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What Is a Bitly URL Shortener? Official URL Shortener

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If you’re not familiar with Bitly URL Shortener, you’re missing out on one of the most helpful link shortening services. This company was founded in 2008 in New York City and currently shortens over 600 million links each month. You can use shortened links on social media, SMS, and even your email. The best thing about Bitly URL Shortener is that it’s free to use. There are several great features you can use in your campaigns, too.

Bitly URL Shortener get started page with animated graduation at, green sunglasses and a blue get started button

One of the most impressive features of this service is its ability to customize your links, allowing you to brand your links as you see fit. You can customize your Bitly links for a personal appearance and even bundle them around topics to look more like you.

A URL that’s too long can be distracting. Your content should be the primary focus, but a lengthy URL is distracting. With Bitly, you can create a short link.u, that’s easy to remember.

And because you can see where your links are shared, you can see how well your links are performing.

An Overview of Bitly URL Shortener

If you want to create a unique URL for your website, you can use one of the many URL shortener services. You can customize your Bitly links to make them unique and memorable.

in the video below i show you how you can shorten a link in under a minute.

However, you must remember that the URLs you generate from Bitly URL Shortener are not personalized. It is a random string that cannot be re-used or shared verbally. Moreover, they have no internal naming conventions, making them difficult to share.

The free version of Bitly allows you to create 500 branded links per month. It also provides link reporting for 30 days. If you want to brand 10000 links a month, you have to upgrade your account.

You can also use its Enterprise plan to track all your metrics. This plan is suited for businesses and other large organizations, while the free version is perfect for individuals. It also offers customizable slugs.

The Premium plan costs $495 per month and includes unlimited branded links, 90 days of analytics, and email support. The Enterprise package costs $995 per month with a twelve-month commitment and provides unlimited branded links and custom QR codes.

Use Bitly URL Shortener For a Wealthy Affiliate Promotion

Using Bitly URL Shortener for Wealthy Affiliate promotion is an effective way to track your traffic. By using a short URL, you can ensure your referrals visit your website. This way, you can easily track how many people visit your website.

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You can also add a custom tracking code if necessary. Alternatively, you can use a short URL service such as to track your affiliate links.


In case you’re not familiar with this app, you can use it to shorten your affiliate links. You can also use it on social media sites and other websites. When someone clicks on your link, they are automatically tracked.

Once they buy a product, you’ll receive a percentage of the sale. The shortened URL feature of Bitly allows you to create branded social media links, and it lets you use any anchor link.

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Benefits of Using Bitly URL Shortener

The following are some benefits of using Bitly URL Shortener:

Make Links look Aesthetically Appealing

Bitly URL Shortener is a popular option for websites and blogs. In addition to providing more attractive, shorter URLs, these tools offer improved performance tracking. It collects data on clicks, geographical location, and devices. This helps you optimize your website for search and display more relevant ads and content. It also provides a better visual representation of your links.

Most people cannot recite a 200-character URL, so shortening links will make your content more readable and appealing.

With The Bitly URL Shortener You Can Take a Link Like This, Edit Post “What Is a Bitly URL Shortener?” ‹ — WordPress ( And Turn It Into This –

Moreover, Bitly allows you to track the number of clicks on your links. You’ll be able to see which platforms are generating the most traffic.

Bitly dashboard showing total link clicks

URL shorteners are essential for some reasons. For one, it’s easy to forget long URLs. Few people can memorize long URLs in today’s social world. By using Bitly, you can keep your links short and straightforward to remember.

Besides, you can also track how often your links are clicked and shared by other people. This helps you know what works best for your marketing campaigns and which platforms bring you the most traffic.

Make Links Manageable

Using a URL shortener like Bitly can help you make your links more manageable and easier to share. Unlike long, complicated hyperlinks, shorter and more memorable ones can be easily shared and redirected.

Moreover, URL shortening can improve the visibility of your links. By making them more memorable, you will be rewarded with more clicks.

When using a URL shortener, you will not need to worry about the long, complex, or expensive URL. Moreover, you will get more space on the web, which is impossible to use for a long link. So, with a URL shortener, you can make your links more manageable.

Another advantage of using a URL shortener is that it helps you control the links you send and receive. Besides being much easier to manage, a short link will also help you build brand recognition. Those on the go will not have to spend a long time looking for information. You can even use QR codes to send people to your website or mobile app.

Besides being convenient, some URL shorteners offer more features than others, such as better performance tracking. These tools also help track the number of clicks received through your links. This information will be helpful for your marketing campaign.

Transform Social Media Management Services


Adding a URL shortener to your social media marketing strategy is an excellent way to improve the quality of your links. A short link is much more appealing than a long one, making it easier to share on social media and attract attention.

Besides, shortened links are easier to manage. Moreover, you can automate the shortening process to automate even the most mundane tasks.

Another advantage of using URL shorteners is that they make it easier to manage social media. These services provide branded links, which can increase click-through rates. Additionally, they integrate with social media management software.

Those looking for an inexpensive option can go with Bitly. Depending on your needs, it may be best to use the free version of Bitly.

When marketing your content through social media, using descriptive URLs that draw in visitors is essential. But these long links are clunky and hard to share. Using URL shorteners can make sharing your links more straightforward and more effective.

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Tracking and Compilation of Click Data

Several URL shorteners claim to track click data. Although they don’t, the benefits they offer far outweigh the disadvantages. The benefits of using Bitly include the tracking and compiling of click data. And this can be extremely useful for a marketing campaign.

Besides tracking the number of views and clicks, it can also help marketers understand their performance.

In addition to shortened URLs, Bitly offers analytics on your website’s clicks. For example, if you share a link on Facebook, users may think it is spam. This is why URL shorteners are so crucial for marketing and branding. You can also use them for social media advertising, apart from tracking clicks.


  • Bitly URL Shorteners give you better performance tracking. With this feature, you can see how effective your marketing campaign is and how many visitors have clicked on your link.
  • It’s easy to use, and its dashboard tracks over 20 different real-time data points.


  • You can only create 500 branded links with the free version. But if you want to get more clicks, this is the option for you!

Bitly URL Shortener Conclusion

There are several benefits to using Bitly URL Shortener. One of these is that it is free, and the other is that you can easily integrate it with your social media management software. However, it is essential to note that while free accounts come with 1,000 unbranded links, link reporting is only available for 30 days.

For large businesses, it is worth investing in an enterprise plan that allows you to brand up to 10,000 links per month and also includes all data and metrics you need to know about your marketing efforts.

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