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Wealthy Affiliate vs Reliable Education – Who is Each One For?

Mark Apletree

Wealthy Affiliate vs Reliable Education
82 / 100

Wealthy Affiliate vs Reliable Education – Which one is my pick?

This is where I’ll compare Kyle and Carson’s Wealthy Affiliate vs Adam Hudson’s Reliable Education. I live in Australia, and I’ll give you a clearer idea about which training program is best suited to you.

Wealthy Affiliate vs Reliable Education: Who is Each One For?

If you’re looking to learn how to make money online, these two programs might just be, in my view, the best available. This review will be a quick read on the difference between Wealthy Affiliate vs. Reliable Education?

Summary: This isn’t another post arguing that Wealthy Affiliate is better than Reliable Education.

I honestly think that none is better since they are so different.

Wealthy Affiliate offers an ultra-successful marketing course that combines software, training, community, and website builder in one package. All within their free or premium membership.

Reliable Education might not have so many of the extras.

However, you’ll learn how to start selling on Amazon with thorough, step-by-step training geared toward growing a sell able e-commerce business which is different from what is offered at Wealthy Affiliate.

Both training programs target different types of people, and both are excellent.

Ready to learn more about these training programs available to help anyone build a profitable online business?

Let’s get started.

A Brief intro to Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is an online marketing course founded in 2005 by Carson and Kyle.

Since then, it has expanded to become one of the largest and most popular communities for digital marketers.


Offering not only step-by-step training but also their own market research & keyword tool, web Hosting, weekly live training events, member-created training material, even 24/7 tech support and a bunch of FREE perks!

Who is the Wealthy Affiliate Program For?

Wealthy Affiliate focuses on training its members to build their own blog or website, drive traffic to the site and earn passive income from multiple sources through affiliate programs.

The program has lots of training, resources, and tools to help members start, build, and grow their online affiliate marketing business.

Wealthy Affiliate has a network of over 1.4 million members (including free and paid members) of entrepreneurs and business owners. After signing up, you instantly get access to the forum section and community right away.

A Brief intro to Reliable Education

The course concentrates on Amazon FBA and claims to give students the skills necessary to succeed as an Amazon seller.

Amazon is the world’s largest marketplace, and Reliable Education offers the foremost curriculum for educating and assisting its students in capitalizing on the possibilities it offers.

You’ll have access to over 100 training videos on topics ranging from product selection to branding, launching, marketing, and building adoring followers.

Price of Wealthy Affiliate vs Reliable Education

Wealthy Affiliate

$0 Starter Access

$49 per month for premium or $495/year

Reliable Education

$2,497 USD for lifetime access or split up into four monthly payments of $749 USD. (start here)

Is Wealthy Affiliate vs Reliable Education Worth the Price?


Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth the Price?

Wealthy Affiliate offers a free trial and a seven-day money-back guarantee on its membership options, which start at $49 per month or $359 per year.

Check the full pricing and what you get here.

After the short 7-day free trial, there is no money-back guarantee once you take up your monthly/yearly option.

Others claim that there is little guidance provided and that they continue to feel they are “missing” a piece of the puzzle.

However I personally have never felt this and have continued to find Kyle, Carson and the entire Wealthy Affiliate community to be super helpful!

The Why Join The Wealthy Affiliate Program?

Wealthy Affiliate’s free entry point teaches you the fundamentals of starting an online business.

Their instruction is a bit more open than Reliable Education, but there is still enough detail to be effective.

You will have restricted access to tools and courses with the free subscription.

However, the free membership includes sufficient training resources to get your site up and running.

You also get two free websites before being required to upgrade too premium.

But like Reliable Education, Wealthy Affiliate marketing is like starting a business, but with far lower recurring costs.

You clearly benefit from not keeping inventories.

However, you may still set up an online business with simply a website.

Nothing, however, is perfect.

If you want more detailed content on the Wealthy Affiliate program, check my guide on making money with Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate Pros and Cons


  • Try it for free by creating a free account.
  • Colossal community, lots of help with others who are successful or are going through the same steps
  • Website hosting and builder
  • Excellent training on building an affiliate blog (I can attest)
  • Help grow your email subscriber list quickly.
  • Continually updated platform
  • Guide you on how to build a solid foundation in affiliate marketing


  • Some individuals may find the course overwhelming
  • No clear course of action after your first year

Is Reliable Education Worth the Price?

Reliable Education course is expensive. It is also unclear to the outside eye how much the system really costs.

Now, you may buy the program for AUD 3,500 or USD 2,497 yearly or in four monthly installments of $749 to have lifelong access.

However, many customers report receiving many up sells after their first purchase.

For instance, Adam Hudson charges members $700 for a photography course and $400 for software.

I think Adam Hudson has made more money marketing this course than he has from his Amazon success.

Also, this isn’t one-on-one coaching, mentoring, or assistance.

Last year, a Reliable Education representative said online that this course may not be proper for you if you’re unable to dedicate 7-10 hours each week and $5,000 in start-up funds for the first six months after joining.

This was posted under the FAQ section’s ‘prospective students’ category.’ In a nutshell, you’ll need that much time and money.

Then Why Join the Reliable Education Program?

Reliable Education can train you to choose, launch, and promote the perfect products on Amazon as a third-party seller if you have the funds and time.

The course also contains ‘mind maps, over-the-shoulder videos, and live webinars to help you get an understanding of the Amazon world—how to make money from the world’s biggest marketplace.’


One of the other perks is the community, where like-minded individuals offer ideas, information, and support.

Reliable Education Pros and Cons


  • Learn to sell higher-ticket and brandable items.
  • Great community where you can interact with other members and share business ideas
  • Highly professional video tutorials.
  • Higher than average success rate.


  • Priced high
  • Lots of hard work involved
  • Several up sells and none of which are necessary for success.


As shown by the pricing, Reliable Education is a premium course targeted at higher-end customers.

The curriculum is geared for self-development fans, small company owners, and degree holders looking for support in shifting to the world of eCommerce.

For anyone serious about earning money online from niche websites they should enroll in the free Wealthy Affiliate training program.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a website platform that is secure and easy to operate.

Did you find this article useful? Feel free to share your thoughts. We would be happy to hear from you!

Stay tuned for more Work from Home Business ideas.

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12 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate vs Reliable Education – Who is Each One For?”

  1. I have never heard of Reliable Education and from your description, it sounds like a bit of an oxymoron. Close on $2,500 seems like a ridiculous amount of money to pay if they are only offering affiliation with Amazon. Do they tell people if you don’t get 3 sales within 90 days, Amazon will kick you out of their program?  and from what you are saying they continue to gouge anyone who comes on board by charging extra for training etc. I am an online marketer and looked around for a long time until I found Wealthy Affiliate. Even though I was turned off by the name I joined for free. Then I had a good look around and finally upgraded as the training is included and second to none in my opinion. I have never looked back and totally recommend anyone who is considering an online career to at least check them out.


  2. Hello there, I must a big thank you for sharing this awesome article I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me. I have noting to say about Reliable Education But for Kyle and Carsons wealthy affiliate, I have a lot to say because over 12years in the business comes with a lot of experience and for the fact that they specialise in one particular field makes them the best options to go with when going into affiliate marketing.

  3. I will definitely stick to wealthy affiliate for the time being. It has changed my life for the better and had given me a source of income. I will definitely recommend this article to friends and family. I am sure that they will appreciate this post. It seems like something that will benefit them. 

  4. Wow, my interest peaked with Reliable Education and then completely dimmed at the price tag.  I belong to Wealthy Affiliate and that has proven to work for me.  So I don’t see my self shelling out the hefty price for Reliable Education.  I just think there should be a free trial period to see if it would work, before having to pay such a hefty fee.  Thanks for the great info.

  5. Hi Mark, Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing course with the tools and community to help people earn money online. Wealthy Affiliate is not a “get rich quick” program.

    Reliable Education is purely an e-commerce education course designed to teach people how to launch and grow their business in the world of Amazon. Reliable Education is a legitimate course but Amazon FBA is too complicated and no training programme can teach you everything.

    If you compare prices Wealthy Affiliate $49 per month for premium or $495/year and there are so many successful stories on Wealthy Affiliate platform on the other hand Reliable Education price $2,497 USD lifetime access or split up into four monthly payments of $749 USD but there is no guarantee of success.

    As an affiliate marketer you can earn affiliate commission by promoting products or services made by another retailer. Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start your affiliate marketing business online with less money and with complete business training.

  6. Mark, this was an interesting review comparison between Wealthy Affiliate and Reliable Education. Nevertheless, I am not sure that they really compared with each other because the focus of each business is so different. I must say that I had never heard of Reliable Education until coming across your article. From a personal viewpoint I would not want to go down that path of becoming an Amazon seller. Although being a seller would be quite different to being an Associate, I question the benefits of any involvement with Amazon in making money online. Anyway, it was really interesting to discover that someone was actually teaching this methodology.

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