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Affiliate SEO Crash Course – Is Greg Jeffries Legit?

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Affiliate SEO Crash Course - Is Greg Jeffries Legit
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Among the many Affiliate marketing programs, the Affiliate SEO Crash Course has some positive qualities that make it worthwhile for beginners. Greg teaches a very easy-to-follow method, including 11 lessons and a guideline for each.

The course will teach you the rudiments of SEO and affiliate marketing and help you create articles and websites that rank high on Google and other major search engines.

This affiliate marketing course provides you with enough information to begin earning from affiliate marketing. Since Greg Jeffries is an affiliate marketing expert, this course is ideal for beginners.

It also includes a free SEO course, which will give you a comprehensive overview of the most common methods of building passive income streams. This way, you won’t have to spend money on training. The course teaches you to master these techniques in a single day.

Overview – Affiliate SEO Crash Course

Product Name: Affiliate SEO Crash Course

Product Sales Page: Free Affiliate SEO Course

Creator: Greg Jeffries

Price: Free

Type: SEO Training

Best For: Anyone aspiring to learn the fundamentals of SEO

Affiliate SEO Crash Course Pros:
  • Greg Jeffries breaks everything down into easy-to-follow video tutorials.
  • If you watch the tutorials daily, you’ll have a LIVE website up and running in one week.
  • There are new strategies to learn, even for an advanced affiliate marketer.
Affiliate SEO Crash Course Cons:
  • The program is not for pro affiliate marketers. It’s a foundational program for newbie affiliate marketers or those new to using WordPress.

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What is the Affiliate SEO Crash Course?


The Affiliate SEO Crash Course is a free online course that will teach you the basics of search engine optimization and how to make money.

This course is for beginners and can be highly beneficial if you want to make money with online marketing. It is packed with information to help you learn how to monetize digital real estate.

The first step in this course is to sign up for the free version. After signing up, you’ll receive a free 11-day crash course.

The course is designed to help beginners understand the importance of search engine optimization. The primary step in optimizing your website is understanding the different keywords.

Once you have these, you can apply different techniques to your site to improve your ranking on search engines.

The course also teaches you about off-page SEO. Off-site SEO is important because search engines look for other factors when ranking a site. It also covers the various methods for promoting your website.

Who is Greg Jeffries?

Greg Jeffries is a renowned internet marketer with a huge experience in SEO and affiliate marketing. He’s the creator of Affiliate SEO Crash Course and has helped many people succeed in their online business.

He has two websites – IMSource and SEO Affiliate Domination – that aim to teach marketers how to earn $100 to $200 a day online.

Despite his limited playing time, Greg Jefferies was a highly regarded prospect. In Round 1 of the amateur draft, Jefferies was selected by the New York Mets. Within two seasons, he moved from Kingsport to Jackson.

Is Affiliate SEO Crash Course Legit?

The first thing to check is if this is a legit affiliate marketing program. This course can be valuable if you are starting in affiliate marketing. It teaches how to set up a website, create content, and rank for various keywords.

The instructor is also a legitimate online entrepreneur. The course has a Facebook community, which is helpful for beginners.

The creators of this course were looking for a way to make money with SEO. They wanted a way to stop working 40 hours a week for an employer who wasn’t appreciative. Affiliate marketing seemed like a viable option for them.

This course teaches methods that were common in the 2000s. But it’s now updated to reflect the current state of the SEO world. Despite this, there are many questions to ask.

The instructor, Greg Jeffries, offers this course for those completely new to affiliate marketing and WordPress. He breaks everything down into easy-to-understand videos.

Moreover, it reveals insider ‘hacks’ that boost your rankings and income. Greg Jeffries has plenty of experience in the field, and his content is highly informative and easy to understand. Therefore, if you’re considering starting affiliate marketing, this is the right course.

What You Will Learn Inside Affiliate SEO Crash Course

Greg Jefferies teaches you everything you need to know to make money with your affiliate marketing business.

It covers everything from keyword research to building a website. Throughout the course, you will gain confidence and learn how to use tools that make your work easier.

A bonus video for each day of the course will guide you through all aspects of the affiliate marketing process. Let’s dive into the training.

Day 1: How SEO Works and Why

Affiliate marketing is a highly competitive industry. It takes time to build organic traffic, so you must stay on your game.

However, there are many ways to get extra traffic for your affiliate links. Email marketing is an excellent long-term strategy.

It can generate repeat visitors, extra traffic, and higher conversions. So, begin utilizing email marketing.

Day 2: Domains and Hosting Explained

The instructor will introduce you to the concept of domains and hosting, and you will learn how these two things can play a crucial role in developing your website.

Although most people aren’t aware of this, these two essential elements are necessary for creating an effective website.

How To Create a 6 Figure Website

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I’ve struggled online and I know how frustrating it is to work your backside off and see nothing in return. I also know what it is like to build a successful online business in under 18 months earning me $6,000.00 every month just like clockwork!

Thankfully, domains and hosting can be cheap to purchase. They are crucial components of successful affiliate marketing.

This course teaches you how to select a good niche, purchase a domain name, and install WordPress on your website.

No experience in affiliate marketing is necessary – all you need is the willingness to learn. The Amazon affiliate program is an incredible tool that you can use to generate income and build a passive online business.

Day 3: Registering Domain Names

Getting started with affiliate marketing requires a domain name. While many people use free domain names, they are less effective than premium domains.

Registering a domain name with a popular search engine can get you started and ensure it has a high page rank. This will increase your search engine visibility and bring you traffic. If you register a domain name that has a low page rank, you can build a website to promote it.

You should be able to register domain names without much difficulty. There are many courses online that offer this service for free. The one I’m currently using is Wealthy Affiliate – a platform that offers a state-of-the-art hosting facility for affiliate marketers of all levels.

Day 4: Setting Up Your Hosting

The primary step in starting affiliate marketing is setting up your website. It’s essential to set up your website correctly and quickly.

Work With Mark
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after doing Affiliate Marketing for sometime i have learned that online success does not come cheaply, easily or fast! It comes from consistent effort, day in day out, but the rewards are definitely worth the effort.

Greg’s course breaks each step down into simple-to-follow videos. He’ll teach you the insider ‘hacks’ to get better rankings and generate more income.

It’s worth noting that Greg Jeffries is one of the best affiliate marketers in the world and has years of experience to back his claims.

You must optimize your website for search engines. This is known as On-page SEO. This method involves optimizing the content of your website to make it rank on Google. Off-page SEO refers to the optimization of your site using factors off-site.

Day 5: WordPress Themes

The Affiliate SEO Crash Course is excellent for creating an influential blog. With ten years of experience in affiliate marketing, Greg knows how to make six figures a year.

The course is broken down into easy-to-understand videos, which you can watch as you work through the course.

You’ll be taught ‘hacks’ that will help you boost your income and rankings. The course will introduce you to some WordPress themes you might have never heard of.

After learning about WordPress themes, you can implement the lessons from Day 5 of the course and start building your blog.

Day 5 covers the basics of WordPress themes, while Day 6 focuses on converting visitors to buyers. You’ll also learn how to create high-quality content with compelling titles and headlines.

By applying the techniques from Day 5 of the Affiliate SEO Crash Course, you’ll be well on your way to monetizing digital real estate.

Day 6: WordPress Plugins

On Day 6, you’ll learn how to use WordPress plugins to boost your website’s search engine rankings and improve its user experience.

You’ll find this course invaluable if you’re new to WordPress and affiliate marketing or are simply looking to increase your online traffic.

Each day, Greg Jeffries breaks down each step in easy-to-digest video lessons. Afterward, he reveals some insider ‘hacks’ for boosting rankings and income. Greg Jeffries knows what he’s doing.

You may feel intimidated by affiliate marketing terminology and strategies as a total beginner. Fortunately, this free course from Greg Jeffries will show you the ins and outs of implementing affiliate marketing strategies and earning six figures in a year.

Whether a newbie or a super affiliate, this course will help you make money and scale up your business to the next level.

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Day 7: Introduction to Keywords

The first part of the Affiliate SEO Crash Course focuses on choosing the right keywords to optimize your website for search engines.

You will learn to use a keyword planner to find hundreds of related keywords. After you have selected your keywords, you should start researching them.

This is the essential part of the course. You should watch these three lessons to understand the importance of keywords comprehensively.

During this day, you will learn how major search engines rank websites based on their relevance to the search terms.

The course also covers SEO principles, including how to conduct keyword research and write content using keywords.

You’ll learn how to optimize your site speed, select a responsive theme, optimize your Meta tags, and other important aspects of on-page SEO. The course is divided into two sections: On-page and off-page SEO.

Day 8: Keyword Planner

Affiliate SEO Crash Course will help you start if you’re new to affiliate marketing or WordPress. The course is broken up into easy-to-digest lessons that will walk you through every step in detail.


Not only will you learn about SEO, but Greg Jeffries also covers the techniques to increase your rankings and income.

To succeed in affiliate marketing, you must use these ‘hacks.’ Fortunately, Greg has a lot of experience with affiliate marketing and has written a guide that will teach you ways to achieve your goals.

While it’s not a paid course, you should treat it as such and implement it to monetize your digital real estate. Greg Jeffries teaches you how to earn money online by implementing the strategies he teaches.

Day 9: Keyword Tools

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The training course was designed with the beginner in mind. Because Greg Jeffries has been in this business for years, he knows how to use each tool to its full potential.

Keywords are essential. Regarding SEO, your website has to rank for the right keywords. Understanding the keywords people search for is the first step to optimizing your website.

The Affiliate SEO Crash Course provides a complete overview of both off-page and on-page SEO.

Greg Jeffries teaches you how to use keyword research to boost your website’s search engine rankings. The keyword research module focuses on determining profitable keywords.

The course is designed to be helpful to those with experience or who are just starting. Those with advanced SEO knowledge will probably pick up SEO techniques faster and learn more in the paid course.

Day 10: On-Page SEO

The strategies you learn in this lesson will help you make money faster and scale your business higher. With ten years of experience in SEO and affiliate marketing, Greg Jeffries knows what it takes to earn six figures. He also shares his proven strategies for boosting your ranking in search engines.

The most crucial factor in Affiliate Search Engine Optimization is understanding your keywords. Having a firm grasp of what Google is looking for is vital to increasing your ranking in Google.

However, several factors affect your search engine ranking besides your site’s content. This means you must know how to optimize your site for these factors. You’ll learn about these factors in the Affiliate SEO Crash Course with Greg Jeffries.

Day 11: Off-Page SEO

In this day and age, Off-Page SEO is crucial to your online success. Whether you’re a novice or an advanced internet marketer, you’ll need to master the basics of off-page SEO to generate traffic to your website.

Fortunately, the affiliate SEO crash course can help you achieve this goal. In just 11 lessons, Greg explains the essential aspects of off-page SEO and offers a comprehensive guideline to implement it.

On-Page SEO involves maximizing content on your website and articles. This includes making content relevant to your target audience and generating backlinks from high-authority websites.

High-quality backlinks are also essential to increasing your search engine rankings. Learning about these techniques can boost your site’s ranking for long-tail keywords. However, you must understand that on-page SEO is only one component of the whole picture.


The creator of Affiliate SEO Crash Course, Greg Jeffries, is a 6-figure affiliate marketer and a ClickFunnels dream car winner.

Greg Jeffries spent over ten years learning digital marketing and is ready to share his secrets with you. His SEO Affiliate Domination course is not only full of valuable tips but some practical tools you can explore to make money online. This training will show you how to implement SEO effectively for affiliate marketing.

On-page SEO boosts your site’s chances of ranking on Google. You will also learn off-page SEO, which focuses on factors that are found off-site. If you want to dominate Google, you will need a good SEO strategy. Day 12 teaches you how to make it happen.

You’ll learn how to create a website from scratch, rank it on major search engines, use affiliate marketing, and optimize your website for conversions.

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