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FunnelFlix Review: Is It Worth It? And The Alternatives

Mark Apletree

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If you’re thinking about purchasing the FunnelFlix training course, then you’ve probably been wondering, “Is it worth it?” and “Who is this course for?” The good news is that not just any old teacher created this course. It’s created by renowned coaches and marketers who’ve been in your shoes.

And because you can get all the courses you need as part of the ClickFunnels plan, you can save big while learning to market online.

The ClickFunnels training covers everything from the basic dashboard to training courses and modules. Among those featured are John Reese, Jay Abraham, and Russell Brunson.

This FunnelFlix review will look at this online marketing course’s main features and benefits. As with any training program, FunnelFlix is best used in tandem with your own business. The courses are created by experts in various fields and are available on all devices.

The content is accessible from anywhere and at any pace, so you’re guaranteed to earn from your investment.

FunnelFlix Overview

Product Name: FunnelFlix

Official Website:

Creator: Russell Brunson

Standard Price: $97/month; Platinum Price: $297/month

Free Trial: 14 Days

Type: Advanced marketing strategy and Sales funnel training

Best For: Beginners and veterans in funnel hacking

FunnelFlix Pros

  • No technical knowledge is needed
  • The program saves you much time and resources.
  • You’re provided with lots of built-in templates
  • You’ll get tons of training to become successful.
  • You’ll enjoy a 14-day free trial

FunnelFlix Cons

  • The support’s response rate is low
  • Very pricey for those on a budget

What is FunnelFlix?

The FunnelFlix course offers an opportunity to learn from famous marketing gurus and build a successful online business.

This course is packed with training videos from industry experts and provides step-by-step guidance. FunnelFlix has a 14-day free trial and includes some courses to help you grow your business. FunnelFlix extensive library of videos and articles will help you get started.

The list of training videos are below.

FunnelFlix training video series screenshot

The first training course in the Platinum package will take several months to complete, but the rewards are worth the wait.

It’s a fantastic value and is worth at least $15,770! You can join the FunnelFlix course for free and try it out before you commit to the paid Platinum plan.

The FunnelFlix dashboard features a variety of marketing training courses created by top-rated marketers. The training courses are updated frequently, so you’ll never miss an episode of your favorite online marketing course.

In addition to providing valuable content to beginners, FunnelFlix provides a range of courses from veteran marketers.

As part of ClickFunnels’ new upgrade, FunnelFlix has many exciting features that will make it a worthwhile addition to your business’s strategy.

While it may not replace the ClickFunnels training courses, FunnelFlix does offer a wealth of valuable content for online business owners.

Content exclusive to FunnelFlix’s Platinum membership is locked behind a $279 paywall. If purchased separately, this content would cost you well over $20,000!

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Is FunnelFlix Worth It?

The FunnelFlix video course is a part of the ClickFunnels platform. It contains dozens of videos that teach entrepreneurs how to use various methods to attract new customers.

It also includes Jay Abraham, John Reese, and Russell Brunson courses. However, is FunnelFlix worth it? Let’s find out.

It has 16 Russell Brunson webinars. This is a fantastic resource for people who want to learn marketing secrets to a global audience.

FunnelFlix also provides a customized training module. You can access training from the top right corner of the interface.

You can also access this feature by double-clicking on a category. FunnelFlix is an excellent alternative to the more generalized ClickFunnels.

As a ClickFunnels member, you can take advantage of a free trial of FunnelFlix and check out some of the training courses.

These include the Secrets Workshop Bundle and six months of ClickFunnels Platinum. These bonuses alone are worth at least $15,770, so it’s a good deal to try it out for 14 days. If you’re not yet convinced, you can also buy the Secrets Masterclass package for a lower price.

The courses offered by FunnelFlix are very detailed and contain hundreds of videos that were once sold as content.

This platform looks similar to Netflix, and you can easily access different tutorials on the platform.

In addition to video lectures, you can also access training modules on marketing and business ventures. However, the drawback of this platform is that it may take months to complete a course.

FunnelFlix provides video tutorials and how-to guides to help you master funnels. These courses help you make the most of each step of the funnel creation process.

There are also business training courses available in FunnelFlix, which can help you develop your skills and complete scaling faster.

If you’re unsure if FunnelFlix is suitable for you, consider a free 14-day trial of the program and decide for yourself.

Who is FunnelFlix For?

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FunnelFlix offers a wide variety of courses for anyone looking to build a sales funnel for those new to online marketing.

These courses cover everything from Business Strategies to Product Development and Documentaries and even offer to jump-start your business and build an effective sales funnel.

As you learn more about the various courses, you will find that they provide a wealth of information and resources for the internet marketer.

For $297 per month, FunnelFlix has an exciting offering. If you aren’t yet convinced, you can try it out by completing the One Funnel Away Challenge.

FunnelFlix is not an alternative to ClickFunnels, as a ClickFunnels membership comes with access to FunnelFlix. You can also view training previews.

Those new to online marketing can take advantage of FunnelFlix’s courses. It’s not limited to ClickFunnels, though. It also works with other platforms such as Backpack and Actionetics, both free to sign up.

FunnelFlix is a valuable resource for both new and established businesses. By helping you grow your business, you can reach a broader customer base and move into a more lucrative industry.

FunnelFlix promotes personal development through business. The training content helps you become a better online marketer and guide you in understanding marketing systems.

What You Will Learn Inside FunnelFlix

This program is a compilation of videos featuring the best in internet marketing, including Russell Brunson, Jay Abraham, and John Reese.

You will learn from these top-notch experts, including Jay Abraham and Russell Brunson, and get an in-depth look at their secrets to achieving massive success.

There are many free video marketing courses out there. Some offer great value, but you have to decide what is worth paying for. FunnelFlix is no exception.

If you’ve got limited time to invest in building a business, it’s a good idea to pick a few free to try. In addition to FunnelFlix, there are many other free video marketing courses that you can try.

how to make money online – the process explained

This Video training has one simple goal… to help yOU understand the process of making money online, and its simpler than you think!

Jay Abraham: The Anthology

Jay Abraham is a business guru who focuses on marketing, performance, and management. Through his anthology, you can discover hidden assets and opportunities for growth in your business.

The warrior’s way outlines the four pillars of success and how to use them to grow your business. You can also follow Russell Brunson as he attends Growth con 2019 and learns from his experience in launching a ClickFunnels business.

If you are considering launching a business, FunnelFlix has several pieces of training you can watch. It includes video courses by Russell Brunson and John Reese.

This means you’ll get a comprehensive education from leading marketers. And because the content is updated daily, you’ll never be left wanting. You can even access this training content for free. There’s a free trial, so there’s no risk!

Jay Abraham is a master of marketing, strategy, and performance, and you will learn how to unlock the hidden assets of your business from this powerful documentary.

Running a business is full of many aspects, and it is crucial to keep pushing forward to make, grow, and multiply your money. Fortunately, many resources help you learn how to do just that.

The book reveals the secrets of Jay Abraham’s thriving business and marketing methods. You’ll learn how to incorporate the best marketing concepts from other industries and create hybrids to gain an edge over your competitors.

The bestselling author of “Always Be Learning” has helped thousands of business owners reach the heights of success and wealth.

Jay’s story is inspiring. With so many people praising him for his guidance, it’s no wonder that the book author has achieved so much success in his field.

The 30-Day Challenge

If you’re looking to boost your income from home, the 30 Day Challenge at FunnelFlix can be the perfect solution.

This training is broken down into daily assignments that you can do from the comfort of your own home. You can also set reminders to do your training every day.

You’ll receive emails with the links to these videos, and you’ll also be alerted by Facebook Messenger whenever a new video is released.

If you’re looking for an online training course to help you create a successful funnel and boost sales, the 30 Day Challenge at FunnelFlix is what you need.

This online course consists of video lessons from qualified experts and is available. You can watch them on any device and at your own pace. It’s also free, and if you’re interested in learning more, you can sign up any time before the deadline.

Those who sign up for the 30-Day Challenge at FunnelFlix will access 16 webinars hosted by Russell Brunson. In addition to the videos, the users will also receive 16 audio recordings of their webinars.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll get access to 16 free Russell Brunson webinars! During this 30-day challenge, you’ll learn to create your funnel using ClickFunnels and get started online.

Ad Skills

If you’re looking to learn how to maximize your advertising budget and get more traffic to your website, you can benefit from the Ad Skills training offered by FunnelFlix.

This course covers paid advertising strategies and tactics that will help you maximize your click-through rates and avoid wasted ad clicks.

It includes videos, examples, and strategies to make it easy to put your advertising campaign into action and increase your commission earnings.

The training content available in FunnelFlix is created by world-class entrepreneurs and coaches like Jay Abraham.

To learn more about the benefits of FunnelFlix, sign up for a 14-day free trial. This will give you the best chance to test the software before buying a subscription. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive access to FunnelFlix training.

Money Mindset

If you’re looking for a training course to help you learn to create a money mindset, Money Mastery is worth a look. You will learn how to develop a positive mindset towards money. Marketing guru Jay Abraham created it.

You’ll learn the importance of money and how to increase your level of money. The lessons are enthusiastic and entertaining, and the course includes exercises to help you improve your money mindset.

The courses and training are offered in a video format that looks similar to Netflix. The course offers training modules on business ventures, sales funnels, content marketing, and user traffic.

Most of this material is locked behind a paywall that requires a Platinum membership and costs $279. If you purchased the individual modules separately, the cost would exceed $20,000.

How To Create a 6 Figure Website

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Funnel Builder Secrets

The secret to creating a high-converting funnel has been around for quite some time. But how do you get that traffic? The secret to generating traffic has always been a struggle for online entrepreneurs.


You can learn more about the most popular funnel-building techniques to help you improve your business.

The primary step is to decide how much you are willing to spend on training. FunnelFlix has several options. You can pay a monthly fee of $997 or subscribe to the Secrets Masterclass plan for a higher monthly fee of $197.

The more expensive plan includes FunnelFlix and the entire ClickFunnels training system. FunnelFlix’s live training and coaching help you make the best funnels possible, and you can see how they work in real-time.

The secrets of FunnelFlix can change your business overnight. This training video will teach you to create high-converting funnels for your products and services.

With over 100,000 members and over $2.6 Billion in sales, FunnelFlix offers a lot. However, note that this course is not for beginners. There are many more advanced methods available on the internet.

Tony Robbins is an exceptional personal coach and business expert. He has been speaking at Funnel Hacking Live for two years.

The private collection features some of Tony Robbins’ most popular seminars, simplified for the general public. His goal is to help participants perform at their peak. He is considered the world’s #1 Life and Business Strategist and a world-class athlete and performer.

Funnel Hacker TV

In this video series, Russell Brunson shares the lessons he learned during his recent experience with the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards.

It’s not surprising that Brunson’s idea generated $30 million in just one hour! In addition to sharing the secrets of funnel hacking, Brunson also shares the mistakes that entrepreneurs make and the steps to avoid them.

The first significant advantage to Funnel Hacker TV is its affiliate program. It pays up to 40% in recurring commissions and gives you the chance to win a dream car.

This program also pays 5% recurring commissions if your funnel generates a sale from DotCom Secrets, a complementary product. Funnel Hacker TV is worth checking out if you want to earn more money with your affiliate program.

A new video series called Funnel Hacker TV will show you the secrets to building a successful sales funnel. Russell Brunson interviews successful entrepreneurs, business owners, and startups who use funnel hacking to maximize their profits in each episode.

Russell will reveal how his business funnel works and what to do to make it even more successful.

Unlike many other funnel editor software programs, the Funnel Hacker TV YouTube interface is remarkably user-friendly.

Unlike other video creation tools, you won’t have to worry about learning any technical code or programming knowledge to create a professional-looking video. Instead, it will provide you with many elements, including text, headlines, photos, input forms, video widgets, etc.

Complete Affiliate Bootcamp Series

The Complete Affiliate Bootcamp Series inside FunnelFlix is an excellent affiliate marketing course. While the course itself is free, optional upsell gives you access to the entire course for life.

This includes all of the “behind the scenes” videos from the affiliates and the 186-page PDF of the entire program. The courses will take up to four days to complete.

For $100, you’ll get three to four courses each day. They’ll teach you how to set up a website, write SEO articles, and implement the training.

This isn’t the best course for those who have no time. But if you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, it could be your main job!

FunnelFlix Conclusion

FunnelFlix is an online video training course by Russell Brunson. You can learn the latest marketing tactics from the creator of ClickFunnels. FunnelFlix has plenty of training materials to suit a wide range of business needs.

You can master the basics of digital marketing and how to create powerful funnels that will help your business grow.

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