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Project Life Mastery Review: Who Is Stefan James Pylarinos?

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There are some good things about the Project Life Mastery course. It seems like a one-stop shop for everything. The content is precious, and the links to other courses and resources are plentiful.

However, it takes time to curate the resources and put them into one easy-to-access location. In contrast, the resources section of the Project Life Mastery site contains links to various courses and resources. It also features information about motivation, relationships, and more.

Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, the best way to learn about the Project Life Mastery program is by signing up for a free course.

You’ll be able to learn more about the program’s philosophy and the products it offers. The site offers a free motivation course ideal for those just starting independently.

Project Life Mastery Overview

Project Life Mastery homepage with a picture of Stefan James Pylarinos

Product Name: Project Life Mastery

Official Sales Page: Project Life Mastery | Online Business And Self-Development Advice

Creator: Stefan James Pylarinos

Price: It varies

Type: Amazon FBA, eBook Publishing, and Affiliate Training

Best For: Beginners and experts alike


  • There’s a refund policy
  • The course comprises many resources to help you succeed online.


  • It’s a bit pricey for beginners

What is Project Life Mastery?

Project Life Mastery is an excellent option if you are in the market for a successful course that will show you how to improve every aspect of your life.


This course covers everything from mindset, relationships, career, money, family, and spiritual growth, and it claims to be the fastest growing course on the internet.

Despite its name, Project Life Mastery may not be for you if you’re looking for a quick fix to your problem.

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Project Life Mastery is a course that shows you how to market yourself online. The course will also teach you how to write eBooks and publish them on Amazon.

Although they are both high-ticket items, they’re well worth your money. The first course covers picking a profitable niche and researching the competition, while the second course focuses on creating an eBook and scaling it up.

While the Project Life Mastery course does not offer a free trial, you’ll find that it has all the tools and FAQ sections you need.

Moreover, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a private Facebook community for its students. While this might be a good option for beginners, you should also consider how long it will take to see results.

Who is Stefan James Pylarinos?

Stefan James is a high-level personal success trainer, entrepreneur, and publisher. He aims to provide you with life-changing information, advice, and tools to improve your life.

If you’re unsure of whether Project Life Mastery is for you, read on to discover the truth about him and his business.

Is Project Life Mastery Legit?

The company claims to offer courses in affiliate marketing, eBook publishing, and Amazon FBA. While these courses are all high tickets, it’s hard to believe James has written the materials himself.

James has experience in several fields and has studied self-development for over two decades. In his online courses, he teaches how to be successful in various industries. So, it’s a legit online business course.

Stefan has a YouTube channel with over millions of subscribers and over 2 million views.

He promotes the program and shows off his lavish lifestyle. He makes money by selling training programs and recommending other courses, which give him affiliate commissions.

He has succeeded in Kindle publishing, affiliate marketing, info products, and coaching. In addition to that, he has built schools in places such as Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania.

His journey began in his friend’s living room, where he discovered the power of information product marketing.

He became a successful author in this niche and then moved on to the Amazon self-publishing platform. Amazon has a massive market of eager buyers looking for information they can use.

The company is an incredible force in the world. Stefan wrote some books himself, but many others were ghostwritten.

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What You Will Learn Inside Project Life Mastery

This program offers a variety of products and courses that can help you achieve your goals. Its creator, Stefan James, is an author, internet millionaire, coach, and philanthropist.

Lesson 1 – How to Find a Profitable Niche

Before you start finding profitable niches, you must understand the needs of your audience. Knowing their most profound desires will help you identify the right products and services to sell.

Then you must narrow down that need to the most specific. There are some tools available for this. Once you know your customers’ problems, you can use those tools to find a profitable niche. Here are some tips for finding a profitable niche:

Lesson 2 – Doing Keyword Research the Right Way

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to do keyword research correctly. First, you’ll learn about analytics. You can use these tools to record traffic data. Moreover, you’ll see which keywords are relevant and which are not.

You’ll also discover the current and historical rankings of each keyword. This data will help you create relevant content and improve your website’s search engine rankings.

Lesson 3 – Creating a Title That Sells Like Crazy

One important aspect of self-publishing is discoverability. In last year’s bestseller “The Girl on a Train,” two books were released with similar titles.

While neither was a bestseller, the confusion accompanying both titles helped sell thousands of copies of the latter.

Therefore, choose a title that is unique and not too similar to other titles. If the title sounds too similar to one of your favorite books, it will likely be mistaken for something else.

Lesson 4 – Designing a Cover That Sells

There are several tips for designing a compelling cover for a book. First, familiarize yourself with the content.

Learn the theme of your book, and identify important ideas, characters, settings, and recurring objects and symbols.

Then, apply those rules to your book cover. You’ll want your cover to grab the reader’s attention at a glance. In addition, it should be easily promotable online.

Lesson 5: Kindle Book Creation

The first step of Kindle Book Creation is to write your book. Once you’ve completed the writing process, you can begin to submit your book to Amazon.

Be sure to follow Amazon’s guidelines for publishing books. Ensure that the content is appropriate for the type of audience you plan to reach.

You can outsource your book’s writing if you cannot do so yourself. In this lesson, you’ll learn about the pros and cons of different work-for-hire services and how to avoid plagiarism when hiring a writer.

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Lesson 6 – Preparing Your Book for Publishing

When preparing your book for publication, you must consider its subject and theme. Start by brainstorming subtopics that would be the chapters of your book.

Your book description should include keywords related to the title and subject. The character limit varies but must be thorough and related to the book’s content. Once you know what your book is about, you should start writing.

This lesson will help you write a detailed, informative description that will make readers want to read your book.

Lesson 7 – Creating A KDP Account

After launching your book on Kindle, you’ll want to learn about creating a KDP account so that you can sell it.

While you can use Amazon’s free advertising program to generate a lot of sales, it’s best to try to market your book outside the platform. That way, you’ll be more likely to get more exposure and customers.

Lesson 8 – Publishing Your Book on Kindle

If you’ve been following this series of lessons, you’ve probably learned that creating a newsletter is an effective way to get started with Kindle publishing.

Getting subscribers to your newsletter is the key to publishing a successful book on Kindle. Having a newsletter is a great way to market your book, and it’s free!

Lesson 9 – Viewing Your Kindle Book

If you’ve been reading books on Kindle for a while, you’ve probably wondered how to view them. This lesson explains how to view your Kindle book and what to do if you don’t like what you see.

It includes 30 video lessons as well as worksheets in PDF format. By the end of the lesson, you’ll be able to view and edit your book the same way as other readers!

Lesson 10 – How to Get Amazon Reviews For Your Book

There are many ways to get positive reviews for your book on Amazon, and one of the fastest is to set up a team to do the reading for you. The team will read your book ahead of time and then follow up with a review once it’s live.

This strategy builds relationships over time, so focus on early bird reviewers. You can also contact well-known colleagues in your field for help with book reviews.

Lesson 11 – How to Market Your K. Book on KDP Select

If you’ve written a K. book and want to promote it on KDP Select, there are things you can do to gain more exposure.

Once you’ve signed up, you can view the dashboard for your campaign, which provides reports by period and point of interest. While KDP Select is not required for advertising, it does have its advantages.

For example, you can subscribe to a Kindle Unlimited subscription, which costs $9.99 monthly. This service gives you a dedicated place to showcase your book.

Lesson 12 – How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Book

As an author, you must be familiar with the various platforms and algorithms to make the most of them to promote your book.

It is best to plan your social media marketing strategy around them. In other words, you must know how to reach your target audience on each platform.

To make the most of these platforms, you should build a list of potential audience members. Then, create a plan and begin marketing your book!

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Lesson 13 – Book Promotion Strategies

If you haven’t yet published your book, there are several ways to promote it. One strategy is to join groups or online communities where book marketers meet.

You can also join a review swap group or a virtual assistant group for authors. But be aware that many of these groups are not updated, so you should check them before submitting your book. Also, remember that Amazon takes anywhere from 12 to 24 hours to approve your book.

Lesson 14 – Raising Your Amazon Keyword Rankings

In this course, you’ll learn how to rank for a wide variety of keywords on Amazon, using methods proven to increase sales.


This course also covers the basics of the Kindle publishing process, from setting up an Author Central account to preparing your finished book for Amazon. After watching this course, you’ll be well on your way to achieving Kindle bestseller status!

And because there are many ways to rank for a wide range of keywords, this course is worth every cent!

Lesson 15 – How to Set Up Your Amazon Author Central Account

This module will teach you how to set up your Amazon Author Central account. You will also learn how to edit your biography.

You’ll have to verify your identity with the help of a picture. After you’ve verified your identity, you can start adding your bio and pictures.

Your bio will be an extension of your author platform, so it’s a good idea to update it with new content continually.

Lesson 16 – Monetizing Your Kindle EBooks

If you’re starting your Kindle publishing journey, you’ll want to invest some time in monetizing your eBooks.

You may have heard of Kindle Countdown Deals, which allow you to give your eBooks away for five days. But that tactic hasn’t been around for a while, and Stephan doesn’t cover it in this lesson.

Lesson 17 – Creating a Series of Books and Monetizing the Back-End

One of the best ways to create a successful author brand is to write and publish books yourself. While most authors will write at least one book, it may not be possible to write multiple books.

This is where you need to create a series of books and monetize their back end. Sign up for a free newsletter and create a free website. Then, you can start generating profits from your books.

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Lesson 18 – How to Deal with Negative Reviews

The first step in dealing with negative reviews is ignoring them. It is best to ignore criticism, even though it may be hurtful.

Once you have achieved a certain level of popularity, you should start attracting admirers. Once you get some initial admiration, you should begin responding to negative reviews.

Lesson 19 – Scaling Up Your Kindle Books to Earn More Money

You’re on the right platform if you want to learn how to scale up your Kindle books to earn more money. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to make the most of keyword research and book reviews.

You will also learn how to promote your books for free and use various book submission sites to get more readers.

Lesson 20 – Making Your Books Profitable Long-Term

You’ve probably heard that self-published books make the most money. Write books of at least 15,000 words to maximize profits.

But some authors argue that books should be as short as 12-14 thousand words. Peter Drucker himself wrote a 5,000-word book called Managing Oneself. He sold many copies, so you don’t necessarily need to have a big book to make money.

Lesson 21 – How to Track, Manage and Optimize Your Kindle Books

If you’re a novice in affiliate marketing, you may wonder what this lesson is about. Stephan provides some helpful advice to help you get started in the field.

First, you must understand the fundamental concept of affiliate marketing. You will grow your business and make more money by learning how affiliates work.


The monthly cost of Project Life Mastery is $77. However, if you’d prefer a yearly plan, it costs $924 per year.


The Project Life Mastery website offers tons of free content, attracting many people. People love to share great information and many links to Stefan’s site. You can monetize that traffic by selling courses or promoting someone else’s course.

If you’re unsure about Project Life Mastery, the website will include information on affiliate marketing and other resources for self-development. The course’s testimonials from people who have taken it will give you a good idea of what to expect.

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