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Riches And Wealth is There A Difference?

Mark Apletree

The difference between riches and wealth
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Is there a  difference between Riches and Wealth?

A person who is simply rich will at some point end up where they were before becoming rich, whereas a wealthy person will sustain their wealth because these types of people know how to make money.

As a successful Affiliate marketer, I have managed to gain wealth through the mistakes I have made along the way and want to help make sure you don’t make the same ones on your way to finally achieving financial freedom.

If any of you have ever researched Affiliate Marketing you may have heard of a platform called Wealthy Affiliate, and now you’re wondering if it is legit or just another big scam.

It’s never bad to try to play it safe because there are several make-money scams online, and here at we make sure you don’t fall into the same scams that many people do.

So, are you an affiliate marketer just getting started, or have you been in the game for a while but looking for some secure means from a passive income?

Everyone wants to be Wealthy, and my guess is right now, you’re reading this review wondering whether to join Wealthy Affiliate or not.

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Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most highly vetted platforms for affiliate marketers of all levels.

It’s a platform that has been around for 16 years with over 1.4 million members.

Nevertheless, as you may already know by now, with the good comes the bad.

So, in this in-depth review, I will walk you through the benefits and features of Wealthy Affiliate, alongside its pros and cons so you can make a more informed decision.

Let’s get to it!

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?


Wealthy Affiliate happens to be an all-in-one affiliate marketing platform, which offers affiliate marketing training, software, and web hosting for FREE for as long as you want!

This makes it quite distinct from other affiliate marketing platforms out there, plus it’s an excellent choice for newbies just getting started with marketing who will need all the help they can get.

One cutting edge advantage with Wealthy Affiliate is that members only have to pay the membership fee (You don’t have to do this to continue as a free member) and get everything else they will need in the long haul to build their business.

So, if you’ve got just the basics or no idea about affiliate marketing, this platform is a great idea to help you pick up the pace in affiliate marketing through its step-by-step tutorials, videos and live chat feature.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Like I mentioned earlier, Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that provides in-depth guidance on how you can make money online through affiliate marketing without and technical experience, marketing experience, website development skills, in fact we have students that have almost zero computer skills that have succeeded with us.

So, I hear you asking, what is affiliate marketing is all about? Let me explain it to you.

Affiliate marketing is the kind of online business that pays you a commission for each sale you bring to a company using your marketing efforts.

The beauty is that there isn’t any fixed compensation or payment because the company shares its profit with you for every sale you bring in.

You never need to hold any inventory, you don’t need a warehouse, and you don’t need any money to run this business, other than paying for your internet connection!

Who Founded Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate was founded in the year 2005 by Carson Lim and Kyle Loudon. Before that, the two Canadians were both successful online entrepreneurs and bloggers. During the launch of Wealthy Affiliate, it was initially only a database of keywords, however as the business grew it became much more than that.

Wealthy Affiliate isn’t just an educational program, its offers everything an affiliate marketer will need for success in the long haul, including training, tools, support, hosting, and a whole heap more.

How Does It Work?

One thing I love about Wealthy Affiliate is the friendly user interface it offers. The design of the platform is superb and not confusing to work with.

Besides that, the platform is usually updated to improve the quality of the web hosting, training, and support.

Wealthy Affiliate (Features)

  • Adequate site hosting

Wealthy Affiliate provides distinctive managed WordPress hosting that saves you all the headaches of hosting issues, plus you get the value for your money.

Yes, you can get un-managed web hosting for as cheap as $3 or $5 but believe me when I say this, it isn’t worth it because eventually you’ll have to pay for other additional up sells.

With the platform-managed website hosting, you won’t have to worry about backups, speed, security, spam protection, reliability, and data protection as this is all taken care of by the team at Wealthy Affiliate within their Site Support team.

What’s more, its web hosting also integrates with Site Domains and SiteRubix, plus you can host up to 10 websites with a single premium membership.

  • Premium Site Builder

The platform offers a robust site builder called SiteRubix, here you can build any website from scratch in about 30 minutes with absolutely zero programming skills.

It’s ideal for newbies who are not designers and may feel overwhelmed with WordPress sites.

With SiteRubix featured by Wealthy Affiliate, it takes just four steps to get a new website up, running and live for the world to see.

  • Choose the kind of website you intend to build (private or free domain)
  • Give a name to the website
  • Select your preferred website design
  • Build your site

It’s user-friendly, and anyone can use the website builder.

  • Tailored Community Learning

The great Wealthy Affiliate community offers a great learning experience for newbies who are just getting started with affiliate marketing.

Unlike several other affiliate programs where you get trained only by instructors, Wealthy Affiliate creates an environment for marketers in the community to share ideas and experiences.

The platform’s user interface is more like a social media app, which allows you to easily reach out to thousands of members via live chat if you encounter any challenges.

That’s not all. It provides a discussion thread for members to ask questions and share their opinions at the end of every lesson.

  • Research tool

You can’t build a successful affiliate marketing business without adequate keyword research, which is why Wealthy Affiliate provides a powerful keyword tool called Jaaxy.

With this keyword research tool at your disposal, you can unveil profitable keywords and use them to find profitable affiliate programs.

Typically, a keyword research tool like Jaaxy will cost you around $100 per month, but you won’t need to pay for that because you get everything in the box with Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate (Pricing)

One would expect Wealthy Affiliate to be on a high price end, but the amazing fact is that it is affordable, offering affiliate marketers more for less.

For its pricing, it has two membership levels:

Starter Membership: It’s free, and you get access to training, tools, and platform hosting services.

Premium Membership: This is a priced plan that costs only $19 for the first month, which goes up to $49/month.

This is an awesome offer for the platform you are getting because other platforms normally provide a handful of video tutorials and that’s about it.

That’s not the case with Wealthy Affiliate, it is way more than just an educational platform that leaves you in the dark once they have you on board.

I also like the idea that you can cancel a premium membership whenever you choose to. It is a legit platform that doesn’t force members to stay.

Is Wealthy Affiliate MLM or a Pyramid Scheme?

The platform is in no way an MLM program or a pyramid scheme.

Members earn commissions when they promote products or services with the aids of the training and tools provided by the platform.

It’s not a pyramid scheme that rewards members for recruiting more people rather than offering services or products.

Neither is the platform an MLM that deals nor recruits down line members. It’s a platform that offers extensive technical support, etc.

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you can make money by promoting any product or service.

But in MLMs. Members can only earn by selling a specific company product or by recruiting more people to a particular company or platform.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?

Wealthy Affiliate is a legit company that has been around for 15 years, offering valid services, and it’s not a scam platform.

No scam company or platform can operate for more than a decade because they are tailored to make some money and disappear into thin air.

Still not taking my words for it?

You can check out their TrustPilot rating for yourself. Wealthy Affiliate has been on the ground since 2005, and it is still evolving.

Who Needs Wealthy Affiliate?

This is such an easy question!

Wealthy Affiliate is designed for anyone wishing to make money from affiliate marketing, whether as a newbie or professional, this is an ideal platform to get you to success quicker than any other platform available today.

It’s an all-in-one platform that goes above offering video tutorials like most other affiliates. Wealthy Affiliate provides members with a website builder, research tool, content creation, and organic traffic for easy monetization.

Overall, it’s a great platform, especially for new affiliate marketers who need all the help they can get to get started.

It may not be the best option for professional marketers, but they can benefit from its hosting service, research tool, and other benefits.

Who Is the Platform Not For?

If your someone who expects to start making tons of money after a couple of weeks, I must be honest that Wealthy Affiliate is not for you.

This isn’t some get-rich-quick scheme; it doesn’t promote videos showing how to make 250K in your first month.

We have all seen those types of ads plastered over social media!

Wealthy Affiliate don’t work that way and will never promise you more than they can deliver.

However, there are members inside of Wealthy Affiliate that are making that kind of money.

What Wealthy Affiliate will teach you is how you can succeed in affiliate marketing over a period of time, giving you all the tools and training you’ll need to succeed.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme of any sort; to earn in the platform you’ll have to build a website and then drive traffic to the website through the contents, articles and blogs you create.

What I Personally like About Wealthy Affiliate

I like Wealthy Affiliate because it offers a quick and user-friendly learning aid to new affiliate marketers.

It teaches white hat affiliate skills and provides webinars weekly, so members get in-depth knowledge.

It’s more budget-friendly and will save a new affiliate marketer all the hassles of looking for the tools to get started.

I don’t have to pay extra for a keyword research tool, website builder, and web hosting.


The premium membership costs $49, which is a good deal considering the value that comes along with it.

You get access to Jaaxy, SiteRubix, web hosting, webinars, customers support, and more.

I like the idea that Wealthy Affiliate offers more for less.

You can also read a little more about my journey as an Affiliate Marketer here at About Mark Paul.

What I don’t like About Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform however, it also has some drawbacks which I don’t like.

It places its core training focus on the basics, which are excellent for beginners but no real benefit for professional affiliate marketers.

It tries to bridge this gap through its webinars and video tutorials by providing advanced training.

Asides from that, Wealthy Affiliate is very strict against spam. You can easily lose your membership if you try to promote in the community.

Though this helps the platform maintain a spam-free community, once you lose access to your premium membership it is very hard to contact anyone regarding this.


  • It offers a reliable website builder
  • You don’t have to pay for the starter membership which you can have forever (With limited access)
  • Provides a great keyword research tool – Jaxxy
  • It comes with excellent website hosting
  • Good customer service support and community response
  • It is ideal for new affiliate marketers
  • You get access to weekly webinar
  • It comes at a budget-friendly price
  • Members can easily cancel premium membership at anytime


  • You get limited access on the free plan
  • Members are not allowed to advertise or sell within West Africa.
  • You cannot promote your personal website

Is There A Difference Between Riches and Wealth? Conclusion

The Retired Affiliates highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is excellent for anyone who wants to succeed in affiliate marketing, especially new affiliates.

It’s a platform that does well to provide extensive training and tools so that you can at least have a more user-friendly experience even as a newbie.

Asides from that, you can try it out for free through its starter membership, and if you like what it offers, you can move over to its premium membership.

Remember, that the platform also has its cons.

You’re not allowed to promote your website through the platform, and it is rigorous against spam.

Asides from that, Wealthy Affiliate is a legit platform that helps you get started in affiliate marketing, plus you get all of this at a budget-friendly price.

The only difference between riches and wealth is you!


CEO & Founder of The Retired Affiliates.

4 thoughts on “Riches And Wealth is There A Difference?”

  1. Daniel Tshiyole

    I have friends and family members who are always questioning what I am doing. They do not know what wealthy affiliate is, even after I explain it to them. This article has made my life so much more easy. The next time they ask me what wealthy affiliate is, I will just refer them to this article 

  2. Bernard Breytenbach

    I would say it is best to learn how to manage your wealth to ensure you can handle large amounts of money. If you start rich, you usually fall for the trap to spend it all and that is the biggest mistake many people make.

    I make use of wealthy affiliate services and I must say, they offer the best learning experience. Plus they provide all the tools you need to be successful. And if you need help, there is a big community that will offer you support. I made my first pay check last month and it felt so good to obtain it.

  3. I am so glad that I ran across your article! I love to interact with fellow Wealthy Affiliate users. I had NO experience when I began the training at Wealthy Affiliate six years ago and I can easily create my own websites now! I just wanted to pop in and thank you for educating others on how awesome this essential tool is to get an online business rolling.

  4. Affiliate marketing seems to be a great way to create a stream of income online. And this platform, Wealthy Affiliate, ticks a lot of boxes for me. Thank you for your review. I am impressed they let us test drive it for free. I sure will start my trial now. Just being able to build a website convinced me to give it a try.

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