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The SEO That Works 3.0 Review: Advanced SEO Simplified?

Mark Apletree

The SEO That Works 3.0
88 / 100

Before deciding about the SEO That Works 3.0 course, you need to understand some crucial facts. In this article, I’ll explain some of the benefits and drawbacks of this course and what you can expect from taking part in it.

This SEO training course is designed to help online marketers and businesses improve their ranking.

They say the best marketing is good old-fashioned word of mouth. But when you need to get your message across quickly and efficiently, search engine optimization can be an effective tool for pushing content into people’s searches on Google or Bing – even if they’re not looking specifically for what you’ve got up top!

The SEO That Works training program breaks down each step in this process: keyword research (and why it matters); building websites with solid HTML5 coding practices so that sites load faster than ever before; plus, strategies around backlinks which are crucial because ranking higher means getting more visibility from web crawlers like google bots.

The main program consists of five modules and bonus lessons. The SEO That Works course claims that you can rank any website within a few months using its techniques.

You will also learn how to create share-worthy power pages that attract high search engine rankings. The program also includes videos with Brian Dean. The videos last about 10 minutes, and mp3 and PDF transcriptions accompany each lesson.

SEMRush offers a link structure analysis and a site audit tool that gives you a simple checklist of SEO improvements. In addition, the Backlinko blog is run by SEO genius Brian Dean, and it contains some fantastic tips on how to rank your content in 2022.

The SEO That Works Overview

Product Name: The SEO That Works

Official Website: Enrollment Closed – SEO That Works

Owner: Brian Dean

Price: Sign up for a waiting list

Type: SEO Strategy

Best For: Online entrepreneurs that want to scale their SEO strategy

The SEO That Works Pros

  • The basic strategy works.
  • The creator is legitimate.

The SEO That Works Cons

  • Price is likely high for this program.
  • The waiting list is kind of annoying, in my viewpoint.

The SEO That Works 3.0 Summary


The review examines how this Make Money Online course can help you improve your website’s search engine ranking. It focuses on creating powerful power pages that attract links, shares, and traffic.

It also teaches you how to create share-worthy power pages. The videos are 10 minutes long, and there is also a PDF transcript and mp3 versions.

What is The SEO That Works 3.0?

The SEO That Works is an excellent choice for those with a limited amount of time to learn SEO. The Backlinko SEO course is popular among students, with over 3,154 people taking it so far.

It teaches you how to integrate data from other crawling databases and use it to enhance your site’s visibility. It also includes an exclusive SEO training session. 3,154 satisfied customers back it.

SEO That Works has been revised three times, and it claims to revolutionize the SEO world and help businesses rank for the most competitive keywords. It is a comprehensive guide to SEO, focusing on quality over quantity.

The course has a lifetime membership that includes access to the Backlinko insider sessions, exclusive field reports, and other essential updates.

Is The SEO That Works 3.0 Worth It?

If you’ve been considering getting started with SEO, you’ve probably heard about SEO That Works. It promises to show you how to make money online. Brian Dean promotes it as a great way to make money, but what is it like?

It teaches you how to generate leads, attract links, and fulfill deals. However, you will still have to do the searching and interact yourself.

SEO That Works claims to rank any website within months and generate massive traffic, but it’s not a magic wand. It relies on the strategic play of various elements and factors in search engines like Google and Yahoo.

SEO That Works uses its methods to improve the content of any site, including your own, creating share-worthy power pages.

Brian Dean’s methods have helped thousands of people succeed in various industries. Brian taught his students how to use content promotion and link-building techniques to rank their websites in the first version.

Now, his Wet Clay Link Building technique delivers links daily. It’s not a cheap technique, but it’s worth it.

Who is Brian Dean, and what is His Net Worth?

Brian Dean is an SEO expert and the creator of SEO That Works. His methods have changed the SEO world. The course claims to get you high rankings and drive targeted traffic to your site quickly and easily.

SEO That Works Forbes write up on CEO of Backlinko Brian Dean

The course teaches you how to use Brian Dean’s secret sauce for ranking your site high on Google. With his methods, it is said that anyone can get their desired rankings and drive targeted traffic quickly into the waiting arms of a marketing team or company website without much effort at all!

Mentioning he created an SEO technique which has been “changing” the industry sounds more exciting than just saying something was different from what existed before.

Since starting the blog, Brian has gained popularity for delivering optimum value to the audience through blog posts, videos, and other resources for free organic traffic from Google.

Before starting the YouTube channel, Brian worked as a consultant for clients, including some of the most prominent online marketers. But before he could launch the YouTube channel, he had to establish himself as an author and become an SEO expert. Luckily, this took just a few years.

What is Inside the SEO That Works 3.0?

Module 0: What’s Working Right Now in SEO?

The first module, “What’s Working Right Now in Search Engine Optimization,” provides a clear picture of the current state of SEO.

Backlinks still account for most of Google’s ranking algorithm, so you’ll need to develop content that attracts links and attracts Linkreators (people who link to your content and share it on social media). This module will teach you to create compelling, relevant content appeals to Linkreators.

The program also includes lifetime updates, exclusive field reports, and access to the Backlinko insider sessions. It is a high-quality course, but you should set expectations before enrolling.

If you’re new to SEO or are unsure of how to start, this course will open up a whole new world of possibilities. As with any training program, you should be aware that search engines can change their algorithms anytime, so you’ll never be able to stay on top forever.

Brian Dean’s course is a premium course that contains four modules and bonus materials. It shows you how to create compelling content pages that attract links, shares, and rankings.

The course is updated every time the company’s “release” date rolls around, so you’ll be getting the most up-to-date information on SEO. And it’s worth the money.

Module 1: Linkreators

In Module 1, you’ll learn Brian’s techniques to drive millions of visitors to your website. His secret weapon is a Power Page, a piece of content engineered to rank quickly on Google.

He identifies topics that people are already searching for and then uses these as the basis for your content. The content you create for Linkreators is what drives them to link to your site.

The training course teaches the most common SEO techniques and incorporates new social media channels. Each module includes case studies, which will help you see how these techniques work.

While the training course is designed for online marketers, bloggers and SEO Agencies will find the information helpful. It’s easy to get started with Linkreators and backlinko without breaking the bank.

Backlinko is a renowned company in the world of online marketing. It offers a link-building service, newsletters, and resources. Its course is one of the most popular courses and has helped thousands of students from various industries and backgrounds.

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“What is – 11 simple secrets to totally rocking your backlinks”

The course also includes videos and webinars from industry experts. You’ll learn how to generate high-quality links by building links.

Module 2: Power Page

The SEO That Works course has five modules and bonus lessons, focusing on creating effective power pages that attract links and shares and rank well in search engines.

Brian teaches the course in a series of 10-minute videos. PDF transcripts and mp3 versions accompany each video. This course is a must-have for anyone looking to improve their website ranking and traffic. It has already graduated over 2500 people across 50 industries.

The training course is geared toward online businesses, SEO Agencies, and gaining rankings. Bloggers on a budget can get information from Brian Dean’s YouTube channel or Backlinko’s blog.

The training sequence is laid out in a roadmap provided by the portal. You can join the waiting list to take the course. The training course will take about a year to complete.

Creating a powerful page requires a great deal of content creation. Brian teaches you how to create a viral, shareable infographic using seven proven Content Frameworks.

In addition, he shows you how to create a powerful power page with 876 links to external websites.

His proprietary techniques are also explained. You can then use these to boost the rankings of your money page. However, if you’re new to SEO, it may be too difficult for you to master the techniques Brian teaches.

The SEO That Works course teaches you to create a powerful page that gets you targeted traffic and builds a sustainable online business. The course comprises 150 videos and covers all the aspects of SEO.

Besides, the course creator has worked with some of the biggest names in the online business world. This course is precious for those in a specific niche.

Module 3: Content Promotion and Link Building

SEO That Works is a premium course from SEO Expert Brian Dean who aims to solve all of your SEO problems.

This course is mainly aimed at SEO Agencies, online business owners, and website owners interested in improving their rankings and generating more traffic.

You’ll learn white-hat link-building methods that Google doesn’t penalize. This method will help you get more relevant backlinks from high-ranking pages without attracting unwanted or penalizing them.

Broken links can be extremely useful in all types of projects. Broken link building involves contacting the webmasters of websites that link to you.


Contact them and suggest alternative links to their sites. Hopefully, this will earn you a link to your website. In addition to generating more traffic, you will make it harder for your competitors to get your links back.

So, don’t give up on link building. Take the course and get the benefits that SEO That Works can offer!

Content Promotion and Link Building are fundamental components of SEO. Providing relevant links to your website’s content will help you rank better in search engines.

When a visitor clicks on a link, it will take them to a page where they can find more information about the content. This is called the “link building” process.

Is The SEO That Works 3.0 a Scam?

When you buy the SEO That Works 3.0 course, you can expect lifetime course updates, exclusive field reports, and important updates. This course is based on Brian Dean’s methods, and he claims that it will help you rank highly and drive targeted traffic.

But is the SEO That Works 3.0 a scam? There are a couple of things to look out for before purchasing it. I’ll go over a few of them below.

The course emphasizes SEO-optimized articles, which many websites struggle with. Ultimately, it’s impossible to rank for every keyword, and there’s no single way to do it. Brian Dean’s SEO course will show you everything you need to know about finding clients and fulfilling deals.

But note that SEO isn’t simple, and it’s never guaranteed to stay on top of the results. Remember that search engines can change their algorithms. Therefore, it’s critical to be realistic in your expectations before enrolling in SEO That Works 3.0.

Despite the claims, it is a comprehensive training course in business SEO. It costs around $3000 and includes everything you need to know about SEO.

The course covers everything from how to build links to creating a website. There’s no way you could learn all this in a single course. But if you’re serious about improving your website’s ranking, this course is for you!

How Much Does SEO That Works Cost?

Many people are wondering how much SEO That Works costs. It’s an official Backlinko SEO training program.

Brian Dean is one of the most highly regarded SEO experts and has been recognized by Forbes and Huffington Post for his vast knowledge of SEO methodologies and techniques.

SEO That Works costs $3,000, but it includes direct support from Brian, membership in an exclusive Facebook community, bonus sessions from niche experts, and email templates and worksheets.

Are you looking for a cheaper alternative, and one that I recommend because I know it works? Check out our #1 Pick below.

our top pick as the number 1 Affiliate Marketing Community.
free wealthy affiliate start up membership

Are you a complete beginner? are you fed up with all of the get-rich-quick scams? why not take wealthy affiliates for a test drive today! wealthy affiliate is the simplest fail proof way to start your money making website!

SEO That Works Conclusion

If you want to learn SEO from scratch, there’s no better way than taking a backlinko course. Brian Dean is an expert marketer and an engaging teacher, ensuring that you’ll have a good time learning from the lessons. And since Backlinko uses video and blog posts, you’re guaranteed to learn from the best.

The course shows you how to use search engine optimization techniques and make the most of social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

It also compares traditional SEO strategies with his method, a powerful backlink-generating tactic. This training program has the potential to help you earn money online while also helping you build a reputable business.

So, if you’re looking for a comprehensive and engaging SEO course, Backlinko is the place to be.

With Brian Dean as your instructor, you can trust that you’ll learn everything there is to know about optimizing your website for Google search.

And if you want to take your learning one step further, they also offer an SEO certification program that will give you tangible evidence of your skills in this area.

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