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Affilorama Review: Should You Join this Platform?

Mark Apletree

Affilorama Review Should You Join this Platform
84 / 100

There are unlimited ways to earn money through affiliate marketing, and you can start by joining Affilorama. But before you join, you must learn more about this platform.

While Affilorama claims that its course will teach you everything you need to know, you should be aware of how much information it provides. The course will offer you screenshots from their Facebook group to prove their claims in many cases. But these screenshots may not necessarily prove how successful the program is.

Some students may be newbies or have established websites. If that’s the case, it’s hard to attribute the results to Affilorama.

Affilorama newbies and experienced users guide

The course is free to join, but it does have some upsells. Affilorama has a very comprehensive library of videos on affiliate marketing. These videos typically last between five and six minutes.

Some of the videos are lengthy, and some are even free. You’ll find the content in these videos helpful. You should expect some upsells to help you make the most money possible.

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For beginners, Affilorama might be a good option. However, if you’re not familiar with affiliate marketing, this course is probably not the best option. Advanced strategies are excluded, and you’ll be forced to purchase the premium tools. Plus, there’s plenty of upselling.

So you’ll have to consider this before making a buying decision. Affilorama’s primary goal is to help its members learn about affiliate marketing.

Affilorama Overview

Product Name: Affilorama

Official Website: Affilorama

Owners: Mark Ling and Simon Slade

Price: Paid plans starting at $67

Best For:  Anyone that wants to start an online business and make money online

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  • Excellent track record of the co-founders
  • Money-back guarantee


  • A limited number of students with actual results
  • Outdated content
  • Tools are of no use

What Is Affilorama?

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Affilorama is an excellent resource for beginners who are new to affiliate marketing. It offers a free trial and a learning program, but it can get pricey for newbies. It is, however, worth the investment of severe affiliates.

It has everything you need to succeed in the affiliate marketing industry. You can earn up to $3000 in a day by using Affilorama.

There are several reasons to invest in Affilorama, but one big reason to skip it is the lack of good training and tools. It isn’t easy to find help in Affilorama’s forum. You may feel frustrated if you ask questions not answered right away.

Sometimes, it may take days or even months to receive an answer to your question. In contrast, AffiloTools offers free training videos and a 14-day trial period.

Affilorama offers a free starter membership that does not give you much access to the platform. The premium plans start at $67 per month if you want more training material and videos.

If you are not satisfied with the free version, you can try the premium version. This way, you can see if the premium version is worth the price.

Affilorama homepage in blue with white bold headline Learn How To Make Money Online As An Affiliate

Affilorama Free Membership

The platform boasts over 300,000 members worldwide and offers free memberships to affiliate marketers.

It offers articles and tools designed to help beginners learn the ropes of the industry. However, you may find some of the content to be outdated. In addition to this, you will need to pay for some of the tools.

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Affilorama is not just for newbies. Experienced affiliate marketers can also benefit from this training program. It is available free for seven days and charges you $67 per month.

You can cancel at any time – you are not locked into any contract. The premium membership also comes with access to premium content, such as videos and online magazine subscriptions. You can also opt to use a premium hosting service.

Although Affilorama offers free training, it isn’t beneficial if you’re not ready to pay for it. You can check out the 32-page Quick Start PDF guide.

The lessons aren’t obvious and don’t offer much help. If you’re an intermediate marketer, Affilorama is more suitable. Advanced courses and tools help you make money on the internet.

Affilorama Premium Membership

The Affilorama Premium Membership offers you access to an online training course and community forums. The forums are open to non-subscribers, which means you’ll get help from other members.

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You’ll also find out how much support Affilorama has and what it can do for you. This is an excellent way to see how much the program can help you.

Affilorama is better than 90 percent of affiliate marketing programs, but the training isn’t always straightforward. And the owner of Affilorama is too busy to answer all of your questions.

You might watch free videos on the Starter Membership and then pay a one-time fee for the Premium membership.

The Affilorama premium membership comes with 15 domains. While there’s no upsell, it doesn’t require much money. However, you might have trouble getting help from the Affilorama support team.

You may not even be able to contact the owners through live chat. Affilorama also has a community of thousands of subscribers, so that you may be getting a lot of answers from other people.

If you’re looking for step-by-step instructions to start making money online, Affilorama premium membership is for you. However, it does offer detailed training in advanced marketing.

Affilorama also offers web hosting for up to ten sites. If you’re not sure whether you’d like to join the premium program, you can always opt out after a trial period.

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How Much Does Affilorama Cost?

When deciding how much Affilorama will cost you, many factors to consider. It offers a free trial and a very affordable monthly fee. The website has an active community, new content added monthly, and a support team for newbies. The software uses Clickbank for payment.

While Affilorama offers free training, it also has a premium membership that costs $67 per month. This plan has dozens of thousands of products. This means that you’ll never be stuck with free products that have expired sales.

However, if you decide to purchase a premium membership, you’ll have access to all the tools and resources you need to create an online business.

Affilorama is an online training course created by world-renowned affiliate marketer Mark Ling and his colleague. The lessons are comprehensive and come in the form of long articles, videos, and blog posts.

It also boasts a global community that exceeds 300,000 members. Although the course’s price may be out of reach for newbies, those serious about affiliate marketing will find Affilorama very useful.

What you’ll learn Inside Affilorama

Lesson 1 – How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Despite being free to join, you are wasting your time if you do not know the basics of affiliate marketing. Affilorama’s free membership only offers the essential information you need to get started.

It also does not provide advanced strategies and forces you to purchase additional tools. This could potentially be dangerous.

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Affilorama’s free training focuses primarily on ClickBank products. Unfortunately, ClickBank is an outdated and controversial marketplace.

The marketplace loses 20 products every single week. Many products are considered to be scams. ClickBank’s low competition maximizes your profit potential.

Affilorama has a large audience. Without high traffic, you won’t be able to make a full-time income from your website.

But, the program also teaches you how to optimize your traffic and increase sales. So, if you want to make a full-time income from affiliate marketing, Affilorama may be a great place to start.

The first step in learning how to use affiliate marketing is understanding how it works. Affiliate marketing can make you a millionaire, but you have to know how to use it.

Lesson 2 – Market Research for Affiliate Marketing

First, choose a niche. Niches are specific segments within a larger market. For example, if you were launching a new affiliate marketing program, you might choose the weight loss niche.

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Another option is to use keyword research applications, which allow you to check keywords and competitors by running a search.

Affiloblueprint focuses on 5 components: the first three components are professionally written emails; the third component aims to help you convert more visitors into buyers.

The email messages include a clear “call to action” to convince your reader to buy. You’ll also receive 20 special reports for free, which will help you get more subscribers and create valuable info products.


Lastly, if you’re new to Affiliate Marketing, you’ll get a free year of Webhosting for a year and cloaking tools.

Lesson 3: Pay per Click

If you are looking for a paid training course on pay per click, you may be wondering what is inside Affilorama. It is an excellent place to start for beginners as the program provides all the necessary steps for setting up a funnel, squeeze page, and a free e-book. Moreover, the course teaches you how to outsource and automate your business.

There are 100 free lessons in Affilorama, most of which are extremely valuable. Each lesson is composed of PDFs, transcripts, and pictures. The videos can help you understand the basics of affiliate marketing.

It is also possible to use the program’s tutorials to find and buy ClickBank products. Nonetheless, you need to be aware that ClickBank is a controversial and aging marketplace. The search results using Affilorama are 40% less than what you see on Google.

Lesson 4: Site Building

Affilorama is an educational site for affiliate marketers who aim to build multiple websites. Lessons are geared towards beginners and intermediates, but anyone can sign up.

The search results show 40 percent fewer results than they used to. The quality of many ClickBank products is questionable at best. Some are outright scams. As a result, Affilorama’s free training is not very useful.

The creators of Affilorama are experienced, Internet marketers. So it’s easy to see the program’s reputation. While Affilorama is a legitimate affiliate marketing training resource, it doesn’t come without some negative aspects.

Affilorama’s free training isn’t practical. It’s a waste of time. It’s not worth the time or money. It’s a shaky and outdated program.

The first lesson is about affiliate marketing and site-building. Afterward, you’ll learn how to market affiliate products and monetize them through AdWords.

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Lesson 5: Marketing Ideas

Affilorama has aligned its product development and marketing teams. The marketing team understands the products and the audience. They know how to tailor their campaigns to suit their audience. The result is an automated marketing system for a product.

This course has several lessons that will give you the basics you need to know about affiliate marketing. You can start by using the free lessons and practicing them on your website or the web.

But don’t be fooled by their free training! This training is only a 32-page PDF, and its quality is not good.

To succeed in affiliate marketing, you must master online marketing. Affilorama’s free training also includes the ability to post questions on the forum and in the comments below the lessons. However, the forum has only seven active threads in 7 days, with poor quality conversations.

The comments below the lessons are in even worse condition, and many go unanswered for months.

Lesson 6 – Content Creation

If you’re looking to get started online and want to make a full-time income without many hassles, Affilorama is for you. The course includes everything you need to start – content, squeeze pages, funnel setup, and an integrated free bonus e-book.

It even has a community forum that will answer your questions. The community support system is helpful, but you’ll need to be patient.

The training videos are a decent length, and most are under 5 minutes. But one video was 23 minutes long. While I’d rather spend my money on a quality training program, it’s worth checking out before investing any money.

Affilorama Decision

Affilorama is a cloud-based platform where you can track and analyze website traffic and sales. You can also use this program to find high-PR, high-paying links for your products.

The Affilorama course is not an overnight success, but it’s well worth the money. It’s been around for 10 years and is authored by the same creator of SaleHoo and Traffic Travis.

Fortunately, it isn’t expensive and contains helpful content for affiliate marketers, it does come with a huge amount of upsells. If you are thinking about joining the Affiliate Marketing industry, then you may want to take a look at Affilorama.

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