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What is the 12-Minute Affiliate System About? Be Warned!

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12 Minute Affiliate
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The 12-Minute Affiliate System is an affiliate marketing program that is supposed to work on easy to follow steps to help total beginners make money without necessarily having to create a website, YouTube channel or any other type of social media platform.

Put in simple terms the 12-Minute Affiliate System is designed to make the idea of earning commissions through affiliate marketing simple.

Well that’s what Devon Brown, author and promoter of the 12-Minute Affiliate System would like you to believe!

If you have landed here today then I am guessing you are serious about starting your own work from home business, right?

I am also guessing that you have been scouring the internet and more than likely seen the 12-Minute Affiliate system being advertised and thinking could this be the game changer I have been looking for!

Most people we speak to believe it is really hard to make money online, and always tell me if it was that easy then surely everyone would be doing it.

The first thing you will see when checking out The 12-Minute Affiliate program is that it promises to help make you $450 a day while you sleep, and get this all set-up in just 12 minutes.

We trialed this program and in this honest 12-Minute Affiliate review along with some well scripted 12-Minute sales videos I will expose the truth about this program so as you can make a well-informed decision on whether this is right for you.

Did Talking Heads See Something Others Haven’t?

Could the song, Road to Nowhere have been written for Devon, and the 12 Minute Affiliate System?

12-Minute Affiliate Review – Facts and Ranking

  • Product Name: 12-Minute Affiliate
  • Author and Promoter: Devon Brown and David Sloane
  • Website:
  • Training: 2 out of 10
  • Cost: USD $9.95 for a 14-day trial and then anywhere between USD $47 and USD $97 per month
  • The Retired Affiliates Ranking: 3 out of 10

12-Minute Affiliate Pros and Cons


  • No website or hosting plan required as they are included in the package.
  • 60 Day money back guarantee.
  • Great introduction to email marketing
  • Easy set-up process – Done for you in 12 minutes.


  • The Gold Membership is very expensive.
  • It only has 3 niches to work on.
  • Unknown traffic source.
  • It is only based on Clickbank products
  • A done for you system mean that you really don’t own that business.
  • Many hidden costs above what you are first led to believe.
  • Many up sells to make this work for you.
  • Almost NO training – This program will not train you on how to build a business from scratch.
What Is The 12-Minute Affiliate System

What Can the 12-Minute Affiliate Do for Me?

Without getting to technical it will set you up with an automated sales funnel which will help you to earn affiliate sales commissions through Clickbank.


Everything is set up for you including affiliate products in the 3 niches available which are weight loss, personal development and home business.

They will also set-up and provide your landing pages and email swipe copies.

Below I have outlined the basic concept of how this business model works:

  • Potential customers visit your landing page. (All done for you)
  • If they like what they see they will sign up to your email list (Done for you through Aweber autoresponder)
  • You then send them a list of set up emails called email broadcasting. (Again done for you)
  • They buy the product through your link.
  • You get paid.

Why is this System called The 12-Minute Affiliate?

If you watch some of their so called promotional videos they say that the system can be set up in 12 minutes and you can start earning money in your sleep.

If you are thinking that this sounds too good to be true, then you are right!! It most definitely is.

But I do ask you to stay with me until the end of this review until you make your final decision.

Will You Make Money in 12 Minutes?

From my experience with this program, probably not, and I am not saying that because I think the system is bad.

Unfortunately the products that Devon Brown will have you promote are “High Ticket” and that means they are quite expensive.

I have made some money with the 12-Minute Affiliate but it definitely took a lot longer than 12 minutes and if I took into account what we spent, then we would at best be break even.

If you are looking for the elusive “Get Rich Quick” program (They really don’t exist) and fix all your financial problems in 12 minutes then you really do have the wrong mindset when it comes to starting a work from home business.

Making money takes a lot of hard work, not only online but also in the real world.

At the Retired Affiliates we have many students come to us looking for that instant monetary success, and we always tell them that it dosent matter what course you buy you will need to invest time and plenty of it.

What’s Inside the 12-Minute Affiliate?

Rather than me waffle on about this, it would be easier to check this out on YouTube.

I always use YouTube before buying any products online, unless we have been asked to trial a product.

People are always willing to share what they have found and help you to understand exactly what it is you are purchasing.

We found this video by the School of Nomads, and while it is a fairly lengthy video, you can listen from the 20-minute mark to get a real idea of what you get inside of the 12-Minute Affiliate…

If you watched the entire video you will see that you get some useful things from Devon and the 12-Minute Affiliate.

Let’s take a quick look at what’s included shall we?

12-Minute Affiliate Training

Once you sign up for the 12-Minute Affiliate program their will be 5 main areas inside

1. Quickstart Guide

Below is a screenshot of the quick start area and this is where you will find out how to do everything to get you set up:

12 Minute Affiliate Quickstart Guide

2. The Traffic Area

You will need to buy traffic (Something they don’t tell you when initially getting you to sign up) and the traffic area is where you will do this.

There is zero training on how to start getting your own traffic from sources that are free (Social Media) or even for paid traffic like Facebook and Google ads.

3. Aweber Autoresponder

This is where you can manage your autoresponder and funnel that is given to you by The 12-Minute Affiliate.

You can check out a quick 2-minute video here on what you will see in your autoresponder once you have your quick start guide completed.

4. Your Resources

There are some additional bonuses you get and I have listed a few of those below:

  • Live training and replays.
  • Ready made swipe emails.
  • A list of affiliate products for you to promote.

5. Facebook Group Private Access

You will get access to the 12MA “Private Facebook Group” where you can ask questions and get support and most of the admins are very helpful, however I also noticed that they don’t like giving away too much information on what they are doing.

So, right now you are probably thinking 12 minutes work for $450 a day sounds pretty darn good right!!

Man with purple shirt and sunglasses on top of head in an advertising banner

Is 12-Minute Affiliate a Scam?

First up I want to tell you I am in no way associated with 12-Minute Affiliate program anymore. I am now a successful online entrepreneur who started The Retired Affiliates to make sure that you avoid all the scummy get-rich-quick scams out their and find real honest programs that work!

So, getting back to the original question, Is 12-Minute Affiliate a Scam?, my short answer would be YES it is!

However a short answer wouldn’t be fair to 12 Minute Affiliate or this review so I will give you my reasoning below…

From my experience as an online entrepreneur I have found the two main “Red Flags” for a course to be considered a scam are:

  1. They show you all the sales hype, then take your money and run, never to be seen or heard of again (And their are lots of them online that you need to be aware of)
  2. Give you some information in the sales pitch, and then under deliver or don’t live up to their promises.

What you will find on the initial sales page is a bunch of 12-Minute Affiliate members (I really don’t know if they really are members) telling you that you can start making upwards of $450 per day from 12 minutes of work, IN YOUR SLEEP!

OK, you may very well be able to make $450 a day from 12 minutes of work while you sleep… But what we found out at The Retired Affiliates is that Devon Brown never said that $450 was profit!

What we found when using this program was that we would be spending roughly $850 per day for a return of $450.

Is this something you would be willing to spend?

My guess is no!

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What You Should Know About The 12-Minute Affiliate Program

So far everything I have said sounds pretty promising, however if we dig a little deeper their are some things I need you to be aware of before spending your money.

If you take a close look at their sales page their is a disclaimer at the bottom that says they are not guaranteeing that you will earn with their product.

They say that your earning potential is only what you put in, however they also state on their sales videos that once you set this up (In 12 minutes) that you will be earning money while you sleep.

The 12 Minute Thing

This is the one part that really annoys me and is so far from the truth that they are promoting a product that can apparently be set up in 12 minutes.

From experience, it took us a lot longer to set up so I would think it would be even longer for someone new to all this, so I am definitely not a fan of the 12-minute sales pitch.

AWeber Email Autoesponder

So you are going to need an email autoresponder to run this program, and they have definitely recommended a good one in AWeber.

You will need this so as you can send out promotional email to your subscribers(potential customers) and this is not included in the 12-Minute Affiliate package, so you will need to fork out the cash for this separately.

Aweber will charge you USD$19 per month for your first 500 subscribers.

AWeber has a 30-day free trial which you can use alongside your 14-day free trial period with 12-Minute Affiliate.

After the 30-day free trial period is over you will be charged USD$30 per month.

12-Minute Affiliate Paid Traffic

This is something they fail to mention in all their sales pitches, and will cost you a fair chunk to start building your subscriber list.

As I mentioned earlier, when we trialed this program we were averaging about USD$1000 per month for traffic to see a return of about USD$500 (And that’s not profit)

Another thing we didn’t like about the paid traffic through the program was that we didn’t know where our traffic was coming from, you are just buying your traffic through Devon’s 12-Minute Affiliate program.

Bombarded with Upsells!

You can expect to get a ton of these from Devon in regard to the two types of membership:

  1. Basic Membership – This is what you will receive when you first sign up with them once your Free Trial expires. This will cost you USD$47 per month or a one time fee of USD$397.
  2. Gold Membership – This will set you back USD$97 per month or a one time fee of USD$797. The difference between the two packages is your choice of niches that you can use for your online business. Remember the 3 Niches I mentioned earlier? With the basic you get a choice of 1 and with Gold all 3.

The Trial Period

Devon Brown will let you trial this system at USD$9.95 for 14-days.

They state that if you don’t like the system you can cancel at anytime and if you like the system you can keep it for “Less Than a Cup of Coffee a Day” from Devon Brown himself.

But remember they aren’t giving you this system at that price forever… After 14-days, you will be paying USD$47 per month to keep on using it.

My Honest Opinion – 12 Minute Affiliate

When I first looked at the idea I must be honest, I liked it and really do wish it worked.

However, and this is just my opinion, I don’t think it is worth you wasting your time with, however you don’t need to take my word about the program.

If you really want to check this out for yourself then by all means give it a try and click here to start.

This program will show you how an Affiliate Marketing business works by showing you how to:

  • Pick a niche
  • Build a landing page
  • Source traffic
  • Make money

Havent I just taught you that here for free?

What if I could show you an even better way to learn everything you need to know to become successful online at a fraction of the cost with guaranteed results…

How I Earn a Passive Income from Home


I have dabbled with the work-from-home ideas for many years with some success and you can read my story here if you would like to know more.

What I really wanted was to find a business I could work online and hopefully provide me with the passive income I needed.

It would have to be something that I could work on part-time as I already had a full time job, and it mustn’t cost a fortune to start up as I no longer had that kind of money (Yes, I had plunged a fair bit earlier on, into scammy no good programs).

I also didn’t want to be doing anything that would have me harassing my family and friends into buying! I love my family and friends and I wanted to keep it that way.

Guess what? In June 2020 I found Wealthy Affiliate.

The great thing about this program is:

  • It is FREE to start and you can stay that way for as long as you like.
  • Free qualified traffic brought straight to you. Think for a minute how you landed here on this review? This cost me nothing to promote!
  • You will get me as your very own support coach to help you along the way and show you my exact process so you don’t make the same mistakes I have over the years
  • You don’t need any technical skills or coding ability… I will do all this for you for free!

I guarantee, that once you give this system a go, you will see why so many people recommend it (We have over 1,000,000 members)

The Retired Affiliates Final Words – 12-Minute Affiliate Review

Dont waste your time or money on 12-Minute Affiliate.

There are so many hidden things that you won’t know about until you have plunged half your savings into and you are to far in to pull out!

You will have ZERO control and will be buying traffic (Not a cheap exercise) forever.

You might make some money, I mean they tell you its nothing to be earning $450 per day, but are you really earning any profit?

When I first started I really didn’t know too much about affiliate marketing or what it was about.

Then an old business partner told me a little about the whole concept and it really sounded like a great idea.

As I mention in my About Me I tried working it all out by myself and got suckered into some bad online scams.

The best thing happened to me in June 2020 and that was when I found Wealthy Affiliate.

It has taught me to build a successful online business with all the tools, support and an amazing community that I needed.

Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the best affiliate marketing platform to help beginners get started in the right direction and you are welcome to read my full Wealthy Affiliate review here.

I really hope to see you inside and help you get your business up and making you money.

If after all this you are still not sure or have any question about Wealthy Affiliate or internet marketing in general leave them in the comments section below and myself or one of the team will be happy to answer them for you.

Again I really am looking forward to help you become the work from home business owner you have always dreamed of being, but just wasn’t sure where to start.


CEO and Founder of The Retired Affiliates.

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13 thoughts on “What is the 12-Minute Affiliate System About? Be Warned!”

  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful article -What is the 12-Minute Affiliate System About? Be Warned! The internet has become an avenue for some people to make money and for others to be scammed. If something seems too good to be true then it is definitely too goo be be true. Do not be fooled by those flashy programs

  2. You know, ever since I joined wealthy affiliate, I never really trusted other affiliate programs. I just saw all of them as fake. This might be a really good affiliate program and might be amazing for other individuals because we all like diff things so I will be sure to share this article with friends and family 

  3. Thank you for this fascinating article. This is my first encounter with the 12-minute affiliate system. Just reading this article made me feel as if it was something I shouldn’t put my trust in. My first guess was the price, followed by the whole learning about affiliate marketing without a website. I believe you’ll need a website to accomplish this. Even if it is only for social media, it is still a website. There are numerous scams out there when it comes to making money. However, many people fall for them, wasting money and time on something that will never work for them. I believe that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

    1. Thanks Kiersti.

      While 12 Minute Affiliate isn’t an out and out scam, Devon never really gives the full picture while promoting this.

      It isn’t until you have signed up that you start to see all the upsells and the kind of money you will need to spend.


  4. I was enticed to join the 12-Minute Affiliate program. However, because I found the Gold membership so expensive, I decided to research it. And I am glad I did. If the program has hardly any training and has hidden fees, then I will give it a pass. Thank you for helping me make a well-informed decision.

    1. Hi Ann,

      Personally I would avoid it, so many upsells to actually get this working for you, not to mention the cost of regularly buying traffic.

  5. I like that they offer a money-back guarantee. It just means that we get to test drive the thing and if it truly doesn’t work for us then we just ask for the money we spend. Still, it won’t give us back the time lost on it if it’s absolutely not worth it. But it seems that it does offer some value. At least it’s a good introduction to email marketing.

    But what I don’t really like is this notion of upsells. Just recently I wanted to buy this other program which was reasonably priced and offered what I needed. But then, when I purchased it, it offered me an upsell which I thought that I already bought. Turns out I didn’t. And I had to get this upsell to actually buy what I intended to buy. Which is rubbish. I mean, it shouldn’t work that way. But I bet it’s how they get people to agree to numerous upsells and stuff that they don’t actually need.

    I loved the breakdown of what is in the program. I mean, the review felt like I had actually bought the program but I didn’t have to. Two thumbs up for that. Thank you. 🙂

  6. Hi, Mark.  Thanks for the warning on this “program”.  It looks like the only person making real money is Devon Brown.  I avoid like the plague any program that says you can make money in your sleep – unless you’ve put in the time and effort over the long haul to make that happen.    You add in the upselling non-stop and the zero training, I don’t see how anyone can NOT call this a scam.  It’s not just too good to be true, it’s WAAAAAY too good to be true.  Thanks again for having our backs.


    1. Hey Warren,

      Yes I totally agree there is no business in the world that you can sleep through while building it out and thats what annoyed me most about the 12 minute affiliate sales pitch.

      You are spot on about the only guys making money here is Devon.

      It is still amazing how many people join the 12 minute affiliate daily.

      Thanks for commenting and dropping by.


  7. While reading your review of the 12 Minute Affiliate System I started to get mad as hell. It seems to me this setup has a primary goal of making money for Devon Brown. I hate programs that promise done for you methods. Clearly, these kinds of programs, including the 12 Minute Affiliate System is designed to keep you tethered to Devon Brown via a funnel where your money flows directly to him. 

    Thanks for this alert. In my book, I’d call this a scam. I think you are being too generous with Mr. Brown. 



    1. Hi Edwin,

      Yes I probably was a little generous with both Devon and 12 Minute Affiliate, especially as you never really own this business model, and you never have any idea of where you are getting your email lists from.


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