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MobiSystems What the Oxford English Dictionary Doesn’t Tell You About.

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What the Oxford English Dictionary Doesn't Tell You About MobiSystems
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MobiSystems have been the leaders in mobile productivity and business applications for over 20 years. MobiSystems solutions work on extending the easy use of mobile devices across platforms.

They are also the developers of the award winning OfficeSuite and serves over 300 million individuals and enterprises in 195 countries. MobiSystems OfficeSuite leads the way in app downloads and ratings in Amazon App Store, Apples App Store, Samsung Apps, and Google Play.

It is also Google plays Editors Choice, and the top app in the business category with over 350,000 reviews as stated on their website.

MobiSystems was founded in 2001 and is entirely privately held.

What are MobiSystems for?

According to Wikipedia.

The software was first released as a mobile application on Palm OS in 2004 (incorporating older MobiSystems apps: Quick Spell, Quick Check and Quick Write), followed by Symbian in 2005.

Try for Free Now.image 100444161 14468576

Until 2009, OfficeSuite was mainly used as a reader. Later, MobiSystems received an inquiry by Sony for an Android-based office solution development, however it was required in just 12 weeks.[6] Apparently the developers succeeded and Sony preinstalled the newly developed OfficeSuite on all of their Android devices in 2009.

The software debuted on iOS in 2013, and the first desktop client version for Windows appeared in 2016.[7]

Besides the ability to connect to any cloud provider such as Google Drive, Box, iCloud, OneDrive and more, OfficeSuite offers storage space in MobiSystems`s proprietary cloud: MobiDrive.

In 2018 the app was selected by Google to be among the few to receive the Android Excellence Award.[8]

Who owns MobiSystems?

Steve Gogov is the Co-Founder & Vice President at MobiSystems and graduated from San Diego State University in 2005.

Steve Gogov MobiSystems Co-Founder & Vice President

Steve was previously the Vice President of sales at Salesforce.

He completed is master’s in computer science in 1996, and his Master of Business Administration at San Diego State University in 2005.

Gogov founded MobiSystems in 2001 and has been privately held until now.

Headquarters – 11772 Sorrento Valley Road, Suite 60, San Diego, California, 92121, United States.

Employees – 90

Revenue – $17.1 Million

Industries – Database & File Management Software, Software.

Is MobiSystems OfficeSuite Free?

The following excerpt is taken directly from the MobiSystems website.

San Diego, April 2014 – MobiSystems releases new version of the number 1 mobile office solution for Android, OfficeSuite, allowing free document editing features. Along with the free product the company offers a new complete mobile office service OfficeSuite Premium that packs together OfficeSuite with exclusive features, add-on products and services.

OfficeSuite Free Editor comes as a free update of the widely used OfficeSuite Viewer. However, it extends OfficeSuite Viewer functionality by adding support for creating and editing text documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Users can also share files via a number of popular cloud storage providers. Just like its popular predecessor, OfficeSuite Free editor is available for free to both current and new users. 

OfficeSuite Premium is a pack of features, add-on products and priority support to upgrade OfficeSuite experience to a best-in-class mobile office solution. Users are able to enhance their work on the go with a number of premium features and services, inclusive of Track Changes, Microsoft compatibility font pack, Oxford Dictionary of English word lookup, QuickWrite predictive keyboard and QuickSpell spellchecker among others. 

Stanislav Minchev, MobiSystems’ CEO reasons the company latest release: “The free OfficeSuite editor will reach even more Android users who need comprehensive mobile document viewing and editing. The product is also a courtesy to the millions OfficeSuite users allowing them extended features to manage their documents and attachments. Premium OfficeSuite is a complete office solution with everything necessary to create, edit and share a variety of professional documents on the go. This product is essential for everyone who aims not only to get done copious amounts of work on their mobile devices, but also to do so with style and quality.”

Pricing & Availability:
OfficeSuite basic product is free. OfficeSuite Premium is available on subscription base for $ 4.99 monthly /49.99 yearly as in-app purchase from OfficeSuite Free editor.
OfficeSuite Free is available on MobiSystems and Google Play stores. Versions for Samsung, Amazon App Store will be released soon.

Is MobiSystems OfficeSuite the same as Microsoft Office?

The MobiSystems OfficeSuite is actually a complete Microsoft Office alternative combining 5+1 premium products including documents, sheets, slides, PDF editor, drive, and mail with calander.

The biggest difference between the two lies in the pricing. Microsoft Office is a subscription-based model, meaning that you pay a monthly/annual subscription of $69.99, and with MobiSystems OfficeSuite you pay just $29.99 per year.

MobiSystem versus Microsoft Office price comparison chart

Is MobiSystems OfficeSuite & MobiSystems PDF Editor Free?

The below has been taken directly from MobiSystems website in regard to their free version.

OfficeSuite is now available as a free app for all major platforms, Android, iOS and Windows. Users can enjoy all it has to offer across platforms and even make use of the integrated MobiSystems Drive that comes with free cloud storage to access all their files at any time.

The major features of OfficeSuite are:

1: The free version is equipped with the most often used functions by the general customer.

Every application restricts the functions that can be used in the free version compared to the paid version. However, with the free OfficeSuite all the essential functions that users need are available. A comparison table is available further down in the press release for detailed information.

2: Full compatibility with Microsoft Office

OfficeSuite offers extremely high compatibility with Microsoft Office and various popular file formats (Open Document, CSV and others). No need to convert and manipulate files – they can be opened and used right away by OfficeSuite.

3: Cross-platform and cloud support – Work with any file, anywhere, anytime on any device.

Your data gets automatically synchronized between Windows and mobile devices (Android and iOS), so you can keep on working while on the go.

Below is an overview of the included OfficeSuite modules:

OfficeSuite Documents

Creating documents with a beautiful design is easy and intuitive. All the necessary functions for the creation of documents are included for free.

Mobisystems pricing chart

Is MobiSystems OfficeSuite com Safe?

MobiSystems Reviews + Pros & Cons

The following is taken from two different customer ratings sites, TrustPilot & Rating is 3.5 Stars. customer review rating for Mobisystems Rating is 2.9 Stars

Trust Pilot Scores Mobisystems 2.9 stars

It is worth mentioning that on both TrustPilot and BestBuy there was only a total of 8 reviews, which seems a little strange for a software program that has over 300 million users worldwide!

From my experience using MobiSystems OfficeSuite I would definitely recommend giving it a try.

You can click the button below to check out what MobiSystems has on offer, and see for yourself if it is something that will benefit you.

image 100444161 14578005


  • Excellent Value For Money
  • Great Software At An Affordable Price
  • Does A Great Job Without An Annual Rip Off Fee
  • Great Alternative To Office 365
  • Awesome For Spreadsheets and PDF’s


  • No Refund On The App
  • Limited Functions On Free Version
  • Not Truly Compatible With Microsoft

How Do I Use MobiSystems OfficeSuite?

OfficeSuite supports a wide range of spreadsheet formats. 

  • Current and legacy Microsoft formats: .XLS, .XLSX, .XLSM. OfficeSuite users can open, edit, create, save spreadsheets in Microsoft Office formats. 
  • CSV. OfficeSuite users can  open, edit, create, save spreadsheets in the .CSV format. 
  • Open Office. OfficeSuite users can open and edit .ods files. The edited document be saved in a Microsoft format. 
  • Numbers. OfficeSuite users can convert unlimited .numbers files to editable spreadsheets in a Microsoft Office format. The edited document be saved in a Microsoft format. 

MobiSystems Office Suite Conclusion

If you have been looking for an all-in-one OfficeSuite for your business or even just for your personal use, then the MobiSystem is definitely worth trying out.

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