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Where Can I Make Money Watching Videos

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There are several places online where you can make money watching videos. You can get paid for watching iRazoo videos, movie trailers, ads, short films, cooking tutorials, and more.

The content on these sites is updated daily, so there is always something new for you to watch. You can also sign up for SlideJoy and CreationsRewards, which both pay you via PayPal.

Some make money watching videos sites will pay as little as $0.005 for every video you watch. However, there is a $10 cash-out threshold, and you must follow their rules to earn money. Some sites will also require that you have a PayPal account. In addition, you must be 13 years old to register and watch videos.

These sites pay people to watch videos and leave comments. Some also have sponsored ads that pay you to view their ads.

Here are some sites that will pay you to watch videos:

Make Money Watching Videos With InboxDollars

Make Money watching videos with Inbox dollars homepage details how to be rewarded for taking surveys, watching videos, playing games

InboxDollars is a site where you can make money watching videos. You must register for free and fill in your email address. Once you have done this, you’ll receive a $5 bonus.

Then, you can watch videos, complete other activities, and earn money. InboxDollars also offers a loyalty program. You can earn up to $15 per day by watching videos.

InboxDollars is a great site for those who want to make money online. It offers many ways to make money, including surveys, online shopping, and completing focus groups.

The website’s dashboard is very user-friendly, and the various opportunities for earning money are easy to find. Your earnings are posted in less than 5 minutes and are tracked.

The money you earn on InboxDollars is processed via PayPal. However, your credits can take up to 7 days to reflect in your account.

InboxDollars also offers a referral program whereby you can earn $1 for every five referrals you refer. To qualify, you must earn a minimum of $7.

InboxDollars has been around for over 20 years and has paid more than $80 million to its members since it began.

The site may seem intimidating initially, but it is a simple, hassle-free way to boost your bank account. Some members report significant amounts of cash from InboxDollars, including Sarah Houston, who has made hundreds of dollars in three years.


This company has been in business for 10+ years. It has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and many good reviews on Trustpilot.

The site offers a wide range of videos to watch in various categories. It also lets you check out the earning potential of a particular video before you begin watching it.

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Make Money Watching Videos With Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a popular website that pays people to watch videos. This site offers many other ways to earn money, such as reviewing movies, watching trailers, or reviewing apps.

It’s a great way to earn extra money from home. However, you must be careful to avoid scammers. While there is no guarantee of earning big, there is no minimum cash-out requirement.

The quality of video content is excellent, and there are multiple ways to earn from Swagbucks. Users can redeem their points for gift cards, PayPal cash, and InboxDollars.

To earn SBs from watching videos, all you have to do is sign up for the program. The platform has a simple registration process and rewards members with plenty of SBs.

In addition, you can set daily goals and earn bonus points when you reach them. To earn more SBs from Swagbucks, you should look into the company’s guide to passive income.

Another way to earn money with Swagbucks is to take surveys. Users may be asked about their brand or favorite makeup and skincare products. Each survey has several points assigned to it, so completing each one is worth a certain number of SBs.

In addition to earning cash back, Swagbucks members can access exclusive deals and discounts. This includes free product samples. In addition, they can earn cash by providing honest feedback on products and services.


how to make money online – the process explained

This Video training has one simple goal… to help yOU understand the process of making money online, and its simpler than you think!

If you have been looking for ways to make money online, You-Cubez may be just what you’re looking for. The company is a marketing and advertising website that offers a variety of paid tasks, including watching videos and completing surveys.


It guarantees that many people will see the ads they post. However, there are several risks associated with this site, including the fact that you can compromise your main email account.

To become a member of You-Cubez, you must register with a valid email address and personal details. Once you have registered, you can start viewing videos and earning money. You can earn from PS8 to PS8000 daily, and the payouts are not very high.

You-Cubez offers multiple earning ways, including watching videos, completing surveys, and advertising businesses. Moreover, the site offers three wallets for withdrawal.

You can use these wallets to withdraw your earnings. You can also get paid in cryptocurrency. If you are serious about making money online, You-Cubez is worth a shot.

Regarding reliability, You-Cubez is a good place to start earning, but there is no guarantee of consistent earnings. The minimum payout is low, and it takes longer to reach the threshold.

The site also has a 5% processing fee. You can join free to try the site first, but if you want to make a living, you should consider upgrading to a paid membership level.

You can get paid for watching videos on various websites. For instance, Nielsen will pay you 50 dollars a year just for installing their app. It will also pay you Quick Points for completing tasks. You can earn $0.01 per completed task.


You can earn cash through FusionCash if you like watching videos online and taking surveys. You can also get paid for referring others.

It is a legitimate GPT site with a high BBB rating. But you must have a credit card to sign up. It may not be worth it if you want to make a little cash back.

You’ll need to sign up for a FusionCash account to earn money. The first step is to confirm your email address. After you do, you’ll see a list of videos you’ve viewed and how much you’ve earned.

Each video is usually between 10 and 15 minutes long. After you watch it, you’ll receive payment via PayPal or Check.

You can earn money by signing up for their newsletter or following them on Twitter. By doing so, you can receive early notification of special offers.

Another option is to take surveys. Some surveys have a high qualification rate, and you’ll get up to two days. You can also take part in product trials. These usually require you to leave the site for a few hours, but you can earn up to $2.00 per hour.

You can also earn money by referring friends to FusionCash. Each referral will earn you $10. But, before earning cash with FusionCash, you need to meet their eligibility requirements.

This platform is open to any resident of the US and Canada. You’ll need to fill out some basic personal information, such as your email address. Then, FusionCash will send you an email with a verification link.

Fusion Cash is also a good choice for those looking for a place to make money by watching videos. You can earn $3 a month by participating in their forums.

The only issue is that you must do at least 30 forum posts per month to earn this amount. You can also get paid by watching videos and taking surveys.

Make Money Watching Videos Conclusion

Some sites pay you to share YouTube videos. While these are not full-time jobs, they are great side gigs that can help you earn extra cash each month.

You can earn through other activities like referral bonuses, raffle entries, and paid competitions. The app is easy to use, and the payout is relatively high.

InboxDollars is a legitimate company that pays its members for taking surveys, watching videos, and clicking on advertisements.

You can also get paid for introducing friends to the site. You can get paid for testing new products. Although InboxDollars isn’t a scam, you might want to consider joining for the bonuses.

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