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What The Heck Is AdHitz? – A Users Review

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AdHitz is a program where advertisers can buy ad space from its network of publishers and then track the results of their ads. They also claim a flat-rate CPC, so you only pay when a person clicks on your ad. The service is flexible in terms of size, too, offering 13 different sizes for text ads and four for images.

There are several benefits of using AdHitz for your advertising needs. For one, you can choose from various publisher types, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other sites with high traffic volumes.

AdHitz also provides detailed stats about your ads’ performance. You can purchase space in several sizes, from text ads to images.

AdHitz provides a simple way to purchase advertising online. Advertisers pay AdHitz based on the CPC rate displayed on their ads, and publishers earn 70% of those rates.

As an AdHitz publisher, you can place text and banner ads and earn extra money for your websites. Note that AdHitz does not allow pirated movies or illegal downloads, but it accepts other types of content. Moreover, you can sell ad space on forums, blogs, or social media.

What is AdHitz?

AdHitz homepage in a lime green color.

AdHitz is a leading online advertising platform that guarantees fast delivery of adverts to publishers and advertisers. Their round-the-clock customer support will answer any questions you may have in less than one hour.

AdHitz shows over 30 million adverts a day across 20,000 publisher websites. Their cost-per-click (CPC) system allows advertisers to get more clicks for the same dollar spent. AdHitz is a great choice for advertisers looking to maximize their advertising budgets.

The program has many benefits for both the publisher and the advertiser. It makes purchasing web-based advertising easy and offers publishers and advertisers better control over their advertising campaigns.

AdHitz is a subsidiary of ClixSense Inc., a built-up PTC that has been operating since 2007. Users can purchase advertisements for specific destinations and Network advertisements to display on forums. Network ads appear when no distributors have purchased ads.

If you’re looking for a complete analysis of AdHitz usage across top-level domains, you can view AdHitz’s usage statistics by country and subdomain.

AdHitz is particularly popular in certain markets and is often the most popular competing technology in each market.

The report also shows the combined usage of two web technologies. It ranks AdHitz among the top advertising networks, with a percentage of the top-level domains, among other factors.

Once you sign up, you can also access their Publishers’ login area, where you can set up your web page so visitors can view your ads.


AdHitz claims to have a flat rate CPC (cost per click), so you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. This enables you to monitor your promotion battles and determine where your ads perform best.

This service is very similar to AdSense, where you paste a code onto your website or blog. AdHitz ads are relevant to the content of your website and are sponsored, which means the company has paid for the exposure.

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How Does AdHitz Work?

You might be wondering how AdHitz works. It enables advertisers to buy ad space on publisher websites. It then serves ads to a network of publishers and provides stats on their performance.

AdHitz claims to have a low CPC (cost per click) that advertisers only pay when their ads are clicked. It offers a flat rate CPC, which allows you to get more clicks for your money.

Unlike other ad networks, AdHitz allows you to choose the countries where your ads appear. You’ll still receive payments for clicks from outside your chosen country, but you’ll only see ads that are relevant to your website’s audience.

As an advertiser, you’ll have to ensure your ads look professional. Then, you can blend the ads into the background.

When registering with AdHitz, you’ll be asked to enter your website’s name and a brief description. Advertisers will use the description you provide to target their ads.

You can also select which types of ads you’d like to display on your website. Once your ads have been accepted, they’ll appear on your website in 10-20 minutes. And if you want to customize the look and feel of your ads, you can do so with AdHitz.

AdHitz is one of the top ad networks. It is an excellent way for webmasters and bloggers to earn money from the advertisements they display on their pages.

Similar to AdSense, the platform works by letting you paste the code to your website or blog. You’ll then see ads based on your site’s content and paid for by advertisers. You’ll benefit from the advertisements without spending money on AdHitz.

Once you’ve signed up, you must submit your website and choose a category. Most publishers opt to show text ads, so choose the appropriate category for your website.

You can also customize the keywords that appear on your ads. Once you’ve finished setting up your site, you’re ready to start earning money.

This service lets you place your ads on other websites, and it pays out once a month. AdHitz uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver your adverts to thousands of websites in less than a minute.

With over 30 million ads shown daily across over 20,000 publisher sites, you can be sure your adverts will get the highest possible clicks for the lowest cost.

After registering, you can search for a suitable website to post your ads. Once you have found a website you like, you can begin posting your ads immediately.

AdHitz offers different ad formats and lets you choose your budget and manually select the websites you want to display your ads. In addition, you can choose how many ads you want to display, including text and video.

AdHitz Features

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If you’re looking for an online advertising network with high-quality ads, AdHitz might be the place for you. This network lets you purchase ad space on other sites and get stats to track the effectiveness of your ads.

You can also opt for a flat-rate CPC that allows you to pay only when a visitor clicks on your advertisement. AdHitz has several sizes and formats for text ads and four for images.

Another great feature of AdHitz is its ability to blend in ads with your website’s background. Having a professional design on your website is crucial to avoid looking spammy.

By blending your ads with the background, your website won’t look spammy and will still be relevant to your target audience. This way, you can easily track your promotion battles and adjust your ads to fit in with the rest of the page.

With AdHitz, you’ll no longer have to worry about technical matters like ad serving. This software enables you to integrate your ads into your website to make them look like they were part of the design.

If your website is professionally designed, this feature will help you avoid the annoying spam look while keeping your ads relevant to your visitors.

And you can track your promotion battles with ease. You can see how much money you’ve lost because of your ads!

This web advertising service makes buying web-based advertisements easy. AdHitz lets you purchase ads for your destination and Network advertisements, which will show up when no distributors buy them.

The system also allows you to control which sites you advertise on. AdHitz has made it easy for website owners to make money online.

Can You Make Money With AdHitz?

If you have a website, AdHitz can help you monetize it by displaying millions of codes on your site. These codes will help you monetize your website and get traffic.

After registering with AdHitz, you can start posting ads as soon as possible. You can post your ads anywhere, from your blog to your website. The more you post, the more money you will make.

This service is particularly useful for website owners and bloggers because it allows you to post ads on your website for other companies to display.

AdHitz boasts over 15 million advertisers, so you can find plenty of ads on websites with decent traffic. Plus, you’ll earn a flat rate CPC, meaning you’ll only pay when people click your ad.

Moreover, AdHitz is known for its high level of customer support, and most support requests are answered in an hour. It boasts of ad-proof technology, which ensures your adverts are displayed on high-quality websites.

To start making money with AdHitz, all you need to do is register with the website. Then, you can copy the HTML script and paste it onto your website.

Ads are placed in various zones, including blogs and websites. Ads are displayed on websites based on the content of the website.

As long as your content matches the ads, you’ll get money. However, the amount of revenue you earn will depend on your website’s visitors.

As an AdHitz advertiser, you will receive statistics on your ads’ performance, and the company claims that it offers a flat CPC – pay only for clicks. This is great for advertisers because it means that you’re only paying for the ad clicks you make. You can choose between 13 different sizes of text ads and 4 image ads.

AdHitz works with AdSense and other affiliate programs. You paste the affiliate code on your website or blog, and you’re done! The more traffic you get, the more money you’ll earn.

The advertisements will display on your website based on the content. AdHitz is a paid service, which means that the company that pays you to place ads on your site will benefit from the exposure.

With AdHitz, you can post ads on your website as long as it has a high traffic volume. The program enables website distributors of all sizes to submit unlimited sites.

AdHitz is the most popular advertisement organization and gives its publishers a 100% profit share. You can use AdHitz to place ads on your website and make money from your site and from advertising on other sites.

AdHitz Requirements

AdHitz Requirements are the same as those of other affiliate programs. They require quality presentation and original content on your website.

But, unlike AdSense, you can earn with AdHitz only if your site offers an incentive to click on the ads.

Once you’ve got all the details, you can apply for AdHitz. The process of registration is simple. Once you’re accepted, you’ll need to submit your website details and wait for 48 hours.

Once approved, you can access the publisher’s login area and set up your web page for the adverts. You can contact AdHitz support if you’re having trouble figuring out how to create and optimize an attractive ad for your website.

After approval, you can start purchasing ads from a network of publishers. You’ll get statistics about your ads’ performance and promotion battles.

The AdHitz network contains over 20,000 publisher websites and claims to offer a flat CPC, which means you’ll only pay for click-throughs rather than per click. Depending on your needs, you can buy text ads, images, or video ads.

The network lets you buy ad space on PTC sites and offers stats on the performance of your adverts.

AdHitz also claims to have a flat CPC, so you only pay when someone clicks on your advert. It offers 13 different sizes for text ads and four for images.

The AdHitz requirements are similar to other affiliate programs. You should have original content on your site and a good presentation.

Unlike the AdSense network, the AdHitz program does not penalize websites with high click motivation. For newbies and low-budget bloggers, AdHitz is an ideal training ground.

However, you should remember that the company has the right to cancel your account if you click on your ads.

To maximize your earnings from your website, AdHitz offers a cost-per-click program. It charges you per click, and you can view your CPC rates in your account.

The AdHitz system only counts real clicks; you can ban fake clickers for life. The cost per click for the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Denmark, and Worldwide traffic is 0.06$.

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Should You Join AdHitz?


AdHitz is an advertisement network that has partnered with PTC sites to provide web content with advertisements. The service is free to join and the ads displayed are similar to the ones seen on AdSense.

Ads are sponsored, and the advertisers pay for the exposure they get on your site. So, if your website gets a lot of traffic, you can be assured that you’ll make money with AdHitz.

AdHitz allows you to promote millions of codes to advertise on your website or blog. To join, you must first register with the service, which is free.

After that, you can monetize your site and create traffic using the AdHitz code. The service has millions of potential customers who visit websites every day.

AdHitz provides custom rates, bulk discounts, and flat rates for publishers. However, if you’re unsure about the service’s quality, you can try other options.

How Much Money Does AdHitz Pay its Publishers?

It depends on the ad stream and traffic type. For instance, site-specific ads pay their rates, while network and filler ads pay $0.06 to $0.18 per valid click.

AdHitz keeps 30% of all revenue and pays publishers via PayPal or Payza monthly. You can set your payment preferences by clicking the settings button on the account page.

When Does AdHitz Pay Publishers?

Payments are made monthly through PayPal or AlertPay. The company has an excellent customer support system, with most inquiries answered within an hour. Publishers can access complete stats and graphs, showing how well their adverts perform.

AdHitz employs in-house anti-fraud mechanisms to minimize click fraud. However, some publishers complain that AdHitz does not pay on time.

If you’re an AdHitz publisher, check the CPC rates for your country and worldwide traffic. AdHitz only counts real clicks, so beware of fraudulent clickers.

If your ads are showing up on websites containing adult content, AdHitz will not pay you. AdHitz will ban you if your visitors click on deceptive ads with fake information. Additionally, publishers cannot place more than four ad units on their pages.

It depends on the ad stream and traffic type. For instance, site-specific ads pay their rates, while network and filler ads pay $0.06 to $0.18 per valid click.

AdHitz keeps 30% of all revenue and pays publishers via PayPal or Payza monthly. You can set your payment preferences by clicking the settings button on the account page.

Should You Join AdHitz?

If you are looking for a website monetization program, you should join AdHitz. AdHitz is a free website marketing service that allows you to post ads on various websites.

To become an AdHitz publisher, you only need to sign up for a free account. After submitting the necessary information, you will be granted access to the Publishers’ login area, where you can post your ads.

Once you’ve added your website URL to the website, you can then post ad codes everywhere on the internet.

AdHitz is especially useful for bloggers and webmasters because it allows them to buy web-based advertisements from a network of publishers. They provide stats on the performance of their advertisements.

Also, AdHitz claims to have a flat CPC, meaning that you pay only when a visitor clicks on your advertisement. AdHitz allows advertisers to choose between text ads and images. You can choose whichever format is most appropriate for your website.


This network allows you to place ads on your website for a percentage of the click revenue. While some advertising networks may charge a set amount per impression, AdHitz only charges you when someone clicks on one of your ads. Despite this, its payment system is flexible, and users can use PayPal, credit cards, or direct bank transfers.

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The AdHitz platform lets advertisers buy ad space on various websites through a network of publishers. Publishers can then receive real-time stats on how well their ads are performing.

Advertisers can choose between text and banner ads and can also select a CPM (cost per click) that suits their budgets. AdHitz offers 13 different sizes for text ads and four for images.

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