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10 Brilliant Free Tools for Social Media Content Creator Uncovered (2022)

Mark Apletree

10 Brilliant Free Tools for Social Media Content Creator Uncovered (2022)
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10 Brilliant Free Tools for Social Media Content Creator, who makes my list?

Looking to create content for social media? The right tools can help content creators speed up the process, gain insights, and publish a better post.

There’s no doubt we live in a visual age. That means if you don’t have any social media content creation strategy, you’re losing your audience.

That’s why big and small business needs reliable social media content creation tools to boost brand awareness, earn audience trust, and encourage sales. Consumers worldwide rely on social media for peer opinions and general info on your brand.

In fact, stats prove it. 45 per cent of customers worldwide say they use social media at least once a month to research prospective products and brands before spending their money.

The bottom line: if you’re going to stay ahead of the marketing game, you are going to need tools to use my top social media content creator.

Social Media Content Creator - The Retired Affiliates

But not everyone’s a design whiz. We totally get that.

Luckily, you can make the content designing and planning process a breeze with the proper online content creation tools. The right tools can help content creators speed up the process, gain insights, and publish better-performing content.

Where to start?

There is no need to search all over the internet to pick up the tools to level up your content strategy. I rounded up the 10 best content creation tools (2022) for dedicated social media content creators like you, and there’s a bonus.

If you would like to learn more about Affiliate Marketing and how you can start for FREE, you might want to have a look at a company called Wealthy Affiliate.

I have been doing this for sometime now, and from all the platforms I have looked at, the FREE version of Wealthy Affiliate is definitely worth jumping on board with.

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14 thoughts on “10 Brilliant Free Tools for Social Media Content Creator Uncovered (2022)”

  1. Nice article about what tools can be useful for us trying to get inmersed in this business. I am a begginer, and have been taking courses for Canvas already. I was not aware of the Fast Free Quotes Image Maker, which will deffinetly save me a lot of time. Did not begin my business yet (I do have the niche I will be working on), as I first want to learn all I can. Thanks again for the tips and will surely check each one of these tools. 

  2. Great tips! I’m amazed how many websites there are when choosing free images to use for content. Canva is eye-appealing, and definitely worth checking out. I also notice iOS has iMovie, which happens to be very convenient for users building websites from an apple device. 

    Even though I currently use an iPad and don’t use iMovie from my iPad, I’m willing to give it a go.

    Thanks for the information. 🙂

  3. CaitlinBrooks

    I have not long started wealthy affiliate and so far my experience has been great. I was wondering are you going to mention about the training WA gives?
    I think wealthy affiliate is definitely a good starting point for anybody that is starting out in affiliate marketing and creating content with social media. I do like how you have layout your article it has actually given me some creative ideas so thank you.

  4. Hello. Great article!! I’m with Affiliate Marketing too.Anf I can tell you by experience that I started free ,I did my first.courdr and build part of my website free.  The team gives you great support and helps you when ever you need it.There is a chat to get in touch and also a place where you can ask any question. It’s awesome. Thank you for sharing

  5. Isarc Woodson

    These were really helpful tips for me! I had not heard about wealthy affiliate for long and this article was great. Wealthy affiliate are also a great company to work with. They have created a great platform for people to learn and work on affiliate marketing and is a great way for new comers to learn to make money online.

  6. Hi Mark, social media has become such a big part of our lives, that it is essential to have a presence on social media. Creating content for social media can be very time consuming, so to have access to free tools to assist us, is great. 

    I have been using Canva for a while, but keep on discovering more features that are extremely useful. Many of the other tools I have not come across before, so thank you for sharing some great ideas and tips. 

    Wealthy Affiliate is certainly an awesome platform for affiliate marketing, and the fact that one can start for free, is a huge bonus to anybody that wants to start affiliate marketing. 

  7. I use Keynote, PowerPoint, and Canva to design my social media content. It’s very handy and easy to do. I promote my content mainly on Pinterest. I want to create a YouTube channel, but I think it’s even harder than making a blog. Do you have any suggestions if I want to start creating videos on YouTube? 

    1. Hey Sugiya

      If you want to start your own YouTube channel I would highly recommend watching Eric Cantus video tutorials where he takes you through everything from starting to earning with your channel.

      You can check his video series here

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