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10 Sales Funnel Examples to Convert More Customers in 2022

Mark Apletree

10 Sales Funnel Examples to Convert More Customers in 2022
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10 sales funnel examples is a unique marketing term that describes the potential journey customers will take on their way to buying. There are many steps in a sales funnel. These are the top, middle, or bottom of a sales funnel. But, they may differ depending on the company’s model.

10 Sales Funnel Examples to Convert More Customers in 2022

It’s all about attracting visitors to your online sales funnel and getting them to opt-in or click on your offers. It’s as easy as pie to find out how to make a marketing funnel that converts

Today, I am sharing 10 examples of the highest-converting and most profitable funnels available on the internet right now. These examples include big brands like Netflix and smaller ones like Crazy Egg or Mixergy.

They will show you how to convert more customers and clients, depending on the stage of your business.

Sales Funnel Example #1 –

They offer a Done-For-You (DFY) Sales Funnel service for clients who want to create a funnel that automates their sales and client lead generation. This will allow them to have a pipeline full of clients.

Steps in the Sales Funnel

Traffic: Organic traffic and referrals via AutoGrow’s newsletters and articles.

Homepage: The main call to action is to view the demo video of the Done-For-You service and book a consultation. All of their newsletters, articles, and product pages lead to their homepage.

Pricing: They used to have a page for pricing each service, but they moved them to the homepage. Each product page has its pricing.

All pages have a clear copy. All information pieces, features, and warranties for every product and package they offer are displayed.

Sales Funnel Example #2 – Grasshopper

Grasshopper allows small business owners to get a virtual number for their company. You can use this number on your existing cell phone or landline.

Steps in the Sales Funnel

Traffic: From PR, blogs, and ads!

Homepage: The copy is clear. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. They explain their services in a 2-minute YouTube video.

Pricing Page: The pricing page is simple. It allows you to compare products in terms of features and pricing. The page below each package also displays the free trial plan.

Sign up form: First, choose a number that you can use to register with Grasshopper. There are two options: a local or toll-free number. Next, you can send a text message to that number for access. The billing page is next.

Why it Works

Grasshopper made design changes and tested color combinations. They also reduced the size of their sales funnels to improve conversion rates.

They know what they are doing, and it is working. They have not changed much about their website over the years.

What Makes it Unique?

Grasshopper’s brand logo and character are worth noting. Their product is simple to use. They have maintained a simple design that speaks to their product’s simplicity.

What Could be Better?

These could still be more appealing to their target audience. Perhaps you could ask the question, “How many customers do you miss out on because your business doesn’t have a professional telephone number?”

Green Grasshopper on a StickNo Not This Type of Grasshopper!

Sales Funnel Example #3 –

Help Scout can help you view a demo video. These animations and designs feel real.

It’s easy to navigate and has good contrast. The copy is clear and unobtrusive.

There is a clear CTA (Call To Action) and plenty of social proof. Although it may not be visible from the top, it is still prominent enough to see easily.

Let’s get into the Help Scout sales funnel.

Steps in the Sales Funnel

Traffic: Blog or Resource page.

Homepage: Help Scout’s homepage has excellent contrast and is visually appealing. It has a clear CTA and lots of social proof.

Pricing Page: They have three pricing levels – Company, Standard, and Plus. To start the free trial, you can also use a CTA.

How the Sales Funnel works

Overall, Help Scout’s design is beautiful. It’s easy to understand their message and the services they offer.

They do all the right things to address the basics. Their blog is fantastic.

They offer a wealth of great resources and beautiful graphics. There is a lot of high-quality content.

It is very original and has a simple layout. You can download their toolkit by clicking on the CTA.

Help Scout used to offer help desk services. They provide a range of services, including a data library and a research component.

Sales Funnel Example #4 – Perfect Audience

Recently, Perfect Audience has made some changes to its design. However, their pricing page is quite hidden.

Steps in the Sales Funnel

Give it a try by clicking on the CTAs that invite prospects to sign up. They will then be redirected directly to a sign-up page.

Why it works

Their design is overall very nice. They have suitable social proof and even case studies.

Their pricing page is hidden. To see the prices, scroll to the bottom of the page. Perfect Audience should have more information about the prices of services. Customers often wonder how much they cost.

Social Media Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel Example #5 –

Planscope allows you to take complete control of your agency. It helps you get your clients and team on the same page. You can also earn more contracts and discover how you can build a better business. The site is user-friendly and straightforward.

Steps in the Sales Funnel

Traffic: Email newsletter and blog

Homepage: The homepage is well-designed. The welcome video shows you how the software looks right on the page.

Pricing Page: The pricing page includes the pricing table. It is straightforward to use. There are four tiers to choose from: Freelancer, small-team, consultancy, and agency. The tier you choose will give you a 14-day trial.

It is very easy to sign up, and there are no tire-kickers. This is one of the reasons Planscope works well. It also requires a credit card submission.

What Makes it Unique?

Andrew Brennan’s welcome video is genuinely unique. It is both informative and valuable. This personal touch will help you close the Planscope sales funnel.

Sales Funnel Example #6 – Netflix

Netflix is the most popular paid subscription video streaming service. It allows members to view various award-winning films, TV shows, documentaries, and more from millions of internet-connected devices.

Statista research shows that Netflix had 72.9 Million monthly users in July 2018.

The site is also straightforward to navigate. It doesn’t have a lot of confusing copy, and you are clear about what you are getting. Based on the movies or shows being promoted, they change the background image.

You can also cancel at any time without being locked into a contract.

Steps in the Sales Funnel

Homepage: The homepage clearly explains the risk-free trial and includes a progress bar/timeline. The free trial is entirely risk-free, and there is no obligation. You can cancel at any time. Because Netflix is a recurring fee, they emphasize the possibility of reversal.

Pricing Page: Scroll down to the FAQ section to find pricing information.

Netflix automatically selects the Premium plan by default (which is an intelligent decision). However, you can always downgrade.

How the Sales Funnel works

There are three payment options available: PayPal, gift card, or credit card. Accepted credit cards include all major ones. You can modify your information at any time so that you are not locked into a contract. Security is a great idea because people are naturally cautious about taking on risks.

Netflix is easy and straightforward. They answer consumers’ questions clearly and concisely with as little text as possible.

What Makes it Unique?

Netflix can depend on its brand’s power. Everybody knows about Netflix.

You can also reach them by telephone. Many web-based businesses do not share their phone numbers. This increases trust.

Sales Funnel Example #7 – Basecamp

Basecamp will let you manage all of your company’s projects and work in one place. They constantly test new designs and focus on the problems they can solve.

Basecamp is also very personal. It emphasizes social proof and presents itself uniquely.

Steps in the Sales Funnel

Traffic: Blog, PR, and organic search.

Homepage: In addition to social proof, they also show their product “in motion.” For an emotional tie-in, they put a face on the logo.

Basecamp offers a 30-day trial for no cost. You don’t need to enter your credit card information when you sign up for Basecamp. Their pricing information is evident and straightforward.

The “new” design is centered on testimonials. It’s all about how easy it is to sign up and, let’s face the truth, who doesn’t love free stuff?

What Makes it Unique?

Every company wants to solve customers’ problems. They communicate with customers on an authentic, natural level.

What Could be Better?

The user experience could be made more personal by including photos of real people. People love to see faces in testimonials. According to the Proven Sales Conversion Pack, authentic images can increase subscription rates by 34.7%, according to one case.

Sales Funnel Example #8 –

Crazy Egg’s sales funnel has a vast reach. Their blog is excellent and contains high-quality content. The blog is the beginning of their sales funnel. This means that most of their traffic comes from inbound sources such as Google.

To drive customers to their email list, they have placed a clear call-to-action (CTA) at the bottom of each blog post.

Steps in the Sales Funnel

Traffic can be from organic, referral, and blog traffic. A popup is displayed at the bottom of blog posts and homepage to offer a 30-day free trial. Sign up for the free trial to be redirected to the pricing page.

You can also sign up for their email newsletter to stay on Crazy Egg’s website, allowing you to engage with more content.

They also provide direct links to their homepage (except for the pricing page) at each page’s top.

Homepage: They require that you add your website URL.

Pricing: All packages and the 30-day trial are available on the pricing page.

Check out the pricing page: It has a similar design to the rest.

The checkout page uses light copy and emphasizes social proof. It is a straightforward language with no jargon.

Next, you’ll need to fill in your billing information. Crazy Egg promises that your trial period will last for 30 days, and you will not be charged any fees.

What Makes it Unique?

Crazy Egg’s conversions and revenue have doubled year after year, according to Neil Patel.

The funnel’s design focuses on simplicity. There isn’t much copy. There’s an emphasis on visuals.

Their landing pages were designed in a way that was more focused on content than it was explaining the service’s benefits.

Crazy Egg doesn’t bombard customers with unnecessary information. The copy is clear, and customers understand what they are getting before they send their email.

Sales Funnel Example #9 – Groupon

Groupon continues to be a significant company that reaches millions of people every month.

Their site has a prominent and clear opt-in popup for email addresses. Visitors will see this popup through the homepage on their first visit.

They’ve been using this popup for quite some time. They have seen it grow their Audience over the years. Let’s see how the rest of their sales funnel works.

Steps in the Sales Funnel

Traffic can come from direct referrals and affiliates, as well as email lists.

Homepage: The popup at the homepage encourages visitors to enter their email addresses. Sign up, and you can save up to 70% on food, spas, items, and other deals. Visitors can then browse and buy services.

How the Sales Funnel Works

There’s a clear CTA that will get you to click on Groupon deals you like. However, you’ll have to sign up via email.

To encourage customers to return to Groupon, Groupon offers follow-up offers that are tailored to them. Because women make up the majority of Groupon’s customers, their offers are slightly tailored to them.

What Makes it Unique?

No free trials are available. Customers can choose to join or not.

Groupon’s business model is best viewed as an extensive email list with a website attached.

10 Sales funnel examples Groupon

Sales Funnel Example #10 – Harvest

Harvest’s primary CTA is to begin its 30-day free trial.

Steps in the Sales Funnel

Homepage: The homepage contains several CTAs and product descriptions, as well as testimonials. Click the CTA button and sign up for a trial offer.

What Makes it Unique?

Simple and elegant designs are the key features of this site. As part of their social proof, they also offer detailed testimonials. These companies provide some publicity for Harvest and make it look better.

Although this funnel is solid, Harvest could make improvements to its pricing page. A study that found pricing page optimization could send 76% more visits to the free trial page was also included in the Proven Sales Conversion Pack.

10 Sales Funnel Examples Conclusion

A sales funnel is a collection of steps that guide customers towards a purchase decision. This is the process where potential customers and clients decide and take action. They move through your funnel.

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