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If you have heard about the Amazon Audible Affiliate Program, you may wonder if it’s a good fit. This article will answer your questions about Amazon Audible, what the program is all about, and how you can make money with it.

The Audible Affiliate program offers many benefits, including a subscription service, a huge catalog, and a commission structure you can work with.

If you plan on making money online, you will also enjoy the convenience of marketing through a blog. Audible stands out from other audiobook companies because its reputable brand gives consumers peace of mind. Though it does not come cheap, this program offers numerous benefits to its affiliates.

Commission Junction hosts the Amazon Audible Affiliate program. You will receive a range of marketing materials to promote your affiliate links. Once you have verified your account, you can post banners, customizable widgets, and custom URL links.

Once you’ve made a post, you can add a link to the free audiobook you’ve downloaded. If your post looks normal, moderators will likely leave it alone.

What is Amazon Audible?

A collection of books available through the amazon audible affiliate program including most popular and famous voices.

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If you’re wondering what Amazon Audible is, it’s a membership-based audiobook service where you earn advertising fees for eligible Audible Free Trials.

Amazon has various advertising options, including text links and images for Audible products, individual audiobook titles, and banners to promote Audible Free Trials. You can choose the best option for your website, and you’ll earn a commission every time someone clicks on your link.

If you don’t already have an Amazon associates account, sign up today and get instant approval! Once you’ve completed your profile, you’ll get an affiliate link and can begin promoting on your site.

Another method to promote Audible is by using Quora marketing. Answering questions in your niche on Quora is a great way to build traffic. People will click through to your website if you post your answers on Quora. This is an excellent way to build your audience and boost your sales.

Joining the Audible Affiliate Program

The Audible affiliate program is run through Amazon, the largest audiobook platform in the world. You can sign up for a free trial to earn cash with Audible.

You can use the Associate’s Central homepage tool to make it easier for potential customers to find a good audiobook. You can also include specific titles on your homepage.

Audio books concept with books and headphones

To join the Audible affiliate program, register on Amazon and create an account. You will then receive an affiliate link from the program’s website. Once you’ve created an account, follow the steps to set up your affiliate link and begin selling audiobooks.


The affiliate’s link will automatically generate a commission. Amazon associates will instantly approve you for the program. You will receive a minimum commission of $50 and be eligible to participate in various affiliate programs.

When your referrals sign up for a free trial, you’ll receive $15. This amount you can earn over time as it will continue to grow.

You can expect to receive payment monthly if you refer a certain number of people to Audible. This program is easy to get started and provides great earnings.

How Can You Make Money with the Amazon Audible Affiliate Program?

There are three basic steps that you can take to earn through the Amazon Audible Affiliate Program. First, pick an audiobook that you want to promote.

You can promote it on your site, YouTube video, or Quora content. Once you’ve picked your product, you can promote it on various platforms. Post videos on different social media platforms to make the most of your efforts.

young woman in home interior listening to an audiobook.

If you love listening to audiobooks, you might want to join the Audible affiliate program and make money online. Audible is the world’s largest audiobooks and content provider, with over 31 million subscribers.

You will earn commissions for every sale made through your unique affiliate link as an Audible affiliate. To start, visit the Amazon Audible website and sign up for the affiliate program. Once approved, you’ll be given a unique affiliate link to promote to potential listeners.

After registering, you will receive a link to the Audible affiliate program. This link is put in the footer of the Amazon marketplace main page.

You can then place your affiliate link to promote your products. You can start earning money within a matter of days by referring people.

The commission rate is currently set at 15 percent, but you can earn more as soon as you reach $30. You can receive commissions as high as 50 percent if you sell multiple products!

How to Promote the Audible Affiliate Program

There are several ways to get paid as an Audible affiliate. You can apply to be sponsored by Audible if you have good content to share.

You can promote their products using your affiliate links. You can also sell the audiobooks you have created.

The simplest method is to give out your affiliate link. When people click on it, they go to a landing page to download the product. After they sign up for the free trial, you get a $15 commission.

Then, you can earn more by promoting their other products or a membership program. For example, you could promote a course on how to make money with Audible. You could earn a monthly salary of $15 if you refer five people to the program. Here are some ways to promote Amazon Audible:

  • Promote Using Quora

To earn money with Audible, you should promote its products using Quora. Start by answering questions related to your niche. Once you have decent traffic, you can post answers in forums and discussion spaces. This will drive traffic to your website and Quora page. You’ll earn money through Audible affiliate links if you do this properly.

  • Join Amazon Associates

You can join the Amazon Audible Affiliate Program through the affiliate link provided in the footer of the Amazon marketplace.

To join this program, you must fill out your personal information like name, email address, PAN card number, and country.

  • Promote via the Audible Bounty Program

One way to promote an Audible book is to apply for the Audible bounty program. This program is designed for authors who wish to promote their titles.

In this program, you refer visitors to Audible and receive a commission of $75 for every subscriber that you refer to Audible. You can apply for the Audible Bounty Referral Program if you want to earn massively from Audible.

Besides social media, you can promote Audible by creating a website banner or posting a video testimonial. If you successfully promote an Audible audiobook, you will receive a commission for every sale you make.

Moreover, you can use an affiliate link in your blog or website to promote an Audible Free Trial. It is possible to link both of these programs and work in conjunction. Once you have signed up, you can start promoting Audible products on your blog or website.

  • Join Amazon Audible Affiliate

To join the Amazon Audible Affiliate program, you must register as an Amazon associate. You can find your affiliate link at the footer of the Amazon marketplace main page.

You can choose from different commission rates according to your country. Then, you must click on the “Affiliate” link and be directed to your account dashboard. Once you’ve registered, you can start promoting Audible products.

After joining the affiliate program, you can choose from 3 plans that give you commissions based on the purchases made by your customers.

The higher membership level gives you more credit points, which you can redeem for additional audiobooks. This also means that your customers will pay less per book. You’ll earn $10 for each Gold subscription. After a successful bonus event, you can earn up to $25.

You can promote the service on your site to earn from the Audible Affiliate program. You can use banners or text links to advertise Audible Free Trial.

Use several different sizes to promote the offer. You can also use a link that points to a particular audiobook. If you choose the latter, you’ll earn a commission of $0.50 for every audiobook you recommend.

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Step 1: Pick the Affiliate Link of an Audiobook


The first step in earning money with the Amazon Audible Affiliate Program is to pick an audiobook. To earn money with the audiobook affiliate program, you need to pick a product that people would want to purchase. Depending on the type of audiobook you choose, the commission rate can range from 50 cents to $5.

Another important factor when choosing an audiobook is the type of promotion that will bring you the highest revenue.

Although you may be familiar with the importance of social media, you should avoid using a link with a low CTR.

People are more likely to buy an audiobook if it was recommended by someone else. So, instead of promoting physical products on your website, use social media to recommend them.

Step 2: Promote on Your Website

When promoting the Audible Affiliate Program on your website, you must ensure that you promote the link to your product without including the price.

The audible program does not allow people to purchase products through the affiliate link, so you mustn’t use the links to purchase the products directly.

However, you can still use these links on your website to generate traffic. Make sure you write SEO-optimized articles for your website to gain more traffic. This will help you convert the traffic to affiliate sales.

Before promoting the Amazon Audible affiliate program on your website, ensure you have an account with the program. It is also important that you adhere to the policies and rules of the program.

Violations will result in your affiliate account being suspended. Another important rule of promoting the affiliate program is not to use any Amazon trademarks on your website. Amazon will track such actions and suspend your account.

Step 3: Make a YouTube Video

You can also try partnering with brands for their products on YouTube. It’s best to select the brands carefully and only endorse products that you like.

You’ll likely get paid between 5 and 15 cents per view. If your videos are popular, you may want to consider getting verified on YouTube to make it easier to secure deals. Once you have a strong following, you can negotiate better deals with brands.

If you’re camera shy, you can still make money on YouTube by doing a product review or unboxing video. You don’t even have to be in the video.

You can add a soundtrack and even text to highlight certain features. InVideo is another good choice because it offers thousands of free templates. The site has helpful tutorials to create a video for any topic.

Step 4: Promote Your Content on Quora

If you’d like to promote your article on Quora, you’ll need to understand the concept of Quora Marketing. To start earning with Quora, answer questions in your niche.

People will visit your website and Quora page when they answer your questions. As you grow in your niche, you’ll begin receiving organic traffic from Quora.

While writing answers on Quora, focus on offering value to your readers. Don’t just rehash the answers of others – instead, make your answers unique. Make sure to emphasize your knowledge, experience, and interests. If possible, try to include relevant visuals. This will help readers better understand your answer. Besides answering questions, make sure to optimize your profile to increase the visibility of your article.

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How Does the Audible Partner Program Work?

If you’re interested in becoming an Amazon Audible affiliate, you can learn more about how the program works by following these steps. First, you need to become an Amazon associate. Once you’ve done so, you’ll be granted instant approval to join the program.

Next, you need to choose a product to promote. You can find a variety of products on Amazon. Click on one to learn more about the affiliate program and how it works.


You must choose a product to promote to earn money with the Amazon Audible Affiliate Program. The most effective way to do this is to use Quora. In other words, answer questions related to your niche.

Then, post your answers in Quora spaces, driving traffic to your website and Quora page. If your posts are relevant to your products, you’ll earn commissions if someone clicks on your links.

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