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BuySellAds Review – Can You Make Money With It?

Mark Apletree

83 / 100

If you’re considering using this website to promote your website, you may want to check out my detailed BuySellAds review first. This review will cover how you can make money with the service.

While the company doesn’t open up completely to publishers and advertisers, they send out an email with the necessary account information.

Many publishers and advertisers weren’t aware that they needed to pay extra for traffic from certain regions. They also weren’t aware of the fees that they would incur until they started getting paid.

As a publisher, you can select from a marketplace of offers from publishers who want to advertise on your website.

Depending on the nature of your niche, you can target your audience based on the CPM rate and demographics. You can also select the length of your campaign and the number of impressions you want.

You’ll then upload your creative, displayed on the publisher’s site. Alternatively, you can opt to publish sponsored content or display ads.

What Is BuySellAds?


BuySellAds is an advertising program that allows you to sell ads on your site with the help of paid placements.

In addition to enabling you to sell your ads, this site also allows you to buy advertisements. BuySellAds is easy to use and comes with a simple interface. You can list your ad placements in the marketplace and track the results.

The platform connects advertisers with publishers and allows you to choose from various ad formats and prices.

As a publisher, you can choose the ads you want to place on your website. BuySellAds allows you to place ads across multiple media and offers a flexible interface to control your ad inventory’s pricing and other extras.

The company has made rapid progress as a company, and early clients like FreshBooks and Evanto use the service.

BuySellAds Features

For advertisers and publishers alike, BuySellAds is the best way to maximize profits and minimize costs. The platform offers real-time ad inventory trading, access to premium publishers, and a high fill rate for advertisers.

A simple interface makes it easy to list and manage ad space, and a range of features make it a worthwhile addition to your website.


BuySellAds has been featured in more than 20,000 articles and mentioned on top websites worldwide as a self-service advertising marketplace.

This platform enables advertisers to place their ads directly on top publisher websites and sells their inventory through direct sales to publishers.

It specializes in display ads, targeted text units, and links and can sell inventory at a premium price to both publishers and advertisers.

Its inventory quality varies based on the buyer’s quality and the ad’s quality, so be sure to sell your inventory to high-quality users.

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How Does BuySellAds Work?

A website like BuySellAds links advertisers and publishers. The platform matches them in a way that makes the transaction easy. All the relevant information is displayed upfront, which makes it easy to understand.

Additionally, advertisers can create specific ad units and choose from different formats and prices. Publishers can also opt to sell certain ad zones on their site.

After signing up with BuySellAds, publishers list their websites on the marketplace. Advertisers purchase advertising space on the website directly from the publisher.

Publishers can accept or reject these offers based on their niche. Once the ads are published on their website, the advertiser pays the publisher according to the agreed-upon amount.

Publishers can use BuySellAds to sell ad space on their websites. It provides a simple platform for both parties to make money.

After registering, advertisers enter an ad space on their website and select a budget. After entering a certain budget, publishers can list their site and post an informational box. In addition, publishers can also list their monthly traffic and payment requirements.

When Does BuySellAds Pay Its Publishers?

Publishers get paid as soon as a month’s worth of sales has been reached. The company makes two monthly payments to its publishers and to itself.

Publishers can request their payments via email. The process is simple and fast. It’s important to note, however, that the commission rate charged by BuySellAds is lower than those of other ad networks. The commission-based approach may not be ideal for all publishers.


You can set your minimum revenue threshold. You can accept BuySellAds ads or monetize ad blocker traffic with the ad network.

The minimum payout threshold is $20 for PayPal and $50 for wire transfers. However, you can request your payments manually.

Payouts are processed within two to three days of submission. If your earnings are under $50, you can wait a few more days to get paid.

How Much Money Can You Earn with BuySellAds?

It depends on many factors, including your website’s traffic and the niche you’re targeting. Generally, it takes around 50,000 unique visitors a month to be accepted.

You can choose to have two monthly payments or request payment at the end of the month. The best way to earn with BuySellAds is to make your site a quality one with a loyal following.

Your site’s traffic and content play a big role in determining your results with BuySellAds. Without engaged traffic, you’ll have difficulty passing monetized traffic to advertisers.

On the other hand, a site with high-quality traffic will attract good advertisers and make more money per click and month.

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Should You Join BuySellAds?

Regarding online advertising, it’s worth checking out a network like BuySellAds. The site offers a variety of niches and is completely customizable.

You can target ads based on demographics, languages, and keywords. It also takes into account the traffic requirements of your site, which may make it difficult to join if your site is not targeted. A good place to start is by checking out its free trial offer.

A basic setup with the site’s dashboard is fairly straightforward. Sign up and click “Add Inventory.” You can choose your medium (mobile website, desktop website, RSS feed, email, desktop app, or ad unit), choose the payment method, and enter your URL. When you are satisfied with your ads, you can list them in the marketplace.

When submitting your site for ad placement, it’s easy to join BuySellAds. You can create an account within a few clicks, and the entire process can be done online.

You will need an email address, first and last name, and a password. Like Facebook and Twitter, you’ll need to provide a short description of your site, along with the category, channel, and language. Additionally, you can enter up to two ads per page.

BuySellAds Requirements

If you’re planning to get into online advertising, you should learn more about the requirements of BuySellAds. They have strict policies regarding publisher content, such as sexual and adult content, gambling, artificial impressions and clicks, and computer programming.

They also prohibit certain content, such as obscene or defamatory language. However, these are not the only requirement for becoming a publisher.

To join BuySellAds, you must own a website. You may face rejection if your site doesn’t have relevant content or targeted ads.


To join BuySellAds, you must install their code on your site, which includes a header code, a bottom bar code, and a sidebar code. You can obtain more information about these requirements from their official website.

The process is free. You’ll only pay when your ad spot is accepted. You can choose from various ad spaces, including banners, sidebar ads, and more.

The zone feature will define the exact position of your ad spot. You can place the ad in the sidebar, top, or bottom. However, remember to set a price for your spot!

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