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What is the Best Online Business to Start in 2022?

Mark Apletree

What Is The Best Online Business To Start
90 / 100

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a crystal ball that could tell you What is the Best Online Business to Start in 2022?

Good News, You have me!

I have started a few online businesses over the time and in this article today I am going to let you in on what I rate as my choice of the best online business to start in 2022.

Some of the things that bought me to this choice are:

  • What is the Best Online Business to Start in 2022?
  • What is the Cost?
  • Training and ongoing support provided.
  • Technical experience needed.
  • Money Making Opportunities.
  • Where this business can work.
  • ROI – Return of Investment – How Much Can I Make?
  • Is it really FREE?

What is the Best Online Business to Start in 2022?

Owning and operating your own online business definitely has a lot of appeal, but it definitely comes with a lot of challenges!

After 10+ years in this space I should know!

To be honest, starting a new business anywhere is hard work… Forget about all that bulls&%t saying you can “Make Money While You Sleep” or Earn 10K a day With My Easy Method. The truth is they dont exist!

Well, they may exist but the people spruiking these wild claims have been working on, and investing time and MONEY for a long time before those claims were a reality!

While so many people still think that the internet is a place to get rich quick, basic business fundamentals still apply.

So many people have quit their 9-5 jobs (Me Included) and taken that leap of faith into the entrepenurial world.

And with the right training, online business ideas, the right niche, and lots of sweat equity you can too!

What's the Best Online Business to Start in 2022?

Now, in my humble and HONEST opinion, and from experience the best online business to start in 2022 would most definitely be Affiliate Marketing.

So, What is Affiliate Marketing? And how can you get started?

Basically, Affiliate Marketing is when you recommend a product or a service through a blog, social media, YouTube, your website or any other channels you may be part of.

Everytime someone converts through your unique link or code you make money! It really is that simple.

With that in mind I highly recommend the Wealthy Affiliate business model as the best online business model to start in 2022.

Why is that you ask?

The following 7 points are what bought me to this decision and I will explain each one as we go along;

  • Cost
  • Training and Support (So important to Success)
  • Technical Experience (Absolutely NONE needed with the Wealthy Affiliate model)
  • Can I Make Money (Most Definitely)
  • Where this Works
  • Best Keyword Research Tool for the Price
  • Success Stories with Wealthy Affiliate.

OK, without further fluffing about lets dive right in and get started on the best online business to start in 2022 and why that is.

We have established, that from my experience and knowledge that I recommend Wealthy Affiliate as the best online business for you to start this year, however I have talked nothing about one of the most important things to think about when starting up… And thats the cost!

What if I were to tell you that to get started it would cost you absolutely nothing, and included in that free start up we gave you the following;

  • 10 Free Training Videos and lessons to get you started.
  • 1 Free Website
  • Free Hosting
  • 7 days access to our wealth of knowledge live chat feature right inside of the WA dashboard.
  • The option to upgrade your FREE starter membership at anytime (NO RUSH)
  • FREE use of the best keyword research tool in Jaaxy

OK, so that gets you started on your way to a successul online business, however anyone who has ever built or scaled a successful business both online or bricks and mortar will tell you, that to create success you will eventually have to invest some money.

Below are a few price comparisons of the top 4 Affiliate Training programs in 2022 all of which I am or have been involved with.

What does it Cost to Join the Best Online Business in 2022?

How Much does it Cost to Build an Online Business with Wealthy Affiliate?

As i said before, building the online business part is free with Wealthy Affiliate, however the growing part will take some time and some investment if you want to be successful.

You can read how I did it by clicking my picture below, and no it wasnt an easy journey!

In fact I fell for multiple scams and Get Rich Quick schemes along the way until I finally found Wealthy Affiliate.

Are you ready to start earning a passive income online
Remember… Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day!

There are 3 different pricing models with Wealthy Affiliate and each one brings a little more to make sure you build the best online business in your specified niche.

  1. Starter – For Newbies To Get Started Fast! Cost is $0/Month
  2. Premium  For Those Who Are READY For Success! $49/Month
  3. Premium Plus – For Those Who Have Tasted Success and Want More! $99/Month
See whats included banner white writing on black and red background

The Best Online Business Should Have the Best Training and Support.

Lets start with the training, as the quality and the outdated content seems to be a hot topic of discussion on the internet at the moment, none more so than Niall Doherty’s Wealthy Affiliate review.

If you have 15 minutes to spare I have dropped his video below, and while he is right about some of the training is outdated, what he fails to mention is that there are literally 100’s of up to date tutorials covering everything you need to know in 2022.

But Niall wouldn’t know this because the video he has done on Wealthy Affiliate is also OUTDATED!

While this video is called Wealthy Affiliate Review: 7 Big Problems (2021) he actually made this video and its content back in early 2019, and a lot has changed since then.

OK, enough about Niall and his eBiz shenanigan’s, lets take a look at the value the Wealthy Affiliate training and support provides.

What’s in The Free Training?

The first phase of the Wealthy Affiliate training is the Online Entrepreneur Certification which comprises of 5 courses and 50 lessons all with video explanations and demonstrations.

They have been made specifically for those new to Affiliate marketing with very little to no experience.

This FREE series will walk you through the entire process of creating and growing your business in ANY niche you want.

Below are the 5 levels of training you will get:


Level 1: Getting started is just that, it will give you a brief introduction on how you will be creating success and walk you through the steps in the process of getting started.

It will answer all of the questions all newcomers have when starting an online business and about earning money through the internet.

It will also show you how one of the Co-Founders, Kyle did it.


Level 2: Building your own website is where the fun really begins, and the reality of actually making money starts.

In this phase of the training you are going to start to put some color and life into your FREE website.

You had a blank canvas in level 1, well in level two you now have paint and a domain.


Level 3: When I started this training I must admit this was the 1 lesson that really excited me.

Who doesn’t want to earn money and in this part of the training you will be learning the many different ways in which you can earn serious $$$ through free traffic (visitors) and your website.

The main focus of this training is taking a visitor (click) and making them turn into revenue for you.


Level 4: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter nd very other social media channel you can think of is covered in this part of the training.

You will learn what the best practices are and how to utilize them in the best way possible for your business.

And the best part of this training is that it will show you how to leverage your advertising on social media without spending any money.


Level 5: A website may look great with its painted canvas, however without content its just that, a painting.

In this training you will be learning to write the ultimate long term content.

In other words content that stay on page 1 of the search engines for a long time to come.

Here you will build out content in such a way that it will continue to push up your rankings which will equal more visitors (clicks) which will mean more money to you.

What About Online Business Support?

Within Wealthy Affiliate you get access to an awesome Site Support team within the WA dashboard.

Site Support
The Site Support Dashboard at Wealthy Affiliate.

Here you can ask a question, or report a problem regarding the WA platform or your website.

This quick 5 minute video shows you just how easy it is to get any questions answered or technical help provided FAST!

The Best Online Business to make Money

Have you tried other things before?

Are you happy with your current financial situation?

Would you like to find something you really enjoy (And make money doing it)?

Well, here are some Wealthy Affiliate success stories below.

You can click on any of the stories to learn more on how they did it.


Brok posted this success story back in 2018, so it would be fair to say he is probably doing 20 – 30K per month in 2022.

Not bad for a platform with out of date training… Sorry I couldn’t help myself Niall.

Back in 2020, Eartha had a $700 day all from what she has learned here at Wealthy Affiliate. I know first hand she is doing more than double that now!

Eddy is one of the real successes from the Wealthy Affiliate training.

Eddy has been in the money making industry as he puts it since the early 90’s but was never able to make a fulltime living from it until about 2008.

He says, he learned it all by following what Wealthy Affiliate TEACHES and then taking action.


Back in 2019 Jesse made 14K in just under 3 months.

Fast forward to 2022 and he is earning over 15K per month by my math.


A 5 Figure January, imagine what the rest of the year will be like for Mark?

T had been with Wealthy Affiliate for 3 months when he got this contract through his website.

By using what he had learned at Wealthy Affiliate he was able to land this client on an 8 month contract.
150 K for 8months work… YES PLEASE!

Follow the training and who knows you could be joining success stories like these and the 1000’s of others who have built the best online business through Wealthy Affiliate.

Yes I Want To Build an Online Business Today

Where does this Work?

The short answer to this is anywhere in the world as long as you have a laptop.

Do you hate your current job?

Hate being stuck in traffic?

Do alarm clocks drive you crazy?

Imagine being able to work anywhere in the world whenever you feel like it.

Before the world changed and Covid put a stop to vacations, I loved nothing more than travelling and the greatest part about an online business is that even while you are holidaying, you are still making money!

You could be in the middle of a desert somewhere and your business is still bringing you in an income.

where does this work 1

Once you have the training nailed and the fundamentals set, you can watch your business grow from anywhere in the world you want to be.

Now to me that’s living, wouldn’t you agree?

Jaaxy – The Best Keyword Research Tool

Jaaxy is a keyword tool and research platform that was developed by Affiliate Marketers for Affiliate Marketers.

As you learn more about building the best online business you will soon understand that finding the right keywords is KEY to ranking on the search engines and in turn getting more visitors (clicks) so as you earn money.

I wont get into to much detail on keyword research as I have written an article on this which you can read here.

You should also check this out – 12 Best Keyword Research Tools for Improving your SEO in 2022. I explain in detail the research tools I use for my online businesses.

Whatever niche (Category) you choose keyword research is the backbone of your business.

What makes keyword research easier is if you have the right set of tools and Jaaxy has all the tools you will need.

Rather than trying to explain all the benefits of Jaaxy and how easy it is to use, watch the video below, where I walk you through the Jaaxy platform and showcase exactly the type of power it has when doing keyword research.

Research and keywords are the 2 biggest aspects of success in Affiliate Marketing, and if you don’t have the right tool, then forget about success and the money that comes with that.

Is Affiliate Marketing the right Business for Me?

Do you hate your current job?

Would you love to relax and live a stress free life?

Do you want to be able to travel to places you have never been to before?

Have you tried other online business ideas before with no success?

Are you looking to find that perfect “Work Life Balance”? If you are I have put together 10 Amazing Tips to achieve this.

If you answered YES to just one of the above then Affiliate Marketing could be just the business you have been looking for.

By no means is this business easy, or a “Get Rich Quick Scheme” but if you put in the effort and a little sweat equity it is possible to make a living online.

There are 3 things that have made me successful with Affiliate marketing, and while these arent something that you must have, it will make it easier.

  1. Find something you are passionate about or interested in.
  2. You will be doing a lot of content creation to fill that canvas we are now calling a website… So you will need to enjoy writing blogs.
  3. Be a marathon runner, not a sprinter. Building your business will take time and some investment from you.

What is the Best Online Business to Start in 2022? My Conclusion.

Chances are if you have always wanted to find a business where you could work from home then I know you have already been searching online.

You would have come across some great sales people telling you how they earned $200,000 last month, or they are offering their training through a video inside of their mansion, surrounded by Ferraris and Maseratis, telling you that this is what you get if you follow their $1000 dollar training.

I want to tell you right now, that’s not who I am or how my parents raised me.

What I will ask you to do if you have gotten this far, is think about everything I have told you here and make your mind up on how you feel.

Chances are if you feel Wealthy Affiliate is the right fit for you and teaming up with the Retired Affiliates feels right then why not give it a try.

f49f2960b878b9e47894023603d7ec2b cropped

In all honesty, I want you to start off with the free membership, this way I won’t feel like that car yard I mentioned before.

Starting off for free will give you a chance to see what the WA platform has to offer, and again I will be helping you every step of the way.

I really hope to see you inside and help you get your business up and making you money.

If after all this you are still not sure or have any question about Wealthy Affiliate or internet marketing in general leave them in the comments section below and myself or one of the team will be happy to answer them for you.

Again I really am looking forward to help you become the work from home business owner you have always dreamed of being, but just wasn’t sure where to start.


CEO and Founder of The Retired Affiliates.


20 thoughts on “What is the Best Online Business to Start in 2022?”

  1. I agree that affiliate marketing is the best business model to start in 2022 and beyond. Especially in these uncertain times where almost everything is done online. Plus, no need to create your own product, all we do is promote and get paid. I mean, that’s awesome.

    I have read some of Niall’s articles. I remember back in the days, before joining Wealthy Affiliate, I read the wA review by Niall. He used bad language to talk about WA and the founder Kyle. That’s when I knew I shouldn’t trust him(Niall). If you have to review someone’s product, there is no reason to insult the person unless you have something against that person, meaning it’s personal. So, I didn’t trust his review and still decided to join Wealthy Affiliate.

    That was an awesome decision for me because today I make money with what WA taught me and keeps teaching me every day.

    1. Hi Warren,

      I totally agree with the business model regarding Affiliate Marketing, I mean you are running a successful business without all the worries of stocking inventory, getting tied down with customer service, and dealing with huge shipping times if you happen to be into Drop Shipping etc.

      Yeah Niall really does have sour grapes about Wealthy Affiliate and Kyle, and I think he is way out of line with some of the stuff he has said.

      I am glad you didn’t listen to his shady review on Wealthy Affiliate and even more so that you are making money at WA.


  2. It’s not even the end of January 2022 and already the year is off to a wild start! Markets have been skittish with a lot of bad days of trading that sent the markets downward. It’s nice to have entrepreneurial options that are online to hedge against unexpected things that could happen with layoffs, pandemic surges, and other surprises. Thanks for sharing affiliate marketing as an option – seems like a good time to try it out!

    1. Hi Aly,

      I totally agree.

      As someone who also dabbles in the stock market and the crypto space I have found Affiliate marketing in our current pandemic times to have really strengthened my protfolio.


  3. Hey thanks for this post! It is super useful and an excellent guide for those who are just starting in the online business world!

    I agree with what you have to say about wealthy affiliate, it’s a great program for newbies and pros alike! I’m so thankful I can across this platform before I could get stuck into any scams! People who boast about how you can earn a large amount of money in a short period of time without much input are just a scam! Like you said they probably have been working on it for a while to get to that stage! 

  4. I agree!  Anyone wanting to work from home and earn a living should give affiliate marketing a try.  Pick something you are passionate about as your niche (have to have) and then it is more enjoyable and feels less like a job.  I enjoy working on my site, and pretty much work on it full time.  It is not something you have to do, just something I chose to do…being a bit of an overachiever.

  5. Hi. I’m part of the Wealthy Affiliate community. If there’s any affiliate platform that’s great for beginners, Wealthy Affiliate is one of them. It’s affordable, there’s a vast array of tools, the community is friendly and helpful, the tutorials provide much insight, and so much more. I learn something new all the time. 

    In reality, there’s no such thing as a perfect platform. What’s important is choosing the ones that are best for you. Building a business takes discipline, hard work, and determination. Keeping all of those things in mind will help you on the way to success. I’m glad I found WA and I’m staying with it.

    1. HI Tyre,

      I couldn’t have said it better myself.

      Building any type of business, whether online or bricks and mortar takes time and investment, something which WA prepares you for.

      The community, tutorials, and training is some of the best available.


  6. Hi Mark, Thanks for your honest assessment of ways to make income online. There are many opportunities in the Wealthy Affiliate organization. Following the training course alone, is a bit outdated as you say. But the internet itself is rapidly changing every day.
    If you are internet savvy and willing to work hard and ask questions within the community, you can have good success.


    1. Hi Carolyn,

      I totally agree. While some of the training is outdated, the Wealthy Affiliate model isn’t!

      Along with the always fresh tutorials and the internet it really is a place that offers great support, and with some hard work and dedication, success will come.


  7. I have been reading a lot about starting a business online. But I feel it has all stayed in reading and I have not taken action. I am determined to change this and would like to get started today! Thank you for encouraging me to join Wealthy Affiliate. And the fact that we can test it out for free has made me make up my mind.

  8. Thank you for the detailed review of the wealthy affiliate program.

     It sounds as if they have included everything you could possibly need to have a successful online business. 

    Wow, 10 years in the Internet marketing business eh?! How long did it take you until you finally found wealthy affiliate? 

    I really like that Jaaxy is included with membership. I have had some experience with Jaaxy in the past and I know it is One of the best tools around. 

     One more quick question for you. I am thinking about embarking on an e-commerce business journey. I have heard that 1 of the negative things about wealthy affiliate is that their hosting is outdated.especially for e-commerce type websites. 

    Do you know if this is true? If so, is there another hosting platform you would recommend for an ecommerce website? Thanks for your help

    1. Hi Ashley,

      I am glad you liked my review.

      I found Wealthy Affiliate about 18 months ago and have been pretty happy with what they offer, and like you was impressed that Jaaxy was included with the membership, I mean we all need a keyword search tool, and for what it costs I think Jaaxy does a good job.

      Regarding your question about hosting for E-commerce, I have had an E-commerce business for a while now and have used HostGator for this and am really happy with it.

      While WA is awesome for hosting blog style sites it definitely isn’t for E-commerce!

      I have given you a link to check out Hostgator and you will find that their pricing is really good compared to other platforms and as I said, for E-commerce they are spot on.

      You can have a look for yourself here

      Let me know if you need anything else.


  9. Always think that affiliate marketing is one of, if not the best business to start online. So is online teaching but for that you will need a degree and so on. I will be sure to share this article with friends and family, especially ones who are looking for ways to make money online 

  10. Affiliate marketing is the top recommended way to start a business as it can easily be applied to a blog and some do affiliate marketing without owning their blog and just sharing links on social media. I say why not start a blog with the recommended program of Wealthy Affiliate and have a website up for a year or two depending on how long purchase the domain for. When we share just affiliate links on social media our links can get lost. 

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