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Join The Freelancing Revolution: Boost Your Income With These Easy Money-Making Best Side Hustles Ideas For Women!

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Freelancing is an excellent side business idea for ladies if you want to work anywhere, pursue personal passions, and make extra money. It’s also a great way to generate additional income through an online course to pay off debt or save some extra cash.

Freelancing offers the opportunity for women from all walks of life to use the skills they already have and is a great side hustle.

In recent years, freelancing has become more popular than ever, with around 1.1 billion freelancers making money online worldwide and 59 million in the United States, and 4.1 million freelancers in Australia, 47% of whom are under 35 years old. Side Gigs are the future!

Why are so many people deliberately choosing freelance businesses? It’s not surprising when you consider freedom. They aren’t interested in being cooped up in a cubicle with someone directing them what to do and are looking for more free time.

Some of the easiest side hustles to earn a little extra money, or replace that full-time income are below in my list of side hustles for Moms.

  •  Freelance Writer – This is an easy way to make money at home writing blogs for an online store, online marketplace, or in many of the focus groups on Social Media channels.
  • Affiliate Marketing – The great thing about Affiliate Marketing with my number 1 choice, Wealthy Affiliate, is that it is free to join so you don’t even need a credit card.
  • Mystery Shopping – This is a good option or good side hustle if you already spend a lot of time shopping. Mystery Shoppers.

Why You Should Consider Freelancing as a Part-Time Side Hustle

According to Forbes, full-time freelancers say the primary benefits of self-employment are flexibility (77%), followed by being their own boss (77%). Working from the location of their choice — and choosing their own projects (tied for 74%).

Here are some other key findings:

Even the younger generations are embracing freelancing more than older groups. With 53% of Generation Z (those 18-25) compared to 38% in 2014. Around 40% of millennials (ages 26-41) from 34% in 2014, 31% of GenX (ages 42-58) and 29% of Baby Boomers (ages 58+ reporting they freelanced.

Freelance Photography has seen great growth since the pandemic, with more and more people making genuine cash from selling photos online, through platforms like Photo Jobz.

Get paid to take photos advert with dessert sand dunes in the background - Great Freelancing ideas.

There’s money to be made from freelancing.

As I may call it, “easy side hustles” are helping traditional workers survive. When wages have not risen in line with the cost of living, it has gotten easier to find profitable side hustles through platforms. The percentage of full-time employees who make extra money from freelance work increased 6 points to 25% since 2014.

Freelancing allows easy side hustles and ways for women to make money that more traditional employment would struggle to replicate, according to the key takeaways from the new Freelancing in America Survey by the giant platform Upwork and the Freelancers Union. 

If you’re considering becoming a freelancer, whether as a side hustle in Australia, a part-time job, or a full-time position starting a freelance business, you’ve come to the right place. Here, I review the advantages and challenges of being a freelancer. And further look at some of the best freelance side hustles ideas for women to start making money quick and fast online.

What are the benefits of working as a freelancer?


More Freedom

With such freedom over clients and schedules, freelancing allows women the flexibility that most people dream of. If you want to work full-time and only part-time during the summer, you have the flexibility and control to schedule your own hours.

Immense Location Flexibility

You are not bound to a particular company or boss as a freelancer. You may choose to work anytime and live and travel anywhere in the world while completing tasks. “For a freelancer, the most essential thing is to deliver quality work, and they get to choose their work location and has the flexibility of timing.” Dipesh opines.

Compensation and Earnings Control

Not only are you free to ask your boss for a raise, but you also can set your rates, and for the most part, choose how much work you take on. However, to a certain extent, rates and volume of work are determined by market forces. You want to set competitive pricing based on your skills. Many freelancers may gradually increase their rates to gain experience and a solid reputation.

Are There Disadvantages to Freelancing?

Sometimes, yes.

Although many find success, freelancing can have drawbacks, but the benefits outweigh these downsides.

Among the disadvantages is that you have the responsibility of paying self-employment taxes and making sure to pay them quarterly. 

There is also no employer providing health insurance or retirement benefits, and you must provide these for yourself.

Freelancing is sometimes seen as less secure since you can’t count on steady work and must keep seeking new projects and clients. However, using a job service like Fivver and Upwork can keep you on top of finding your next gig.

How to Start Your Career as a Freelancer

There are many ways for females to make money online. Some people choose to do it as a side hustle first while still working full-time and then slowly transition to full-time freelancing as they gain clients.

To get started, consider building a personal website where you can establish your portfolio and credentials. If you don’t have a site already, that’s okay! It’s super easy to start a blog, and it only takes a few minutes!

Set up social media accounts on a platform like LinkedIn so that you can connect with companies and clients. Setting up an account on Fiverr is also an excellent way to kick-start your path as an independent professional.

Fiverr offers a wide variety of industries and job categories to pursue. For instance, you can start earning money as a freelancer right out of the gate writing, video editing or managing social media accounts. 

The Best Side Hustles Idea for Women

Looking at job postings from more than 55,000 companies, FlexJobs came up with a list of the top 30 companies with the most significant number of freelance job postings for the year. 

Most of the companies on the list are staffing or recruitment agencies. Some are full-service and deal with various jobs, while others focus on specific roles and industries.

First, FlexJobs singled out the following top 10 careers and professions side business ideas for ladies. The principal areas of their survey respondents include:

  1. Writing
  2. Customer Service
  3. Administrative
  4. Data Entry
  5. Education & Training
  6. Art & Creative
  7. Editing
  8. Marketing
  9. Computer & IT
  10. Consulting

Fiverr’s PR team also shares that the following gigs are rising (already having high demand before 2018).

From here, you can choose from several categories. Fiverr accommodates a diverse range of freelancers, so you’d likely find the services you’re looking for regardless of your niche.

The Top 30 Companies Hiring Freelance Workers

Secondly, to help women find easy side hustles from home, FlexJobs make up a list of the top 30 companies for jobs as a freelancer.

Ranked in order from highest to lowest volume of work-from-anywhere job listings.

1. Wikimedia Foundation

2. Achieve Test Prep

3. Coalition Technologies

4. Chainlink Labs

5. Elastic. co

6. Cactus Communications

7. Hopin

8. Toptal

9. Automattic

10. SelfDecode

11. ModSquad

12. Deel


14. Kraken

15. Protocol Labs

16. GitLab

17. DreamView Inc.

18. Chili Piper

19. GitHub

20. Mango Languages


22. Canonical


23. InVision

24. Superside

25. Cambridge Proofreading & Editing


27. Platform. sh

28. Venga Global

29. Andela

30. Sourcegraph

The Freelancing Revolution: Are You Planning to Start Freelancing This Year?

Figuring out how to start freelancing can be a little overwhelming at first. I know it was for me to be a freelance blogger.

Still, finding easy ways for women to make money can make a positive difference in their finances. This side hustles ideas can help you make a little money, and many of them don’t require any prior experience. And if you’re ready to start freelancing in your spare time, any of these part-time side hustles could quickly turn into a full-time gig.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I make An Extra $1000 a Month?

Freelancing and affiliate marking are still your best bet to make an extra 1000 a month. However, surveys for money are becoming so popular regarding easy, low-effort ways to make money on the side. It’s usually one of the first opportunities many of us would consider.

What Are The Most Profitable Side Hustles For Women?

The most profitable and easy ways for women to make money online are those that grow without directly requiring your time. In most cases, that means selling a digital product like a course or e-books or membership site, making money from YouTube views, freelancing, starting Amazon affiliate niche sites or monetizing your blog.

How Can Busy Moms Make More Money Online?

Freelance writing, virtual assistance, graphic design, Data Entry, creating digital products, and starting affiliate marking are great ways moms can make more money

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