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Fiction Profits Academy Conclusive Review

Mark Apletree

This review will help you understand Fiction Profits Academy and whether it’s legit. We’ll also discuss who is behind the academy and how you can join the course. And, of course, we’ll take a look at Karla Marie’s background. Read on for my full review.

If you’re considering enrolling in a course like Fiction Profits Academy, here are some things you should know. For starters, Karla Marie claims to have written romance novels and has become quite wealthy. But there is no proof for this. She may have become rich by selling her course, or she could be a financial guru.

The program includes weekly group coaching calls, playbacks of previous coaching calls, and templates. It also costs $649 monthly, so it isn’t too steep.

I would recommend it to others serious about writing and publishing. But be sure to read this Fiction Profits Academy Review before making your final decision.

This program is not for everyone. Although it claims to make you six figures, it isn’t easy. There are so many competitions in the industry. The program’s primary focus is to teach you how to get more exposure and sales on Amazon.

If you’re a writer passionate about writing, it may be worth taking the plunge. But if you’re not interested in spending money on advertising, there are many other passive income options.

Fiction Profits Academy Overview

Fiction Profits Academy website homepage with dark blue background and bold white writing.

Product Name: Fiction Profits Academy


Instructor: Karla Marie

Price: Lifetime payment of $1,997, or 4 monthly payments of $649

Type: Amazon Book Publishing Training

Best For: Beginner and expert book publishers

  • The creator is genuine
  • The training is centred on publishing with Amazon.
  • The program has great potential to help you earn money online.
  • It comes with limited profit potential.
  • The competition is very high
  • It is pricey for a total beginner.

What is Fiction Profits Academy?

Fiction Profits Academy claims to help aspiring authors publish their books on Amazon and make seventy percent royalties.

Are you curious about what the Fiction Profits Academy is? Well, let’s dive right into it. The Fiction Profits Academy is an innovative platform that seeks to educate aspiring authors on how to turn their imaginative narratives into lucrative ventures. No more mystery, no more puzzles! This community is all about demystifying the process of profiting from your fiction writing.

What sets the Fiction Profits Academy apart is its laser focus on fiction. While many writing programs offer a broad approach, this academy narrows down the field to fiction, making it a gem for those who have stories burning inside them and are eager to share with the world. The ultimate goal here is to empower you to turn your passion into a paycheck.

The owner of the course, Karla Marie, has a proven track record in online marketing. She uses webinars and other online marketing techniques to generate leads and sell her course.

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Who is Karla Marie?

Karla Marie is an Instagram sensation, model, and social influencer with nearly a million followers. A bilingual personality, she is widely recognized for her positive message and unique style.

She has been modelling for so long and became Miss Arizona Latina in 2016. In addition to modelling, she is a YouTube creator, creating content for her two channels.

Karla Marie is not yet married but has been romantically linked to many men. She has a boyfriend named Chachi Vega and was once engaged to him.

However, the relationship ended due to personal reasons. There are many theories as to how Karla got married so young. But despite her enviable status, there is no clear proof of a relationship.

While her Instagram page does feature pictures of her boyfriend and dog, the following information is based on rumors.

Delving Deeper: The Nuts & Bolts Of Fiction Profits Academy

The Fiction Profits Academy has been carefully curated and structured to provide a comprehensive approach to fiction writing for profit. At the heart of it all, the academy provides a selection of courses and webinars that cater to every level of writer, from the novice to the seasoned author looking to increase their revenue.

Imagine having access to a treasure trove of resources that not only sharpen your storytelling skills but also guide you in navigating the world of publishing and marketing. From crafting compelling characters to understanding the dynamics of self-publishing, the Fiction Profits Academy has got you covered.

Is Fiction Profits Academy Legit?

The course is designed for aspiring writers who want to earn from their work and showcase it on Amazon. While this method might not work every time, it increases your chances of a successful sale.

To launch your product on Amazon, you need to get plenty of reviews. This will demonstrate that the product is legit. Also, you need to learn how to use Facebook ads and get many likes.

The creator, Karla Marie, is a digital entrepreneur who claims to have made six figures from self-publishing books on Amazon.

Though she has a small YouTube channel with over 3K subscribers, her videos are not updated in more than six months.

Karla’s YouTube ad pitches the course, which consists of 10 modules. The modules cover topics like developing a million-dollar mindset, hiring ghostwriters, formatting your book, and scaling your business with paid ads. In addition, she offers support in a private Facebook group and live coaching sessions from Karla Marie.

What is Inside the Fiction Profits Academy Course?

So, you’ve signed up for the Fiction Profits Academy course, but you’re wondering what you can expect to learn inside. The answer is quite varied, but you can generally expect to learn about Blurbs and Formatting, All Things KDP, The Perfect Launch Strategy, and Facebook Ads Mastery. In this section, we’ll discuss each module in more detail.

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Module 1: The Million Dollar Mindset

The first module of Fiction Profits Academy is titled The Millionaire Mindset. This module will teach you to write a million-dollar book and then use a proven strategy to launch it on Amazon.

While this technique is not guaranteed to work for every book, it can significantly increase your chances of success.

This training program covers all you need to know about self-publishing on Amazon, including the best way to explore Facebook ads to drive traffic to your product.

The course also has a private Facebook group for students to connect and ask questions. The million-dollar mindset course includes live coaching from Karla Marie and is highly recommended.

Module 2: The Basics of Self-Publishing eBooks

This course teaches you how to choose a profitable niche and theme. In addition to defining your target audience, this module teaches you how to choose the best book marketing strategies and create a platform for your eBooks.

It covers everything from creating an email list to maximizing your book sales right from the start. You can begin by learning the basics of self-publishing with Fiction Profits Academy.

You’ll learn how to create and market a book for Amazon. The course also covers the process of outsourcing work – something that will cost you more than you spend if you do it yourself.

Module 3: How to Build Your Books

After you’ve finished the course, the next step is to choose your theme and niche. You’ll also learn how to create an author page and biography.

Finally, you’ll learn about leveraging your social media presence. Once you’ve outlined your theme and niche, you’re ready to start building your book’s marketing plan.

If you’ve taken an online financial course before, you’ll recognize the importance of understanding the terms and conditions of your chosen platform.

This information is vital to your success in this industry, and the course will provide you with the tools to meet those requirements.

This module teaches you the steps necessary to create an outline of the content of your book. You will learn to create a writing plan, including a list of chapters and key content.

You’ll also learn best practices for organizing content and researching ideas. Additionally, you’ll learn about essential tools to get started with book writing, including a blog or website and a social media profile.

Module 4 – The Perfect Cover for Your Books

Book covers should showcase your content in the best possible way. To get started, use IngramSpark’s book-building tool.

It includes an online book store, a tool to build a book, and a publishing platform. Using IngramSpark’s book-building tool can make the process easier for you. This step also includes a step-by-step guide to creating a book cover.

Module 5: Blurbs and Formatting

You’ve probably heard about blurbs and book marketing, but you might not know how to write one. Blurbs are the short text that appears on the back cover of your book. They can either give a brief description of what your book is about or act as a sales copy.

In this module, you’ll learn how to write a descriptive and compelling blurb, even if you’re not a professional writer.

Fiction Profits Academy is divided into three sections: mindset, marketing, and writing. There’s even a private Facebook group where members can ask questions and get live coaching from the course creator. The course covers Amazon’s terms and conditions for using their platform.

Module 6: All Things KDP

If you’ve been thinking about self-publishing on Amazon, you might be curious about the KDP program. This platform allows self-published books to reach a wider audience.

This module will teach you to use this program and get your book approved quickly. You’ll learn how to hire ghostwriters, format your books, and launch your books on Amazon. Also, you’ll learn how to scale your sales with Facebook ads.

The course’s author has an impressive track record as an online marketer, using webinars and other methods to generate leads and sell more books.

The sales page of Fiction Profits Academy is littered with glowing testimonials of past students. While Karla Marie is an expert in the niche, some students may become too excited to make a profit with her course.

It’s wise to approach any high-ticket course cautiously and consider the pros and cons before enrolling. Many other online courses offer similar training, but I’d recommend sticking with one that includes a refund policy.

Module 7: The Perfect Launch Strategy

While you cannot afford to pay thousands of dollars for a marketing campaign, you can take advantage of the cost-effective methods of Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) to boost your sales and brand awareness.

You can even use Facebook ads, which cost anywhere from $5 to $10 daily. However, consider the risk and additional costs associated with Facebook ads.

In this module, you will learn how to create a successful launch strategy for your eBook. After you’ve created your book, you can publish it on Amazon.

You can even earn 70% royalties using Kindle Direct Publishing, though this percentage drops to 35% after selling it for prices outside the $2.99-$9.99 range.

As a bonus, Fiction Profits Academy gives you access to a private Facebook group and features live coaching from Karla Marie.

Creating an opt-in call-to-action (CTA) within your book is another option offered in the course. You can create a landing page and regular promotional emails.

By combining all these strategies, you can get your book in front of thousands of potential buyers. Another method used by most successful authors is using webinars.

However, this method isn’t the most effective, but it does increase your chances of a successful launch. The course teaches you how to use Facebook ads, which is another option you might want to consider.

Module 8: Facebook Advertisements Mastery Course

The course teaches the principles of Facebook marketing, including the different types of audiences and the difference between retargeting and custom audiences.

You’ll learn how to create effective campaigns, analyze results, and make sense of performance metrics. These are just a few of the many benefits of this course.

But perhaps the most significant benefit is its practicality for real-world business owners. Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, you’ll be able to take advantage of its many tools.

This module covers the most important aspects of Facebook ads. Facebook is a notoriously expensive traffic source, and you’ll likely need to test several variations before finding what works best.

Module 6 covers setting up your Facebook account and business manager account. Kevin demonstrates how to create effective ads using real-life examples and step-by-step guidance. You’ll learn how to use a Facebook pixel and get a complete overview of Facebook Ad manager features.

If you’re on a budget, this module might be just suitable for you. For $1,497, you’ll get access to a group coaching session once a week.

But be warned that this course is overpriced compared to other courses in the same niche. If you’re considering putting this money into a course, you’re probably better off looking elsewhere.

Module 9: Creating Raving Fans

After earning over six figures from her fiction novels, Karla Marie founded Fiction Profits Academy. She knew this opportunity would work for anyone willing to learn.

She now works from anywhere in the world. Her first student, Roy Lewis, earned over 2.3 million dollars in publishing fiction novels.

Roy is very generous and helps others achieve their financial goals. Her course has taught him many things he never dreamed of.

The Fiction Profits Academy course is created by digital entrepreneur “Karla Marie”. She claims to have made six figures from self-publishing books on Amazon.

The course consists of 10 videos on the millionaire mindset, hiring a ghostwriter, formatting, launching, and scaling up your sales with paid ads.

A private Facebook group allows you to ask questions and receive answers. It is worth looking for aspiring authors who want to make a living with fiction. The only real downfall is the price tag. The course is $1,497, but you can pay in three installments of $789.

Module 10: Scaling Your Business

If you’re looking for advice on scaling your business, Module 10 will help you do just that. This course teaches you how to rethink your product, set up a growth team, and align your sales and marketing to be scalable.

You’ll also learn how to protect your cash, company, and personal well-being. This module comprises practical advice, real-life examples, and expert big-picture insights.

This module focuses on optimizing processes and company operations. It focuses on preparing your product for exponential growth. Doing so will minimize risk and increase your chances of success.

In this model, you’ll learn how to scale your product to meet increasing customer demand and make it easier to maintain profitability.

You’ll also learn about the key elements to scale your business, including hiring virtual professionals and outsourcing work.

Fiction Profits Academy Pricing

The course has two payment options:

  • A one-time fee of $1,997
  • Four monthly payments of $649, totalling $2,596

Learn From The Masters: The Expertise Behind Fiction Profits Academy

What makes the Fiction Profits Academy truly stand out is the wealth of expertise behind it. The academy is founded and facilitated by successful authors who’ve turned their passion for fiction into a thriving business. They have walked the walk and are ready to guide you along the same path to success.

These expert authors aren’t just educators—they’re mentors. They understand the nuances and complexities of the industry. They know the triumph of seeing their book climb the charts, and they’ve faced the challenges of writer’s block and dwindling sales. And they’re here to share their hard-earned wisdom with you.

More Than Just Lessons: The Community Of Fiction Profits Academy

The Fiction Profits Academy offers more than just lessons and webinars; it’s a community. This community is teeming with authors at all stages of their writing and publishing journey, providing a supportive space to exchange ideas, receive feedback, and form valuable connections.

In this community, you’re not alone. You’re part of a network of authors who are all rooting for your success. So, take advantage of this unique opportunity. Engage in the forums, join the discussions, and soak up the collective wisdom of your fellow writers.

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Fiction Profits Academy Conclusion

There are many positive things about Fiction Profits Academy, but there’s one major con: Karla Marie doesn’t have an author profile on her website. She makes most of her money selling her online course. However, the refund policy is complicated and vague.

You must complete all Fiction Profits Academy modules to get a refund, attend two coaching calls, and create a lead magnet and eBook.

After completing all this, you must publish your eBook on Amazon. If you don’t feel confident about your writing skills, you can always ask for a refund or try another method.

Convinced yet? Ready to take the plunge? Joining the Fiction Profits Academy is as straightforward as it gets. Simply visit the website, explore the courses on offer, and sign up for the ones that resonate with you.

Once you’re in, you’ll gain instant access to a wealth of resources and a community eager to help you succeed. So, what are you waiting for? Step into the exciting world of Fiction Profits Academy, and let your journey to success begin today.

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