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Ahrefs Keyword Tool Review: The Incredible & Proven SEO Tool

Mark Apletree

87 / 100

This software is a must-have for SEO professionals. Ahrefs Keyword Tool is an SEO tool that compares domains and shows the estimated traffic and keywords. You can see the most popular pages and content on social media, the effectiveness of Google Ads, and the most common keyword phrases that your competitors use.

Ahrefs Keyword Tool Dashboard showing performance statistics for a website

Its main feature is a backlink checker tool that provides a comprehensive stack of links from third-party websites. This tool provides you with an idea of your backlink profile and analyzes your competitors’ keywords.

Another feature is a keyword analysis tool that analyzes the search volumes for your keywords. If your competitors are using Ahrefs, you can learn how to use these tools to boost your rankings.

The Keyword Explorer tool is a powerful tool that shows your competition’s paid search advertising and top-performing pages. This is especially useful if you’re trying to compete with them for a specific keyword.

You’ll be able to find valuable keywords from your competitor’s backlinks. If you’re looking for a way to improve your SEO, Ahrefs has an answer to your needs.

So, what is Ahrefs Keyword Tool?

Ahrefs Keyword Tool is a software application that lets you track your competitors’ SEO. Its Searcher Intent analysis is an essential part of the link-building strategy, so using Site Explorer can help you understand your competition’s backlink profile.

The Site Explorer can analyze your competition based on organic traffic, keyword overlap, and content gaps. If you aim for high search engine rankings, Ahrefs Keyword Tool can help you monitor and set goals.

Ahrefs keyword tool Site Explorer displaying organic search traffic results for organic traffic, backlink profile & Paid traffic

The Ahrefs Keyword Tool dashboard displays data about your website and its links. It shows how many referring domains and links your site has received. Your domain rating, URL ranking, keyword ranking, and content alerts can also show.

You can set up a customized alert for any link disavowed, which is a great way to get a quick update on your SEO.

The Ahrefs Keyword Tool Content Explorer is the best tool for competitors’ analysis. It helps you see your competitors’ content and which pages get the most links. It also shows you what kind of links your competitors have.

If you want to emulate these best practices, you can even learn from their experiences to boost your rankings. You can learn from these websites and replicate them for your website. The Ahrefs Keyword Tool Content Explorer is a powerful tool that makes it easier to analyze your competitors’ backlinks.

Ahrefs Keyword Tool offers a Rank Tracker tool that displays keyword rankings. Users can sort these by position to find out which keywords are winning. This will help you determine what pages are losing traffic to competitors and what to do to improve them.

The Rank Tracker will also help you create valuable evergreen content for your visitors. You can use the Ahrefs ranked tracker to improve your content and add more backlinks.

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What is Inside Ahrefs Keyword Tool?

The following are some key features of the Ahrefs Keyword Tool:

Ahrefs Content Explorer

Ahrefs’ Keyword Tool Content Explorer is a powerful tool for content research. It uses the same advanced search operators as Google so that you can find the best content. The app also has filters that help you narrow down your searches. While the Ahrefs Rank Tracker is reasonably accurate, its feature set is enormous.

Ahrefs Content Explorer dashboard displaying  ref domains, organic traffic & traffic value figures

The Ahrefs Content Explorer helps you identify the most famous content around a topic. You can view the top-performing web pages and videos and see which ones get the most links. You can also use filters to exclude words or sites.

You can use these filters to target specific audience segments. The tool is free for non-commercial use, but you should have a business license or have the permission of your web host before using it.

Ahrefs Keyword Tool has improved its search functions in recent years. You can now narrow down your results using Boolean operators and Advanced Search filters. If you’re unfamiliar with these, think of Google’s search operators. You can filter and exclude specific words and sites using advanced search filters.

You can also set a date range and define your keywords. The Ahrefs Content Explorer is the best tool to use when you want to get an overview of your content’s performance.

If you’re a newbie in SEO, Ahrefs’ Content Explorer feature is a great resource. This tool allows you to view your competitor’s content and backlinks to see which pages are most important. This can help you choose the most valuable content on your website. You can also use the Advanced Keyword Filtering feature to target your competitors’ low-hanging fruit.

Ahrefs Link Filters

The Ahrefs Link Filters provides the user with an overview of the program’s main features, including the table of contents, a PDF guide, and links to specific tools and topics.

The report also includes a high-level overview of the website’s web properties, including its Ahrefs rank (which measures its relative importance to other websites), volume, and difficulty of tracking keywords and positions.

To optimize your site, Ahrefs Keyword Tool provides several tools. For example, you can do a Content Gap analysis by comparing your website’s domain to your competitor’s.

Also, it helps identify additional keywords in your content. You can use these to build out your SEO-valued content. This tool also lets you see which of your blog posts need to be updated.

Besides the link filtering, Ahrefs Keyword Tool provides other helpful data points. For example, it provides traffic trends, referring domains, and social metrics. This information is essential for improving your SEO strategy.

You should use Ahrefs to improve your site’s overall SEO and boost your rankings in search engines. After you have mastered the ins and outs of the Ahrefs Keyword Tool, you’ll be well to achieve your goals.

Ahrefs Keyword Filtering

If you want to find out what is popular in your niche, you can use Ahrefs’ keyword filtering tool. You can do this by using its keyword explorer tool. Start by creating an account with Ahrefs. Then, log in to your account dashboard. Type in keywords related to your content and click on the search button.

Keyword search results for healthy juices displayed on ahrefs keyword search tool dashboard

If you want to monitor your site’s search engine rankings, you can use Ahrefs’ Rank Tracker. Enter your domain name and keywords, and the tool will tell you how you compare to your competitors.

You can also use Ahrefs’ Rank Trackers to analyze your competition. This can help you set goals for your site and track your progress against the competition.

Once you have a list of keywords, you can start analyzing them. Ahrefs Keyword Tool provides suggestions for the best content, the most relevant pages based on backlinks, and other aspects of your competitors. Then, you can easily copy what you see from your competitors. Moreover, you can easily compare your SEO performance with its SERP metrics. You can use this keyword tool to see how your competition is doing in traffic, rankings, and other metrics.

It will help you find keywords for your website. After you’ve mastered the basic features, you can explore more advanced features, such as advanced SEO. Then, you can use these advanced tools to improve your website’s ranking on Google.

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Ahrefs Domain Analysis

Ahrefs’ SERP analysis feature can help analyze your website’s quality. By looking at your website’s domain, you’ll see which keywords are getting traffic and which ones aren’t.

Using this tool will help you determine which content is lacking in SEO value and which needs to be updated. It’s the perfect tool for SEO experts who want to boost organic traffic and make the most of it.

Ahrefs Keyword Tool is a comprehensive SEO tool and offers many features for improving your rankings. Domain analysis is the starting point for many SEO projects. This tool will give you a broad overview of a website’s quality and its history of changes in rankings.

This is useful for identifying keyword opportunities. This tool will help you determine which topics to optimize for. This section contains some helpful tools for improving your ranking in search engines.

The Ahrefs keyword data is quite comprehensive. It includes data from ten search engines, including Google. This is an impressive feature for SEO. In contrast, most SEO tools only provide keyword data from Google. The results may be confusing.

Fortunately, Ahrefs’ domain analysis tools are powerful and effective. Start by choosing the keywords you’d like to use in your articles to get started.

Ahrefs is a free SEO tool that helps you understand your site’s backlink profile. It provides you with a detailed picture of the links on your website. It also shows you which internal links are coming from other sites.

This information is crucial to your SEO strategy. A good Ahrefs report will help you find the most effective backlink strategy.

The Ahrefs dashboard keeps track of all your data. You can see your Ahrefs rating, new links, and referring domains. You can also see how many keywords are used and where they are coming from.

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Ahrefs Site Audit Report

The Ahrefs Site Audit Report contains a variety of valuable details. This report contains a breakdown of the links to your website, including internal and external ones. It also reveals the anchor text used in your links and the date when Ahrefs Keyword Tool first found them.

The report also shows referring pages, word counts, and CPC for each link. If you’re a new user of Ahrefs Keyword Tool, this is a great way to find out how many people are pointing to your website.

The Ahrefs site audit report includes several helpful tabs. The first tab is called Top Pages. This report shows the pages ranked by estimated search traffic. The next tab is called Bulk Export. This tab displays a list of issues found. This information will help you determine which pages are most likely to have high traffic and are most important to your SEO strategy. You can also view low-quality pages in this section, with relevant content and a good keyword density.

The second tab in the Ahrefs report shows the history of rankings for your website. This allows you to see which pages have the most organic traffic. You can also see how the rankings changed over the last year.

The final tab shows the top 10 competitors for your target keywords. An excellent way is to run a content gap report. This will show whether your website is missing out on the most organic traffic.

Ahrefs Disavow Tool

You can use Ahrefs Keyword Tool to identify spammy or toxic links and then use the Disavow tool to remove these links from your website. Ahrefs can examine your backlinks and determine which websites link to your site. It can also tell you if the link is a nofollow or dofollow link and many other attributes.

The Disavow tool is a powerful SEO tool. If used correctly, it can help you eliminate links that hurt your site. While it can’t detect which links are doing more harm than good, it can help you keep your Google profile free of wrong links.

Try to run the process several times if you’re unsure how to use the Disavow tool. If you’re not comfortable disavowing links, you can always use Ubersuggest.

Disavowing is the process of removing links from your website. However, it doesn’t know which links are doing more harm than good. You’ll need to verify that Google has not penalized the websites you want to remove and that you don’t use them to generate traffic.

Ahrefs Site Explorer

Ahrefs Site Explorer is an SEO tool that helps you understand your competitors. It breaks down the search results by the number of backlinks, their Domain Rating, URL Rating, and top keyword.

This information is beneficial for improving your ranking in SERPs. The site explorer also shows you the top keywords for your competitors and how many of them they rank for. Moreover, based on their SEO strategy, you can see which keywords your competitors rank for.

Ahrefs demonstration video for Ahrefs site explorer feature.

Ahrefs Keyword Tool offers a robust content explorer that allows you to research any topic you wish. It will pull up relevant pages and websites with SEO and social metrics. The results are sourced from a massive database of billions of web pages, and the search results will show you which ones have the highest Page Traffic.

In addition to that, the Ahrefs Content Finder will display the domain rating and RD’s of each website or page.

Ahrefs Keyword Tool lets you set up alerts for keywords and branded keywords. Simply fill in your email ID, and you can get notifications of a change in rankings. The Ahrefs content explorer helps you find relevant content for your business.

You will be able to view trends graphs to see how your site performs against your competitors. This is a powerful tool for marketers.

Ahrefs Pricing

Ahrefs Pricing and plan options

Different plans range from $99 to $999 per month. The Lite plan has limited features, such as backlink analysis, but it’s worth the price for veteran users. This SEO analytics tool offers a 7-day free trial.

This SEO software offers four subscription levels. The first is the Lite plan, which allows up to 1 power user and 500 reports. The Standard plan includes one power user and up to 500 reports. The Advanced plan costs $399 per month and includes up to 1 power user and 500 reports. The fourth plan costs $999 per month, and it allows up to 1 power user and 500 reports.

Ahrefs Conclusion

The Ahrefs Keyword Tool offers many features that can help you improve your search rankings. Domain analysis is a good starting point for many SEO projects. It provides you with a basic overview of a domain’s quality.

The results are often based on age, domain quality, and competitiveness. With its comprehensive set of features, Ahrefs can help you improve your search rankings in no time.

The Ahrefs website audit tool offers a host of tools to help you analyze your site. The primary tool, Site Audit, has an integrated keyword research tool. You can perform backlink analysis, SEO audit, and even broken link analysis with the Ahrefs site audit.

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