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Wealthy Affiliate Vs. Income School Review 2022

Mark Apletree

Wealthy Affiliate Vs. Income School Review 2022
90 / 100

Income School vs. Wealthy Affiliate reviews comparison— Which better creates a profitable online business? If you’re planning to start an online business, this question is very likely something you’re pondering right now.

And the question isn’t all that easy to answer since Wealthy Affiliate and Income School are both quite good platforms. Wealthy Affiliate has been the veteran player in the game for years now, dominating the popularity charts. With over 1.5 million users and many success stories to prove that what they teach works.

But like anything in life, it might not be for you. While it’s the overall best affiliate marketing training course, community, and ecosystem for beginners and experts. It may not match your style. In the other corner, Income School has been making impressive strides lately, teaching people how to make money online.

Wealthy Affiliate and Income School are both feature-rich affiliate marketing platforms and training in the market. Spectacularly, you can easily pick a niche and create and manage your sites without any technical skills. 

Both programs are 100% legit, and I like their approach to teaching marketers the art of building profitable online businesses from scratch.

But how do you choose between Income School and Wealthy Affiliate? Well, in this comprehensive Income School and Wealthy Affiliate reviews, I dig up each platform to see how they perform in key areas.

Wealthy Affiliate vs. Income School Reviews

Which is the best learning platform to start your digital marketing business?

What is Wealthy Affiliate, and Who is it for?

Wealthy Affiliate is an educational platform that teaches entrepreneurs who want to create and grow thriving online businesses. It was started in 2005 by co-owners Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim.

Wealthy Affiliate Is Suitable For 

  • Affiliate marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Online entrepreneurs
  • Digital marketers and more
  • and they promote their program

If you’re thinking about starting a blog or you’ve been running your marketing business for a long time. In that case, Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need to soar. The training program caters to entrepreneurs of all levels of experience.

Join Wealthy Affiliate 1 1

Wealthy Affiliate offers managed WordPress hosting, blogging tools, and support community. It aimed to help marketers to learn and grow their online businesses. Further, this program will teach you how to build and market a profitable niche website. You will learn the most effective SEO strategies to increase your site traffic.

You can create an entire digital marketing business on it. The platform combines a step-by-step training approach, handy tools, and a functioning website. Their training is made to give learners a fantastic educational experience. 

  • Course delivery is via live video. 
  • Students can interact and communicate effectively. They can ask questions and get answers during the course. 

What is Income School, and Who is it for?

Income School is a new training-only program designed to help marketers create blogging sites and Youtube Channels. It is best known for its popular digital marketing and SEO channel on Youtube.

Income School is suitable for

  • YouTube channels 
  • Writing blog articles 
  • Building niche websites 
  • SEO
  • Case Studies

Income School has all the “bells and whistles” but lock some features like web hosting and SEO tool, especially for keyword research. Still, it provides step-by-step actionable guides and tutorials to take your first blog from zero to full-time income in 24 months.

Income School is a product of Project 24, co-founded by Jim harmer and Ricky Kesler in 2015. Their goal is to help people worldwide make passive online revenue.

Income School also runs a popular Youtube channel. The channel offers many helpful educational videos.

Income School is a library of courses. Each is designed to tackle different aspects of building an online business. The course is much broader in scope, containing many mini courses on topics like Email Marketing, Pinterest, Photography, and YouTube.

Income School training package consists of:

  • Course modules
  • Resource library 
  • Vlogs and podcasts
  • Expert support 
  • Forum community from other students 

Wealthy Affiliate and Income School Similarities

Income School and Wealthy Affiliate are focused, designed to help you pick a niche, build a site, rank in Google, and one primary source of income (affiliate commissions). That is what you’ll find as the core basis of these training programs.

Some of the standard features shared by both platforms include.:

  • They offer a self-paced training course to help marketers grow their business.
  • Both platforms have a community of experts, affiliate marketers, and other members who purchased the program.
  • They provide personalized coaching and consulting services 
  • Both companies offer their affiliate marketing programs 

What Makes them Different?

Despite their broad similarities, there are also considerable differences.

Key features and extras

The most major difference is in the features. Income School is more focused on the community forum and step-by-step training. In contrast, Wealthy Affiliate offers extra features like hosting, live events, weekly webinars, and other tools within its platform.

Apart from that, I think the training approach of these two programs is where they differ the most. While they teach roughly the same core concept, several aspects aren’t precisely the same.

Income School Project 24 Training

Income School is laying you with a complete, 60-step blueprint to follow for 2-years. It covers topics like picking a niche, gaining traffic quickly, email marketing, and what types of articles to write. You’ll also get a detailed timeline to follow from the start to the end, with expectations for where you should be at each step of the way.

You’ll learn how to diversify your revenue with your site by using affiliate links, a combination of ads, and creating your own info product.

They also offer an exclusive member-only podcast to give you the latest strategies. The members will bring you up to speed with search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing strategies. You will also learn how to monetize your site. 

You’re also going to be taught things like how to train and hire freelance writers and do photos for your website. These are things that Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t cover deeply.

You should also read my in depth review of Income Schools Project 24 Review here if you want to know more on what they can do for your business ideas.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate training is big on selecting a profitable niche, creating and running the websites, generating traffic, and monetizing that traffic. Still, the training is a bit more open-ended for the long run.


Members will also have access to a vibrant and supportive community and credible and experienced mentors. It’s fair to say that you can always find help almost immediately.

Wealthy Affiliate Live Chat Forum

Besides that, the course tends to be a bit more generalized. Wealthy Affiliates provide a great deal of training on different aspects of digital marketing like local PPC and marketing. While they have a rich library of training resources, there isn’t a clear step-by-step guide beyond the beginning stages.

Content Of Both Programs

What do you get from Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate offers 3 membership levels: Starter membership, Premium, and Premium Plus membership.

Starter Membership is free to join. As a starter member, you will receive:

  • Access to BASIC training
  • Community access (7 days)
  • Two basic websites under the SiteRubix domain
  • Access to WA’s affiliate program
  • 30 free searches for the keyword tool
button give me access to my free starter membership today

Premium Plan offers:

  • All training
  • 50 Websites (combine SiteRubix domain and own domains)
  • Live chat access
  • Weekly Live webinars
  • Community access
  • 2x higher affiliate payout
  • Access to coaches and website feedback and support
  • Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

What do you get from Income School?

Income School is a training-only program. It focuses on the learning experience. It doesn’t offer free starter plans, web hosting, or blogging tools in its membership.

Here is the list of things you will receive as an Income school’s Project 24 member:

  • Extensive library of courses. 
  • Complete 60 Steps strategy to a lucrative niche site
  • A members-only Podcast
  • Support community

Comparing The Training Modules

What is in the Wealthy Affiliate course?

There are three types of significant training materials available in the Wealthy Affiliate platform:

The Wealthy Affiliate Training Reviews. There are two official training courses:

1. Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC)

<<<Get Started For Free Today>>>

The Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) course provides a step-by-step guide on the process of creating and growing in your chosen niche.

  • Level one – Getting Started 
  • Two – Building your revenue-producing site 
  • Three –Making money online
  • Four – Mastering social engagement 
  • Five – Achieving success through content creation 

2. Affiliate Bootcamp 

Affiliate BootCamp
<<<Get Started Here Today>>>

The Affiliate Bootcamp training takes you through establishing a business in a niche that promotes Wealthy Affiliate or just make-money-online niche in general.

Here is what to expect from Affiliate Bootcamp:

  • Step one: Getting your business rolling
  • Two: Keywords, contents, and conversions 
  • Three: Giving your site social value 
  • Four: How to get visuals, aesthetics, and brands through media
  • Five: Knowing your audience and increasing your referrals 
  • Six: Yahoo, Bing and the power of pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns 
  • Seven: Scaling successful campaigns 

What is in the Income School’s Project 24 Course?

It is critical to understand that Income School is not a one-on-one mentoring program. Each lesson is delivered by video, podcasts, and vlog.

Here are the 18 courses currently available in Project 24:

The Income School’s Project 24 program is jam-packed with 18 lessons that include:

  • The 60 Steps to a profitable niche site
  • How to build a thriving YouTube channel
  • Email marketing 101
  • How to find profitable niches
  • Topic Research
  • Mythbusting
  • No Nonsense Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Take great Photograph for your sites
  • Hiring and training writers
  • Reviewing your websites
  • Monetizing with informative products
  • Driving Pinterest traffic to your niche site
  • Complete SEO step-by-step guide for online credibility
  • How to sweeten and speed up your writing
  • Writing Awesome Content (The Battleship Method)
  • How to monetize your website with ads
  • The success mindset

Price of Income School’s Project 24 vs. Wealthy Affiliate Reviews

WA pricing

Wealthy Affiliate offers three membership levels: 

Starter: free

Premium: $19 for the first month and jumps to $49 Monthly. OR $495 per year if you decide to pay yearly.

Premium Plus: This costs $49 for the first month and then $99 per month. 

Project 24 pricing 

Income School costs $449 for the first year and $199 after that.

Income School doesn’t offer a free trial.

Wealthy Affiliate is arguably going to be more costly after the first year. But remember that the membership includes website hosting, a keyword research tool, and much more.

The Major Highlights of Both Programs

The Highlights of Wealthy Affiliate

Structural training

Integrated managed WordPress hosting

24/7 support

Free access to Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

The Highlights of Income School

A step-by-step guide to creating a profitable niche website

Up to date course materials.

Active community

Include training on hiring and training writers

Final Verdict

For anyone serious about learning how to make money from niche websites, Wealthy Affiliate and Income School are excellent training platforms. They each have their own unique set of strengths and weaknesses.

The Wealthy Affiliate Reviews – The Verdict

Wealthy Affiliate has an accessible point of entry best suits beginners on a tight budget, in my opinion. They offer web hosting services and teach a solid basis for building an online business. Their training is a little more amorphous than Income School, but it is still sufficiently specific to be effective.

If you start at a low cost, you can buy time to learn and improve your digital marketing skills. Once your website starts getting traction, then you can think of other options.

In fact, many successful members remain with Wealthy Affiliate. That speaks volumes about the quality of the platform.

Income School Program Reviews – The Verdict

In terms of the quality of the course, Income School is at the top of its game. The training is always getting better, with exciting new courses being added all the time. ​The delivery of the course is also fantastic. It makes Income School one of the best programs to learn digital marketing.

However, the cost isn’t always worth it for beginners. The training-only program costs $449 for the first year. There are other expenses (like hosting and keyword research tools) to consider when growing an online business. You need to be aware of the different costs associated with setup and the ongoing expenses.

​If you have the cash go for it. But it might not be the best platform to start for a beginner or for someone with a shoestring budget.

Building a website is just the start, making money will take time.

If you have any questions let me know in the comments or flick me a message at and I will get right back to you.

Any/all links on this site may be affiliate links, and if you make a purchase through one of them, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Read the full affiliate disclosure here.


CEO and Founder of The Retired Affiliates.

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18 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Vs. Income School Review 2022”

  1. I loved learning about the similarities and differences between Wealthy Affiliate and Income School. Your Pros and Cons for both were quite revealing. It seems to me that they both compliment each other. 

    Wealthy Affiliate does not give a time frame when any member will become successful with their program. It is totally based on how hard, smart and consistent the member works the program. For example, there is no blueprint that relates scheduling to successful outcomes. 

    What I liked about Income School is it is based on a two-year plan. I interpreted this as follows. Tell me if I’m wrong. 

    If a member follows the work and schedule laid out, then in two years they can expect reasonable income results. if that is so, this is perfect for those who need structure, meaning a closed-end system, and are willing to wait two years to see meaningful results. 

    However, without a keyword research tool and other services that Wealthy Affiliate provides, Income School by itself would not be able to deliver. There would be added costs involved to compensate for these missing areas.

    Here is the recommendation I would make. Start with Wealthy Affiliate. Work hard to develop enough of an income stream to subscribe to Income School. The YouTube training alone would be worth it. Wealthy Affiliate does provide YouTube training but I suspect compared to Income School it falls short. 

    You have given me food for thought. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate as you may have surmised. However, I shall be doing more research into Income School to consider subscribing at a time right for me, mainly for the training to develop a YouTube money-making channel. I feel this would save me time if I relied only on the training provided by Wealthy Affiliate.

    Great job with this comparison. I learned a lot.



    1. Hi Edwin,

      Great summary.

      I have used both Income School and Wealthy Affiliate in conjunction with each other for about 3 months now and they really do compliment each other.

      As you have said, WA has the hosting and keyword research tools, and that combined with the next level training that Income School provides gives you a solid foundation to start scaling your business.


  2. Hi Mark, You did a good job explaining and differentiating the two methods of learning online marketing. I like the idea of starting with Wealthy Affiliate and including Income School in your training.The price of WA premium and Income school first year are similar. You must, however, be financially prepared to pay for both courses. Thanks!

    1. Hi Carolyn,

      Yes, both are great platforms in their own way, and I only joined he Income School a few months back once I was making money on one of my sites through my Wealthy Affiliate training.

  3. These sound like two really amazing courses. I do like that Wealthy Affiliate is very beginner friendly. It is really great that you get a keyword research tool as part of your subscription instead of it being a seperate cost. I do like that Income school teaches you how to hire writers. Thats something that I would definitely benefit from & am interested in learning more about. I have limited funds and want to do as little spending as possible to find the write team of writers for my needs. Thanks for sharing and look forward to more amazing reviews.

    1. Hi Marlinda,

      Yes finding the right team of writers can be challenging, but when you get the right team it really does take your business to the next level.

      If you are looking for good quality writers send me an email and I am happy to put you in touch with a few of mine.



  4. Income School is very similar in ways. They both have training courses, video learning courses, content writing, niche building websites. The one big difference that I noticed is Income School teaches you about case studies! After comparing the two programs in detail, I much prefer Wealthy Affiliate over Income School. 

    1. Hi Janette,

      I am a member with both, and I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is a great program.

      In saying that, I have joined Income School about 3 months ago, and what they have taught me on top of what I have learned here at WA is next level, especially their stuff regarding YouTube.


  5. Affiliate for Amazon

    Outstanding review of this article with a wealth of helpful information to get an entrepreneur up and running within the online world of making money online.

    I am happy to be a part of this industry, where I get the opportunity to see and read these articles where my knowledge is expanding. The excellent topic of benefit for the mass readers.

  6. Dear Mark,

    Wealthy is the place to be for sure! I love it better than Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest.

    Would you agree? It is truly a Learn and Earn Environment type of a Platform.

    WA is FREE to try and the price beats Private and Public College tuition fees too.

    Wishing you all the best with your online success Above and Beyond the Horizon,

    ~Angelina Jolina

  7. I have seen the guy from Income School around on YouTube. I have even watched a video or two from them. They seem to know their stuff. I have not seen the guys from Wealthy Affiliate on YouTube. However, I feel that Wealthy affiliate offers a bit more and has a lower entering point. 

    1. Hi Ann,

      Both Wealthy Affiliate and The Income School are great in their own way.

      I have recently joined Income School (While still a member at Wealthy Affiliate) and have found they really compliment each other.


  8. It is amazing how two platforms that look alike, have so much differences and offer so much! I am totally in with Wealthy Affiliate, as due to the fact that I am not that keen of social media (youtube for example), I feel pretty much comfortable with Wealthy, but thanks for the recommendations and information about these two platforms, you saved me a lot of research time.

  9. An amazing comparison on two very good platforms. I myself had to make a choice between the two when I was first looking to begin my own online business. I ended up opting for the Wealthy Affiliate platform based off the longevity of the site and the overall package that you get access to as a member.

    I did really like the look of the Income School platform too but as I say, the overall package from Wealthy Affiliate was what ultimately sold it to me.

    Articles like these will definitely help others like me in making an informed decision.

  10. Wow, sometimes when you are researching an issue, the exact information you want is right there for the reading! This is a very helpful side-by-side comparison review of wealthy affiliate versus income school. This has helped me to understand their differences and make an informed choice about the services. As someone less interested in a community forum, I’m leaning toward avoiding the Income School opportunity. Thanks for the help!

    1. Hi Aly,

      I am glad this article has helped you make a choice between Wealthy Affiliate and the Income School.

      Hit me up if you ever need any help.


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