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BuzzStream Review – Is It The Best Link Building Tool For 2022 & Beyond?

Mark Apletree

BuzzStream Review - Is It The Best Link Building Tool
81 / 100

This BuzzStream review will cover the service’s features, benefits, and downsides. We will also discuss BuzzStream Discovery, a free service for finding influencers in your niche. The BuzzStream Discovery menu allows you to edit projects, copy project URLs, delete blacklisted domains, and star projects. Using this menu also gives you direct access to the BuzzStream team.

If you’re looking for a tool to manage your SEO outreach campaigns, you may want to check out BuzzStream. The tool makes it easy to manage outreach campaigns and work with others.

The tool’s reporting capabilities make it easy to see the results of your outreach efforts. Whether you want to see how influential a certain influencer is or how many people they follow, Buzzstream can help.

One of the best features of BuzzStream is its centralized workspace. This workspace allows you to manage and collaborate with your team’s projects.

You can even share notes with your team members. BuzzStream also has four different pricing plans based on the number of users and outreach. You can contact BuzzStream directly to learn more about the different features and pricing options.

Another useful feature of BuzzStream is the ability to customize and schedule your campaigns. Using a customizable template, you can target the right audience and reach out to them effectively.

You can also segment your contacts to target your marketing campaigns based on their interests and preferences. Then, you can schedule outreach messages and follow up on them.

The service also integrates with Twitter, so you can send messages to those people who have expressed an interest in your product or service.

What is BuzzStream?

BuzzStream is a great tool for link building. If you’re using a link-building agency, it can be very beneficial for managing link-building activities. This software also offers an easy-to-use dashboard that lets you see how your campaigns are faring.

The Discovery feature will allow you to evaluate potential contacts based on different criteria easily. You can filter results based on the number of followers, influence, and more. The tool also lets you track your performance, which is a big plus when you have a large team.

Another feature of BuzzStream is its web search facility. You can add new link prospects directly from the browser by entering their contact information.

The app scans web pages for contact information and automatically fills in CRM entry fields with these details.

You can also build your lists based on metrics. For example, if you want to target customers who have signed up for your email list, BuzzStream has a feature that will allow you to create a list of prospects.

Features of BuzzStream

BuzzStream website page in blue showing different marketing brands that use their service

Link building and SEO are not tasks to be taken lightly, and managing these elements manually is time-consuming. Fortunately, some tools make the job a lot simpler. Buzzstream is one such tool. This tool can help you easily manage the many aspects of your SEO efforts.

First of all, BuzzStream’s interface makes it easy to use. It has many useful tools to help you create quality links. Its support team can customize the interface to suit your workflows and goals.

Once you’ve set up the software, you can begin building links within a matter of minutes. Using BuzzStream is easy and only requires integrating with your email provider.

Secondly, BuzzStream includes a link-building module. It uses mail merge style features to craft email templates tailored to link building. These emails aren’t mass-mailed; they’re crafted to introduce the user and provide a personalized response. You can schedule this process so that it happens automatically.

This feature is essential for people who use BuzzStream to build backlinks. You’ll also need to comply with Google’s guidelines regarding link building. However, BuzzStream also has an outreach module.

How Does BuzzStream Work

BuzzStream is an email marketing tool that helps you create and personalize emails for your prospects. When you send an email, you hope that your recipients will open it and respond to it.

Most email marketers also send follow-up messages to keep the conversation going. BuzzStream makes this easy and efficient for you.

It helps you generate email templates and send them automatically to your prospects. BuzzStream also allows you to import the names and domains of your prospects.

Using BuzzStream, you can create lists of influencers within your niche. It also helps you automate outreach by searching for relevant URL contact information.

BuzzStream’s interface also has a menu that lets you manually edit or add a project. The tool also allows you to search for contacts based on a target keyword or news article. You can even sort the results by recent activity, domain authority, or Twitter followers.

The other great feature of Buzzstream is its email tracking capability. If you’re using Twitter, you can use the tool to track who retweeted your content.

You can filter for retweets from three days ago. You can also use template-based email templates for your contacts. This way, you will secure links and ensure that your contacts get the right information.

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BuzzStream Setup

When using BuzzStream, you will want to configure it to integrate with your email provider. This will allow you to receive notifications when a prospect sends you an email.

Once you set up BuzzStream, you will be ready to add new link prospects from your browser. The program scans web pages for contact details and pre-populates the contact fields in your CRM.

This feature is very helpful for building quality links. There are a few different ways to configure your account, depending on the type of service you want.

Setting up BuzzStream is easy. There are a few ways to create a campaign. First, you will need to log in to your account. Once you’ve done that, you will need to create your campaigns.

Each campaign consists of a series of links. These links will help you build a stronger presence and increase your visibility. Once you’ve set up your campaign, you’ll need to create a few content pieces for your website. After adding a few articles, you can then start submitting them to relevant news sites for free.

Link building is a crucial practice in SEO; this tool can help you manage it better. It makes link building easier and less time-consuming. You can customize the features and set up custom link types to suit your needs.

This is a huge time-saving tool for anyone who’s involved in SEO. It also allows you to add a bookmark to your toolbar to link prospects easily. You can select which types of links you want to promote.

Buzzstream Pricing

Buzzstream offers a range of plans from $99 to $999 monthly. Each plan has its respective features depending on the link-building project you chose.

Buzzstream has three pricing plans – Starter, Professional, and Custom. The Starter plan gives you access to 1,000 contacts.

You can also choose a Group plan if you have more than three users. The Professional plan allows you to manage up to 25,000 contacts, and the Custom plan gives you access to 300,000 contacts. Each plan has various features and allows you to customize the tool according to your needs.

BuzzStream Pros:

  • The tool automatically searches for contact info from a list of web pages
  • It helps you track your email outreach using CRM
  • BuzzStream lets users generate multiple campaigns.
  • You can send bulk emails concurrently and personalize your outreach.

BuzzStream Cons:

  • The Starter plan provides only 30 prospective searches.
  • Except for building links, you cannot use this tool to check rankings.


BuzzStream offers several tools to make your public relations efforts more effective. It helps you create lists of influencers, track the performance of your outreach campaign, and monitor your success.

It lets you keep track of your conversations with your prospects and saves time on the tedious email outreach process. As a bonus, you can reuse the data collected across campaigns. It’s also useful for in-house SEO teams. If you’re a large company, BuzzStream can be valuable for managing your link-building efforts.

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