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Commission Hotshot – Is Art Flair Legit?

Mark Apletree

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After reading this Art Flair’s Commission Hotshot review, you will know whether it is the right program! Commission Hotshot is a make-money-online program that works with no online assets or expertise.

It can promote affiliate products, CPA offers, and your products. This product has software to help you automate the entire process, but it offers little help.

The Commission Hotshot system is not perfect, but it helps you build a following for yourself and others on YouTube.

It also offers a dashboard that allows you to track your progress. The introduction video is about two minutes long and tells you how to find products to promote, create videos, and optimize your website.

There are also some helpful tips that you can use to improve your rankings. One video alone is almost 9 minutes long.

Commission Hotshot Overview

Commission Hotshot book cover in purple on an orange background

Product Name: Commission Hotshot

Official Website:

Creator: Art Flair

Price: Initially, it costs $17-$19 but currently $1 for the Standard Lite version, $4.95 for the Pro version, and upsells worth $482 in total.

Type: Automation Marketing Training

Best For: Anyone who wants to automate YouTube and earn a passive income


  • You’re in total control
  • There’s no need to hire a freelancer for it
  • It saves you a lot of money
  • It helps you get traffic faster
  • You’ll get results within the first 24 hours
  • It saves you time


  • The fast result is unproven
  • The upsells are quite expensive
  • Some techniques explored are deceitful

What Is Commission Hotshot?

The commission hotshot is a digital marketing program that automates the entire process in minutes. Unlike other systems, Commission Hotshot doesn’t require tracking or re-visitation.

The creator of Commission Hotshot is Art Flair. He’s a marketing veteran with a track record of creating popular products.


His affiliates include Pallab Ghosal, Ram Rawat, and others with years of experience. Their experience and expertise are evident in their many other products. Commission Hotshot is no exception. You can earn $100-500 per day using this system!

The founders have experience in other online business ventures and are familiar with the industry and their products. The team behind Commission Hotshot is responsible for many successful programs, so it’s essential to read the reviews and look at the founder’s credentials.

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Who is Art Flair?

Art Flair claims that the course can help you create a massive email list of thousands of people. It also claims to send only offers to those who have expressed an interest. What does all of this mean? Well, you should not expect to become rich overnight.

Art Flair, Phallab Ghosal, and Ram Rawaer are three digital marketers and product creators. All of these men have created dozens of similar products on Warrior Plus.

In addition to the bonus videos, the Commission Hotshot course contains a membership area. It contains an introduction video and a 6:57 case study video.

You can join the FB mastermind group for $10. And for $12, you can get the complete Pro package which includes a commercial license, allowing you to resell the course.

The case studies pack costs about $25-27. The commission Hotshot sales page suggests that you don’t need to create an email campaign to make money online.

Art Flair has been in the online marketing industry for a decade despite being an affiliate. His commission Hotshot course has more to do with video marketing than affiliate marketing.

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Art uses his extensive experience in this field to create training videos that offer step-by-step instructions. While this isn’t a course that will change your life overnight, it is worth looking into. There is a lot to learn and to improve your marketing business.

Commission Hotshot Members’ Area

You can find a lot of scams on the Internet, and it’s tough to tell which ones are genuine. Commission Hotshot is not a scam, but you should be careful when choosing a program – many of them are just regurgitated sales pages.

That’s why it’s essential to check out the creators and read a few reviews before you purchase. Thankfully, the Commission Hotshot is backed by a team of experienced marketers, and the products inside are great for beginners.

However, the Commission Hotshot method teaches affiliates how to create compelling videos that rank on YouTube and make a ton of money with their videos.

Is Commission Hotshot A Scam?

As the product is marketed by a team of affiliate marketers who have worked online for a long time, they have gained a lot of experience in affiliate marketing.

Some developed products include Buyers List Ninja, Easy Arbitrage Profits, 5rr Cash Machine, Free Traffic Renegades, and 6 Minute Profits.

In addition, they have released the Traffic Xtractor 2.0 program. The team behind Commission Hotshot has released many products that have gained popularity and have gotten much praise from users.

First, let’s talk about what the product is. This program promises to create an email list of hungry buyers and teaches you to get commissions in the fastest possible time.

The product also has many given features, which are meant to help you make profits. Moreover, it comes with case studies describing the creator’s methods to generate profit.

Moreover, the product promises to give you $100 to $500 daily profit. Despite the claims, it is not a scam.

What is Inside the Commission Hotshot Course?

The course includes a complete training program to help you earn a commission online. Let’s take a look inside.

Module 1: Creating a Blog and Posting Review videos

To make your blog a success, you need to attract traffic. Posting review videos is a great way to increase traffic. To get more views and traffic, you must rank high on Google.

This is easier said than done, but there are some things you can do to increase your rankings. Here are some tips:

  • Install the VidIQ extension on your browser
  • Blast your videos on social media to generate backlinks
  • Use trending hashtags in your description

Module 2 – Finding the Right Offer

The Commission Hotshot course is a legit affiliate marketing course geared towards YouTube. Its instructor, Art Flair, is a successful affiliate marketer and product creator.

He showcases his earnings throughout the course. His YouTube experience is almost a year long. Art Flair knows how to market on YouTube and is willing to share his expertise.

The program is sectionalized into two: the Lite Version and the PRO. The Lite Version includes cheat sheets and DFY images.

The PRO Version includes description creator and analyzer software, a bonus case study, and a commercial license. Art Flair’s course teaches the right approach to Youtube review videos, which is the most crucial part of the entire course.

Art Flair’s method involves promoting various products. This method has been proven to generate high-quality traffic and sales from a single source – YouTube.

The method is proven to work by Art Flair. His methods do not include social media or paid advertising, so you can earn with Commission Hotshot without worrying about list building.

In the High Ticket Hotshot course, you’ll learn how to find and promote high-ticket products and make 100x your commissions!

It takes an equal amount of effort to make a $300 commission as it does to sell a $1000 product. What’s better, this program automates the entire process for you. You can start making money on the Internet in minutes, and the process is completely automated.

Module 3: Making Your Website

Creating a working website is the final step in the Making Your Website course. You can use HTML5UP or another website that has a template you like.

Choose one and download the necessary files. Choose a theme, and modify the HTML and CSS files to fit it.

Alternatively, you can create a simple, read-only website and publish it. If you’re looking to build a professional website with the support of a mentor, Module 3 is the place to start.

Module 4: Using Free Tools to Create Campaigns

Commission Hotshot is a good option if you’re looking for a step-by-step video course that explains how to create campaigns using free tools. It will teach you how to promote a product from the comfort of your own home.

The Commission Hotshot Course includes many free tools, which are very useful in creating campaigns. The courses also contain tutorial videos and case studies.

Art Flair teaches you how to create a YouTube video and post it on a blog, boosting your chances of ranking high on Google. If you’re not a skilled video producer, you can use the free tools to create a campaign, like YouTube.

Module 5: Creating Reviews

The Commission Hotshot course is a legitimate online training program for affiliate marketers focusing on YouTube.

how to make money online – the process explained

This Video training has one simple goal… to help yOU understand the process of making money online, and its simpler than you think!

The instructor of the course, Art Flair, is an experienced affiliate marketer and product creator. He shows you how to find products to promote and create videos. The training video is shorter than two minutes – and explains how to get started.

Art Flair’s training modules are easy to understand and follow, and there is a downloadable course manual available for you to use.

Art Flair’s video tutorials cover everything you need to know, from creating your website to using free tools to create campaigns. In this module, you’ll learn how to make a review video. YouTube’s algorithms consider how long a video is watched.

Art Flair also discusses the types of products to promote on YouTube and why they’re great for affiliate marketing. In addition, all products that you can promote on YouTube have been pre-approved by Art Flair and are ready to go.

Module 6: How to Get a High Click-through Rate

To know how to get a high click-through rate, you should watch the course’s introduction video. This is less than 2 minutes long and will explain how to find products to promote and create videos.

Also, consider creating your blog, which will help with ranking. But there’s a catch to this system. It’s not easy to learn affiliate marketing by yourself.


When looking for a product, find one from a reputable and experienced creator. Commission Hotshot has the backing of Team Black Belt, including Art Flair, Ram Rawat, and Pallab Ghosal.

While there are plenty of scams on the Internet, this product is designed for beginners and can be an excellent option for making money online. It includes modules on YouTube marketing, affiliate marketing, blogging, and more.

Module 7: How to Structure Title Tag and Description

If you’re new to YouTube marketing, you may be interested in learning more about how to structure title tags and descriptions in the Commission Hotshot Course.

Unlike most courses on this subject, this one is about YouTube affiliate marketing, and its instructor is an expert with years of experience. He offers step-by-step video training and includes case studies of his income.

Art Flair is a digital marketer, and his products have a cult following, including many newbies. He has been successful with products like Easy Arbitrage, which launched two months before Commission Hotshot. It’s a powerful way to generate traffic for free, which he uses to promote his products.

The course includes software to automate the process, and the introduction video is less than two minutes long. In it, he recommends starting your blog to boost rankings. But this software can’t do it all.

Module 8: How to Get Backlinks

The Commission Hotshot course is a legitimate product of Art Fair. Its instructor, Art Flair, is an expert in affiliate marketing and product creation.

Art Flair is a YouTube affiliate marketer and product creator, and he shows his earnings figures throughout the course.

He also has nearly a year of experience. As a bonus, he offers you a recurring bot, which finds hungry customers in any geo-location.

Commission Hotshot claims to send offers only to people who are interested in them. Its dashboard features a video training course and offers a 100% profit guarantee.

Module 9: How to Use Social Media to Get Traffic

Art Flair has released several other successful products, including The Commission Hotshot Reloaded. The creators of this course have a history of success and are known for delivering quality products that can help a newbie achieve success.

This training course includes two pieces of software and a case study. It is suitable for intermediate and newbie marketers and teaches step-by-step how to create a winning campaign.

The course does not require a website, email list, or social media marketing. It even shows you how to create a video without getting on a camera.

The Commission Hotshot Reloaded will help you generate traffic and sales using a simple three-step formula. Many people over-complicate the process, but this training has simplified it to an easy-to-follow 3-step formula. Art Flair and the other members of the Commission Hotshot course made $789 in 19 minutes.

Module 10: Scaling up and Conclusion

The Commission Hotshot Course is a YouTube affiliate marketing course. However, there are a few upsells you can try if you are serious about making money online.

The first upsell lets you keep 100% of the commission you earn from the product, as long as you can prove you have traffic and commissions.

The second upsell gives you access to Team Black Belt products, launched a few months before Commission Hotshot.

Commission Hotshot Pricing

Initially, the Commission Hotshot Course cost $17-$19. But today, you can get it for $1 if you purchase the Lite Version. The Pro Version costs $4.95 and includes Bonus Case Study, Product Description Creator Software, and Youtube Rank Analyzer.

For an additional $482, you can purchase the upsells, which include eight more case studies, bonus training, and a commercial license.


With the Commission Hotshot software, you can use YouTube to boost your rankings, so you can send them to people who are interested in your niche.

The final module of the Commission Hotshot Course explains how to create and promote videos for each product. Creating a personal blog is also recommended, as it can improve your ranking.

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