation. It includes tools for publishing, scheduling, and delegating content creation. It’s a good tool for anyone who creates a lot of social media content for various purposes, including blog posts and social media campaigns.

Despite its name, ContentCal isn’t a content creation tool for social media marketing. It’s a collaboration tool for marketing teams, but it does not auto-publish long-form articles. Its collaboration features let you manage your pipeline easily, interact with other teams, and track problems on your social media channel, instagram posts, wordpress blogs, and social marketing platform.

You can create forms to solicit suggestions from other team members or clients, and receivers can leave comments. The responses are then collected in the Hub Library, where team leaders can review and approve them.

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ContentCal allows you to create custom approval workflows for content. You can use it for different tasks, such as promoting your latest blog post or releasing new content. You can even set permissions for individual calendar users.

You can integrate your own social media profiles for greater convenience. You can also connect your accounts with Grammarly, monitor progress in one place, and easily share content on your channels, customer base, and websites.

Unlike other social media management tools, ContentCal doesn’t delete your posts but pauses. This is an excellent tool for social media managers. If you don’t have time to do this, you can easily add apps. The most popular ones are Grammarly, Google Drive, and iCal. This app can also connect to thousands of other services.

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One of the essential features of ContentCal is that it lets you collaborate with your team and manage your content planning. This feature is handy for agencies with a large team of content creators.

ContentCal Ease of Use

One of the main benefits of ContentCal is its ease of use and is an easy start process for entry level users. You can easily create, edit, share and approve the content on a calendar. The program is easy to use, with simple navigation, direct integration, screen share session, inbuilt analytics, contentcal planner, content scheduling, and visual layouts. The power of contentcal is explosive!

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You’ll spend less time fiddling with the tools and can quickly find what you’re looking for. ContentCal can help you get started with your social media strategy if you’re new to content management and its health check. tool is mindblowing

Another critical feature of ContentCal is its easy-to-understand analytics. You can access various data and choose the most appropriate one. For example, you can choose a free plan, perfect for beginners. But the cost isn’t the only consideration.

There’s also a paid plan, ideal for larger businesses and professionals. You can use the free trial for 14 days and decide whether or not ContentCal is for you and the approval process is fast, this makes it ideal for smaller businesses.

While ContentCal has a few limiting features, the software is straightforward to use. Its visual calendar, scheduling, internal social media reporting, and creator economy tools are all highly customizable.

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Its collaboration features are a great benefit, and you can collaborate with other team members. The software is very user-friendly. A user can even create a custom report that is completely customized to their needs.

With the built-in approvals, you can easily manage risk and ensure that all content is approved. You can add customer account numbers and other details to each post. The system also lets you leave comments on every post, making it very easy to take feedback. When you’re using ContentCal, your team will love it.

ContentCal Features

ContentCal is an excellent content marketing tool that helps you manage and schedule posts on a global platform with constant upgrades to make sure it is the best social media assistant available. Whether you want to post daily, weekly, or monthly, you can schedule it in advance.

Additionally, it integrates with social media, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Xing. The UI is easy to use and creates custom approval flows. This tool is excellent for any business owner, and agencies or businesses of all sizes can use it.

You can easily add, edit, comment on content, share and send it for approval. This software has a friendly user interface and lets you manage your content in a calendar format, which helps you manage your schedule effectively.

It also offers data visualizations that help you monitor and plan your content. This feature makes ContentCal an excellent tool for teams planning content and managing social media.

Master Social Media + Content marketing

Although ContentCal does not support every social network, it does allow you to plan content for many social networks, including Facebook and LinkedIn.

Furthermore, you can plan your content ahead of time and add your team members. This allows you to stay on top of your content marketing strategy and maximize your brand’s reach.

Another feature of ContentCal that you can use is its campaign system. This is a place where you can present ideas for future content, strategies, and information that you want others to see. These campaigns are shared with the same group of users as the calendar.

By adding other members to a team, you can assign roles and set access rights. You can use the scheduling tools of ContentCal to keep everyone on track and productive.

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It is straightforward to use and has a re-post feature for collaboration. You can create lists of ideas and manage them easily. Besides that, you can color-code your content and even set the best time to post it.

You can also customize your content and schedule it for maximum impact. This is a great marketing tool for your business, and you can send out multiple posts on the same day.


Besides its calendar, ContentCal has built-in approvals. If you want to approve a post, you can set a director or client to approve it. In addition, it has a backlog and campaign feature. You can create placeholder posts similar to sticky notes on a calendar. It has a backlog and campaigns. One can manage content on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis.

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ContentCal Integrations

If you are a content marketer, you may be wondering how to use ContentCal to make your life easier. Its central dashboard is filled with tutorial videos. The videos are easy and quick to follow, and each one covers a single topic.

Below are just a few of the video tutorials available within you FREE 14 Day Trial

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The videos will take you through setting up and using your account. Once you’re familiar with the basics, you can proceed to advanced topics such as scheduling and analytics.

You’ll be glad to know that ContentCal integrates with some popular apps if you’re an entrepreneur. Initially, the service was focused on publishing and scheduling content but has expanded to include collaboration, planning, and analysis.

To streamline your work, you can connect ContentCal to Google Sheets and Google Forms. If you’re a Pinterest user, you can use Zapier to automatically create a post in the platform each time the Pinterest form is filled out. While Zapier can sometimes be temperamental, it works well most of the time.

ContentCal also supports other apps such as Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and Google docs. The integrations are helpful if you’re using other web tools for your content marketing.

If you’re looking for a better way to schedule and publish content, ContentCal can help you get things done faster and more efficiently. It is straightforward to explore, and you can purchase it reasonably.

The best way to integrate your content management tools is to find a partner who offers the integration you’re looking for. Many platforms can integrate with other apps and services, and ContentCal is no exception.

Its intuitive interface makes it easy to implement new features. So, you can get your content management needs to be met with ease. If you’re a small business, ContentCal could be an excellent solution.

It’s possible to connect the app with Pinterest. Once a form is filled out, a ContentCal post will appear. Using a third-party app to connect your content management needs is a great idea to keep your content updated and look professional.

Content Cal Pricing

You can find the right ContentCal pricing plan for your business needs. You can choose from three plans: the Essential, Advanced, and Enterprise Plans. The Essential Plan gives you 1-2 users and six profiles per calendar, and it costs $30 per month, billed yearly.

You can make up to ten posts per month and receive scheduled reports. You can also opt for a monthly billing option if you’re unsure how much you need.

The pricing plans for ContentCal differ depending on the number of users and calendars you need to use. The entry-level plan is free and only allows you to add one calendar and one user.

The Advanced Plan comes with 3-10 users and calendars and 10 social profiles per calendar. You can get the pricing by clicking on the Get a Quote button. This version also offers additional features, such as social media integration and video sharing.

It has several options to upload videos, pictures, and other files. It is a must-have for any business. For small businesses, this plan is the best option.

The Expert plan is for agencies and offers a custom pricing structure with a 7-day free trial. It includes many support features, such as automatic content publication and posting, which the sales team handles. This plan includes the ability to manage social profiles and multiple accounts.

You can purchase an additional license for a single user. However, you can customize your plan to accommodate your needs. You can choose a yearly or monthly plan that suits your budget and requirements for larger businesses.

The Expert Plan has unlimited social profiles, 150 scheduled posts a month, 14 social profiles per calendar, and 10+ users and calendars. If you’re looking for a more extensive plan, you can always opt for this plan. Click on the Get a Quote button to determine the price.

Benefits and Downsides to ContentCal

All of its features make it easier to create and publish content. Despite its many features, there are also some downsides. But let’s talk about the pros & cons of ContentCal.

ContentCal Pros:
  • The free version of ContentCal allows you to manage the content creation process.
  • You can easily assign content creators to various projects, assign roles, and set approval workflows.
  • Once you’re ready to start creating content, you can send it to your manager, clients, or a third-party editor. The system then handles the publishing of the content. While this can work for almost anyone, it’s most beneficial for agencies and companies with teams of freelance content creators.
  •  ContentCal is a good choice for small business owners. It’s easy to set permissions and approval workflow, and it’s straightforward to store draft posts and ideas.
  •   Users can even create placeholder posts, like sticky notes on a calendar.
  • It’s straightforward to collaborate with other teams. For instance, they can share a form with others to add ideas for new posts. The recipients can approve the answers.
ContentCal Cons
  •   Unlike other content management tools, this platform doesn’t automatically publish long-form articles.

ContentCal Conclusion

ContentCal has an affordable, free plan. It has a mobile app that helps you manage your content. It allows you to add your posts from other applications or your web browser.

You can also create lists of your upcoming and overdue posts on the go. It’s effortless to share your ideas with others. You can also add and edit content in the content calendar.

Integrations with other software are a great way to use ContentCal. With Zapier Integration, you can set up automation to create posts in your calendar when a specific form is filled out. While you can integrate multiple applications with one of the apps, a well-organized interface can make content management more effortless.

I have used ContentCal in conjunction with my Wealthy Affiliate websites for sometime now and it is definitely a guaranteed way to build a business that makes a profit and gets you results.

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