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12 Best Keyword Research Tools for Improving Your SEO in 2022

Mark Apletree

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What are the 12 Best Keyword Research Tools?

What is the Keyword Research Tool for SEO?

Quality keywords will increase your ROI, whether you are starting a new blog or updating an existing one. Many tools can help you do this.

What is the keyword research tool for SEO? I’ll give you the 12 best keyword research tools to help boost your SEO game.

Each tool is different and geared toward a specific purpose. Some tools may not be suitable for every situation.

12 Best Keyword Research Tools to Improve Your SEO Game

Some of these keyword research tools are free, while others are paid. They all have exceptional features to help you improve your rankings, regardless of their pricing.

1. Keyword Surfer (Chrome)

Browser extensions allow you to perform keyword research lightly without leaving the search engine results page. It is a Google Chrome extension by Surfer SEO that will enable you to search for keywords in a dramatic way.

After you have enabled this extension, you can search Google for your keyword in the usual way. You’ll see the estimated search volume and CPC data populate the search bar. Hit enter to see the exact keywords and the SERP listings for each SERP listing.

The right-hand side shows related keywords and visualizations of SERP data. You can also click on the right to open the Content editor and begin writing your content.

All the LSI terms (latent semantic indenting) you need to include will show up on the right. They are highlighted in red until they are added, then green.

You can also view the Surfer SEO app’s overall Content Score and suggestions for headings, paragraphs, and images.

Pricing for Keyword Surfer – The Chrome extension is free, and the unlimited content editor is paid. The Surfer SEO Suite plans start at $59/month and include 25 queries per month – a SERP analyzer, and other SEO features.

2. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer – Best Overall

Ahrefs has the most significant number of keywords in the world.

The tool provides reliable data, from search volume to back links to shareable social shares.

Let’s discuss the Keyword Explorer, a keyword tool from Ahrefs. This tool is a great way to improve your SEO skills. It doesn’t restrict you to Google. You can dig deeper into YouTube, Amazon Bing, Yahoo!, Yandex, and many other engines.

Ahrefs provides detailed keyword research. It gives you a clear view of keyword difficulty, search volume, CTR, CPS, and paid clicks. You can view the search volume and percentage from other countries.

Prices start at $99 and can go up to $999 per month, depending on how much you use. Ahrefs generates more keyword suggestions per month than any other tool. You can try Ahrefs Keyword Generator free of charge before buying the premium version.

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3. RankIQ (Web)

RankIQ was designed for content creators that aren’t professional SEO experts. The tool does not show you a list of metrics but uses AI to analyze keyword data. It then provides simplified recommendations for creating posts that rank.

You can start by browsing RankIQ’s targeted Keyword Library. Filtering by blog niche will help you find keywords that have high traffic potential.

Once you have identified a keyword, you can create a report. You’ll find simple suggestions on word count, topics to discuss, and how to title your report. RankIQ compiles content based on the highest content grade to help you organize and inspire your content.

Click the Content Optimizer tab when you are ready to create your outline and start writing. You’ll find the current grade, word count, and recommended topics at the top. You’ll find topics to include down the right-hand side. After you have covered them, a green check mark will appear.

RankIQ Pricing: Starting at $29/month, the Lite plan includes eight monthly reports.

4. Google Keyword Planner – Experts’ Preference

Are you looking to increase your knowledge of Google’s vast keyword database? There are many opportunities available with the Keyword Planner. This tool comes directly from Google.

Though it’s not the most accurate SEO tool on the planet, Google Keyword Planner is reliable for its data. To attract exemplary visitors, choose the right keywords. This tool provides valuable information such as:

  • Keywords sorted by relevance
  • Average monthly searches
  • Overall competition
  • Low to high page top bid

The best thing about Keyword Planner is that it offers both high-level and straightforward data. You can use up to 10 phrases. Keyword Planner makes it easy to create keyword suggestions directly from a website. It’s also completely free for life. Isn’t that awesome?

5. H-Supertools Top Free Digital & SEO Tools

There are many reasons to use H-Supertools when keyword research is essential. It is a free keyword research tool

Deep Search allows you to use up to 50K keywords to your advantage. It will help you find keywords with high search volume in seconds. You can get tons of long-tail keywords within minutes. It offers the following:

  • Straightforward user interface
  • Commendable data accuracy
  • Keyword Research Tool for Free – A Better Alternative to All Paid Keyword Research Tools

The founder created H-Supertools to make digital marketing easier for everyone. However, this doesn’t lead you to sacrifice quality to use the tools for free. It comes with reliable data from Google Keyword Planner.

H-Supertools Keyword Research Tool

H-Supertools Keyword Research Tool allows you to see the monthly volume, paid competitors, keyword difficulty, and CPC. There’s more! H-Supertools is more than keyword research. It offers many other tools that can help you realize your digital goals. These include:

  • SEO Analyzer
  • Email Validator
  • Questions Explorer
  • Hashtag Generator
  • Bulk Email Validation
  • YouTube Keyword Tool
  • Bulk Keyword Data Tool
  • Email TXT Extraction Software
  • Affiliate Programs (Updated Every Week)

You can access all these tools for free forever. H-Supertools is available to you even if your subscription plan includes SEO tools such as Ahrefs or SEMrush. Why? This is because you may want to use H-Supertools or Google to find the most accurate data.

6. Moz Keyword Explorer – Go-To Tool for DA Knowledge

Moz Keyword Explorer is a top-rated keyword research tool in the world. Its outstanding feature will help you optimize your SEO campaigns. This tool allows you to analyze keywords by search volume, lists, and questions.

You can predict your SEO wins using metrics such as keyword difficulty, volume, CTR, and others. You can also view SERP details by keywords with the tool. Moz’s keyword difficulty (and domain authority) is the two features I love most. These two Moz features are unquestionably trustworthy.

Moz’s Keyword Explorer makes complex analysis simple. Moz Pro pricing starts at $99 to $599 per monthly, depending on the scope of your work. You also get tons of valuable tools with this pricing.

7. KeywordChef – A Time Saver Pick

KeywordChef is relatively new to the market, but it has shown to be more successful in certain areas. It’s a simple yet powerful keyword discovery tool that publishers can use.

KeywordChef isn’t as rich in keyword suggestions as Ahrefs. It uses more than 700 factors to uncover hidden keywords. It returns ‘valuable keywords with clear intent to search.’ KeywordChef will remove keywords that don’t match your preference.

Intelligent Wildcard Search allows you to find the most relevant keywords
quickly. KeywordChef can also help you locate keywords using user-generated content. The tool is straightforward to use, even for beginners. It allows you to find low-competition keywords.

8. KWFinder – The Best Long Tail Keyword Research Tool

Are you looking for long-tail keywords with low ranking difficulty but high search volume? You can achieve this goal with KWFinder by Mangools. Without a doubt, it’s the best long-tail keyword research tool in the world.

You can also search long tails by keyword and domain. This means that you can find all keywords related to a website or seed keyword. You can find all the details you need about keywords, such as:

  • Search
  • Keyword difficulty
  • Cost per Click (CPC)
  • Domain/Page Authority
  • CF, TF, Links. FB, LPS

It is simple to find keywords with high rankings at KWFinder. All the information you need, along with historical data, is available at KWFinder. The user interface is very simple. This implies that even if your computer is not yet fully functional, you can still use it to its full potential.

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9. Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest Keyword Tool

Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest isn’t something to laugh at anymore. It has grown to be strong enough for you to improve your SEO game in just a few weeks. Ubersuggest is a great tool that suggests keywords and analyzes intelligent competitors.

Its “Keyword Overview” lets you see all the critical metrics for the keyword. These include search volume, organic, paid difficulty, CPC, and many other metrics. The tool can also help you determine historical keyword data.

Ubersuggest’s Keyword Ideas section is my favorite because it allows you to see all related keywords. It is easy to do the SERPs analysis. Pricing starts at $12-$40 per month. Don’t worry: 3 searches per day are always free.

Ubersuggest also offers a lifetime subscription, starting at $120 to $400. Every blogger strives to get organic traffic quickly.

10. AnswerThePublic – Favorite Content Research Tool

Are you looking to generate tons of blog post ideas in advance? AnswerThePublic is your best tool. Its best feature is its ability to provide valuable content ideas that are human-oriented.

AnswerThePublic is an online tool that visualizes keywords and finds content ideas within a categorized cloud. You can ask questions about a keyword.

You can also pick the type of question you want to ask, such as what, when, who, where, why, and how.

These are the main types of keywords and content ideas:

  • Questions (why? when? where? and many more)
  • Prepositions (is. for, with. to, and more)
  • Comparisons (and, vs. or, and more)
  • Alphabetical (keywords starting at A through Z)

Isn’t it amazing? You can download the CSV file to use the content ideas and keyword suggestions later. AnswerThePublic’s review is an excellent tool for understanding the human mind for a specific keyword.

It isn’t a sophisticated keyword research tool. It doesn’t show keyword difficulty or search volume. AnswerThePublic is available for free for three attempts. After that, you will need to pay $99 or $79 per month if you want to pay upfront for the entire year.

11. SEMrush Keyword Research Tool Pro-Level

SEMrush is an excellent tool if you need everything about content research in one place. It allows you to analyze domain’s, find keywords, and steal them from competitors.

There’s more! You can explore the tool to identify link-building opportunities and optimize technical SEO. SEMrush is a tool that helps you determine keyword parameters such as:

  • What is the search volume for a given keyword?
  • What is the keyword’s top rank?
  • What are the related keyword opportunities available to you?

SEMrush’s ‘Keyword Overview’ is a great feature. This section provides information about keyword difficulty, search volume and trends, and CPC. It also shows you the overall trend for keywords and keyword variations.

SEMrush’s monthly pricing starts at $119.95. It offers more than keyword research. You can also identify duplicate content, overuse of keywords, and slow-loading pages. If you know how to use the tool correctly, it will help improve your SEO skills.

12. Jaaxy Web

Jaaxy’s keyword research tool makes it easy: Type in your keyword, topic, or URL, and the tool will provide a list of suggested and related keywords. Basic stats are also provided (average monthly search volume, traffic to page 1, etc.).

Jaaxy has a unique domain’s column that allows you to see all the, .net, and .org domain names for each keyword.

Jaaxy is a tool that lets you find affiliate programs to feature on your website. This was what I liked the most. To see a list sourced from Commission Junction, Link Share, Digital River, and Click Bank, switch to the affiliate Programs tab and enter your keyword.

Jaaxy will also show you the associated commission and Alexa Rank of each program and product website.

Jaaxy Pricing – The 30 first searches are entirely free with the Starter Trial; Plans start at $49/month.

Try A Jaaxy Search

Conclusion: Top Keyword Research Tools

Without a doubt, keyword research is the key to your SEO success. Choosing the right tool for keyword research on your site or blog is essential. Sometimes you may need multiple tools.

Are you looking to get the best out of Google’s search engine? Get the Keyword Planner. Do you want to go pro? Choose Ahrefs and SEMrush. Do you want to save time? KeywordChef is the best choice.

These are my top picks of keyword research tools that will help you outperform your content creation. Which do you prefer? Please leave a comment below.

8 thoughts on “12 Best Keyword Research Tools for Improving Your SEO in 2022”

  1. Keyword tools are so important these tools give insight into what people are searching for, this information can help you to rank well in the search engines which is the goal of every content writer. Keyword search tools are a must, thank you so much for sharing this insightful information that is good help.

  2. I use number 12, jaaxy as a tool to find perfect keywords and I cannot complain. It is an absolutely amazing tool to use. I will try to use the other tools, maybe it will be easier to use than jaaxy. In your opinion, what is the best tool to use to find keywords?

  3. Keyword research is essential for any business that needs to write blog posts, and SEO has always been a valuable tactic for getting anywhere in the search rankings. But if you need your site to rank for specific keywords, it’s good to know what those keywords mean and how people search for them.

    Thanks for sharing these different keyword tools. I never heard of many of these keyword tools. I will try the keyword tool answer the public to see how it works.

    I have used Jaaxy and found that it worked well.

  4. Keyword Research is very important in getting traffic to your site. I use H-supertools and Jaaxy, but i heard that Ubersuggest is gaining popularity especially with their lifetime plans. I will also take a look at the other tools you have listed on here. Thank you for such an informative article. 🙂

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